Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On Having a Blog

Late May/Early June 2008  The first public post on Home on the Range. A simple recipe for muffins. Barkley was five years old,  I was forty-(mumble).  My friend Tam had recently moved to Indy, and I just got a promotion that meant my life was going to change a lot.

The blog was a way to unwind  most days, even if it's stolen moments with coffee in a hotel at 3 a.m.. Such is writing for me, even as I have no training in it, only a need. During the journey, almost 8 million people have visited since the Stat counter went up in '09. Some of you visit every day, even if I have little to say but for a photo and some thoughts. So many moments, so many little bits of kindness, through words, through actions, through prayers.

Even as some of you just don't let me forget things I've said on here :-)
But I'm happy for the companionship on the journey, even on those days where all I  have for you is a picture of dinner, an old post for the new readers, bad puns and dog hair.

For tonight, just for a smile, the journey of the average blog. 

Diary of a Blog

We start with a laptop, bored with messing with your screensaver, you think - "I bet I could write a blog" and it begins.

Week OneTest 

Why is my template pink? Oh (@*# now everything is blank.  Click on "blogger help". Pour a circle of salt around your chair, wave your hand over your computer and solemnly mutter "OMNI OMNI VOR."  Try again.

Week One - Part Two (I haz template)-  

This is my Blog.  I will love and hug it and pet it and call it . .

Week Two - Dear Diary - I have a blog, I can write anything I want. . . . uh. . . well . . . .uh


Week Three and FourCheckerboard Pattern Carbonization - You're Getting Warmer!

 Sequestration - Budget Strategy or Satan!

When chain saws aren't your friend.

Week Five:  Sorry I've been busy, I'll be back blogging soon

Week Six:  Here's  my new  Haircut

Week Seven:  And my cat

Week Nine  - Cheese is on sale!

Week Eleven - Still on sale.

Week Fourteen - A picture of some babe from the Internet wearing very little.
Week Fifteen- sound of crickets

Week Sixteen -  Another picture of the cat.
My name is Tank, read this blog or I will hurt you.

Week Eighteen - Like me on Facebook!

Thank you all for not just eighteen weeks, but five years of food, friends, firearms and fun.
Love - Brigid  and Barkley


  1. It's been a lot of fun. Thanks for all the excellent reading!

  2. Congratulations! That's like 20 in Internet years, right?

    You're one of the first blogs I stumbled across, and you defined so much of how everything should be to me. You're still the one I recommend as "the first one's free" - to get non-gunnies hooked.

    And you're a gifted writer.

  3. Keep it up this old man in Oklahoma reads and enjoys every day.

  4. We're very glad you're still around, B. Good times & bad, getting to "know" you, as well as anyone does via these blogs - you've kept us not just entertained but touched, heart and soul, and made us think.

    Not too shabby for a "hobby". :)

  5. Congrats Ms. B!!! Nice milestone! You are a daily stop. Looking forward to many, many more years!

  6. Here's to many more years of your blog!

  7. Congratulations. I can offer you no higher praise than you are tied with Alron Brown as my source of recipes...and you are ahead of him for firearms related content.

    Now, we just need to talk about the scarcity of pictures of scantily clad, comely young ladies.

  8. You've been the rock that has been there as I got rolling. It's only gotten better.

  9. Happy Blogoversary! Whoot!

  10. Happy blogiversary, Brigid.

  11. Congratulations! I don't know how long I have been reading or even how I found you, but I enjoy your work and even though we will probably never meet I think of you as a friend

  12. Time flies. I found you about 3.5 years ago and marvelled at your heart, spirit and humanity. The world is a better place, and I'm a better man, because of you.

    Happy Anniversary, Brigid!!

  13. Happy blogiversary and many many more.

  14. Has it really been 5 years, Brigid? Wow...ya done good! And you have arguably the most famous Lab on the web! Give Barkley a hug and some ice cream like Angus got!


  15. Congrats... and thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos and words...

    Dann (and the gals) in Ohio

  16. Congratulations Brigid. The day I found your place was a very good one. I've never felt less than warmly welcomed and that's a very dear gift.

  17. you started your blog on my birthday... Now I got to share.
    Yes, you write in Kodachrome, and the pictures are better than Icing on a birthday cake.
    Happy 5th Blogaversary, Miss B.
    Thank You for sharing with us.
    Rich in NC

  18. Thank you all! I will be back in a day or two with comments. Today was busy, my team went and bought a BUNCH of water and supplies, loaded up personal trucks and there is a little convoy headed to OKC with what little this group of flyboys and gal, special ops boys, and retired Army, Navy and Marines can provide.

    Oklahoma is more important than any blog, but thank you all, so much for your comments tonight.

  19. So glad I found your blog, congrats and well done.
    Hope we have you posting for many years to come.

  20. Happy Blogiversary!

    Safe Journeys!

  21. Congratulations on 5 years of awesomeness. As I've said before, I found this blog after Survival Blog's Rawles said it was one of a few other blogs he read daily. The irony is I rarely go to his much anymore (needed a break from the prep for doomsday mindset.)

    Thank you for the reminders of what's important, and for making the women owning guns info so easy to embrace, and for making me smile when it's been hard to do. I appreciate all the words you write :)

    Safe travels to and from OKC.

