Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rise and Swine

I was up early, taking a day of leave to spend time with a friend who could use some company. On our way out and about, we passed Goose the Market. Well, one just HAS to stop now don't they?

This IS the store where you can get a T-shirt that says "Vegetables are what food EATS" and "I love Pig Butts, and I can not lie."

This isn't just your average neighborhood deli with meat and cheeses.  It's  This is a store for serious meat, food and wine lovers, a business that proudly proclaims "Pork is King".

I have to say, the meat selection will pull you in like an attenuated linear graviton beam.  These folks love their pork and the selections of other meats rivals anything I've seen in the Midwest, despite the store's modest size from out front.

click to enlarge photos, the lighting wasn't good for a pocket point and shoot

Yes, that's fresh duck breasts there in the middle and rabbit at the 1 o'clock position. To the right in the top photo, the bacon starts, with applewood smoked bacon, lamb bacon (not just yes?! but YES!) and jowl bacon . There is also this air-dried prosciutto that you can buy or have served up in one of their made to order sandwiches such as the the Batali, an amazing Italian sandwich with coppa, soppressata, capocollo, provolone cheese, and tomato preserves.  Bon Appetit magazine listed Goose the Market as #1 in their 2008 hot ten sandwich shops in America. Right here in Indy.  Need some dessert?  There's a dozen fresh gelatos.
Down in the cellar they have a pretty amazing collection of gourmet cooking goodies, sauces and grains, and an outstanding assortment of wine meant to be pared with meat (as well as a cool place to do a wine tasting). There's beers too, but I just had a soda, as I am charged with driving us where we need to visit today, with directions I scribbled on a napkin.

I'd have done better were it not for laughing from a six foot blond in vertical insoles doing her best GPS impression as I dash across three lanes of hippies in a truck the size of the Queen Mary.


But with the fragrance of bacon in our hair we arrived in one piece at our destination.

Not a button?

Stay in and safe, enjoy some food, enjoy some friends, such are the small things we don't always stop and savor like we should.  Each day we can still laugh is a gift.


  1. If your friend is who I think it is I hope everything went well. My hopes.

    Every day IS a gift.

  2. What a great place! I'm always envious of people (like you) who have ready access to all places with the neat provisions. I'm fortunate I have a place within 15 miles to buy bread, milk, and hot dogs. (sigh) It's 100 miles to any store where I can find decent provisions.

  3. Love the 'Not a button'... Hope things went well!

  4. This sounds like my kind of place!

  5. Hope your mission went well. Having bags of annual leave is a blessing when friends are in need.

  6. TSG - it's pretty neat, I'd not have known it was there had not a couple of friends told me about it.

    Old NFO - Not a button. yes :-)

    mikelaforge - My Dad has cancer, my StepMom died after a two year battle with Alzheimers, and I had two surgeries myself in a 12 month period. I have no bags of anything :-) But if I did, I totally get your point, even a day here or there, when available, is a blessing, and many people don't have any at all. We are fortunate indeed. Thanks for checking in.

    Auntie J - It was a find and I look forward to going back to see what I can do with some of that duck.

  7. Sounds fantastic. And give your friend our best.

  8. Just as an aside, I've prayed for Tam multiple times today. I believe in prayer. Even IF the concept of there being a listener/receiver,earnestly engaged in hearing my prayer requests, turns out to be bogus,...prayer is still a worthy endeavor because if fosters honest humility. And there ain't nothin' wrong with that. Bless both of you.

  9. Hope you can add 'Not a Bad Halloween' to your list!


  10. Brigid, I think many of us suspect we know who you are comforting. As strange as it may seem, many of us whom you have never met, love and pray for you both from afar. You are a good friend; may God bring comfort, peace and serenity to you both.

  11. Always there to help! What a gal! :)

  12. Can you get a good pastrami sandwich there?

    Good pastrami sandwich =

    1) Whole pastrami hot on steam table,
    2) hand cut into slices at least 1/4" thick,
    3) Piled up at least 1.5" thick in middle, 1/2" thick at edges,
    4) Stone ground/dijon mustards available,
    5) Buns or Jewish rye bread of strength sufficient to withstand the onslaught of the pastrami without disintegrating before you're done eating it.

    I used to get this at Elsie's in Harvard Square back in the day. Elsie's is long gone and I haven't had a decent pastrami sandwich since.

  13. I just knew you'd love Goose The Market (or, as I like to call it, "The Meatening".) :D

  14. Everyone needs a friend like you when they are going through scary stuff.

  15. Thank you everyone. The well wishes are appreciated I am sure.

    Tam - I'm going back next weekend for the duck breasts, marinated and braised, then shredded and topping a homemade pizza crust covered with hoison sauce, duck,five spice powder, scallions, olive oil roasted red pepper,seseme seed and a little mozzarella. Thanks for taking me there when I know you had other things to worry about.

    John - I'm lucky to have such friends. About 4 years ago Barkley badly injured his leg, jumping high for a toy. He couldn't stand and refused to eat or drink and my local vet didn't have the facilities to x ray and recommended the vet in the city. Tam and I rigged up a sling to lift him into the truck and she stayed with us while the docs checked him out (it was the doggie injury equivelent of a 50 year old playing touch football). This is what friends do, and I'm grateful for them.

  16. A friend in need is a friend indeed... and wow, meat en masse. Yeah, that's definitely a distraction to anyone who likes food, no matter what's facing them!

    If ever you want to torture me, take me there... and then tell me all of it would spoil before I got it home...

  17. On a Wing - I will take you there, we will share a wonderful sandwich and a gelato and sip wine and make bad pork puns about disgruntled pigs.

    I know you liked visiting the farmer's market with us, this is even better.

  18. I left my anonymous imaginary friend best wishes over there, but I also wanted to stop by and say to you that your strength, shared laughter and "being there" is so very special. It's the best medicine in the world.

    And if I lived close to Goose I'd be 400 pounds and in an eternal meat haze... (my envy is showing).....


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