Friday, October 12, 2012

Gearhead Friday

This is an video of a automotive assembly line taken back in 1936.

You can always turn down or mute the industrial-tech-sci fi music that gives it that Borg sort of feel (Resistance is futile,  you will be assemble-lated).

I'll be out of pocket tonight, finishing up a project or two, hopefully some time to hang out with friends later this weekend with some Second Amendment and "Barkley, no, no no, drop the bacon, that's for dinner!" posts coming up.
til later
 - Brigid


  1. Mmmmm future bacon post. Love those kinds of videos we also tend to watch a lot of "How it's made" on the Discovery channel :) (or was that the history channel? I forget, TIVO does my remembering)

  2. Yeah, as if Barkley will drop the bacon...


  3. It would be hard to count all the OSHA violations I saw in that video. Most of the about guarding, yet no one died. This video must be edited.

  4. "assemble-ated" ... heh.

    I hope you get everything done swiftly, to maximize your down-time. Then enjoy!

  5. Cool video, though Orwell came to mind, not Borg....


  6. Picture: Oh, cool, an old-fashioned fuel vaporizer underneath the air strainer...

    Injectors just don't have the aesthetics of a polished carb.

  7. A montage, for sure, but way cool for the average Joe to understand what goes into building a car. The chassis components were for a heavy duty vehicle with 6-lug wheels, whereas the body-to-frame mating was 5-lug.
    The stamping action hasn't changed much, but the productivity improvement from transfer arms or robots from one die to another has also prevented many lives from suffering the fate of The Fly.

  8. I found it kind of surprising the amount of automation in 1936, at least on the frame line.

  9. The Donald - yes! This was taken at a tractor show that had some cool cars. All in all, a perfect day.

  10. Interesting for me, as I work in a truck plant (the pickup that towed the space shuttle? Yeah, that truck plant). I was surprised at the automation as well. Lots of safety changes...we wear eye protection, Kevlar gloves, steel toed-shoes, hard hats, etc. We move faster now too.


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