  22. A happy fifth to you and Barkley. Stay safe.

  23. Keep it up kid love your Blog you have made this old fart cry a couple times love your storys

  24. Here is to the next five years! Cheers!
    And good on you and your comrades for helping the Sooner State... there, but for the grace of God, go I...

  25. Congrats on the milepost! May you have many more. :)

  26. It's been fun sharing the journey with you (as well as occasional meals and copious quantities of mead!).


  27. Congrats! A heartfelt THANK YOU for all you do, here, and out there in the other world!

  28. Can't say how much I've enjoyed my readings of your blog.
    As for Bacon it was created by the Celts,"A True History of Bacon and the Celtic Gods".
    The like is safe:
    So, many times I have wanted to steal your pictures and writing, but I behave.

  29. Thanks for five years of smiles.

  30. Congrats, and safe journey to OKL. BTW, Tank looks like a Russian Blue. He'd likely get along with our Sweetie.

  31. I can't believe it's been five years!

  32. Holy cow.

    What is that, like, 50 years in blog-years?

    Happy Blogiversary!

  33. Truly enjoyed the 'journey'... And reconnecting!!!

  34. May is our month for anniversaries, both work and marriage. Congratulations on five years of some of the best writing I've read!

    May your ink and thoughts flow freely for many more years to come.

  35. I hope to always be here with you. I would have severe withdrawl symptoms if I did not get my daily HOTR fix. :) Happy Anniversary B.

  36. Wow, just wow and congratulations. Love your blog ever since I found it, which wasn't all that long ago. Five years? That's awesome. Here's hoping for a lot more.

    Even if it's just a picture of Barkley and some comment about bacon. It's special.

  37. Congratulations on five years!

    I have not been reading your blog for that long, but have thoroughly enjoyed the past few years. I may not comment on every post but do visit you every day.

    Thank you for your insights, gun reviews, range reports, recipes, and last, but not least, opening yourself up to us. That is a very special gift.

    Someday, maybe, we can all meet at some event, like.....the Indy 500 gun show? Who knows.

    Prayers go with all of you as you travel to OKC and provide some relief. You have a special heart.


  38. Go do good work at OKC and may God bless you and your mission.

  39. Go do good work at OKC and may God bless you and your mission.

  40. Brigid, I admit that you could about be my blog mother, as I started mine immediately after reading one of your posts years ago, feeling slightly inspired, I guess. Not that I've ever hit your levels of quality! Congrats on the blogoversary, and here's to many more recipes involving Guinness in the years to come!

  41. Perhaps I passed you guys on I240. Pulling a travel trailer with official logos and a sandy suburban / Tahoe as it pulled off to the side before Bryant?

    All help is appreciated here. Luckily we were about 3 mi north of the tornado's path and were spared but for lack of water for a couple days.

    Take care!

  42. But who is gumby and who is poke-ey?

  43. Brigid, the world is truly a better place for your sharing of you thoughts. I thank you.

  44. Brigid, the world is truly a better place for your sharing of you thoughts. I thank you.

  45. My morning routine:
    Day by Day

    What else would one need to ever know?

    Bless you and thanks!

  46. My morning routine:

    1/ Day by Day
    2/ VFTP
    3/ HOTR

    What else would one ever need to know?

    Bless you, and thanks!

  47. One of my favorite blogs visit every day your one of the reasons i dont blog myself i could never come anywhere near to perfection as you plus i cant spell.

  48. Congratulations on five years! It's been fun. I'm looking forward to the next five.

  49. Congrats, Brigid. I got a chuckle out of your "Diary of a Blog" but in all seriousness, yours in not the Average Bear. Not that I'm that fine a writer, but I'm a lot better from reading you.

  50. Brigid, we are just a little ways on down the road from there,if you want some fine BBQ. I am grilling this weekend, and we'd be honored to host you and your convoy.

  51. Congrats on a blogging milestone. I came here first through the LawDog, and stayed.

  52. Not an every day reader, but an admirer who catches up regularly. I always enjoy your writing, which I often find quite touching. My heart goes out to those folks in Oklahoma.

  53. Thank you so much for not being afraid to be who you are. I was and still am a tomboy with a brother and copious amounts of boy cousins. My first car was a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner 383 four barrel. Bought it after high school. I played with my little green army men all the time. I blew them up with cherry bombs. I parachuted out of our treehouse that we built, not bought, not made by Dad. Congrats!! I'm a daily visitor from southern Minnesota!

  54. Congrat's from the "other"

  55. Wait, do you happen to be on that OKC convoy?

  56. Brigid,

    Five years and still producing a quality blog! I enjoy your blog and find you an inspiration. Congrats!

  57. Congratulations!
    And many more!


  58. Congratulations on 5 years of mighty fine blogging. I look forward to reading your blog every night.

  59. Just a quick note from your roving reporter.

    Thank you EVERYONE!! You made it the best blogiversary!

    And EJ - :-) on the link with the photo (the little colt!!!)

    As for the convoy. Our one was unofficial and stealthy, just some personal trucks with supplies a whole bunch of people donated to drop off at one of the relief agencies in OKC. It's only about an 11 hour drive from here if you wing it. It will only be a tiny dent in what's needed but it beats sitting around.

    Last two guys left this morning and will be back tomorrow. If we can do more, we will.

    Thank you all again.

  60. You're the reason I got my blogger ID, so I could comment here. I've been enjoying it much longer. What's not to like about food and intelligent thought?

    I still comment "anonymously" over at Tam's and at KisP. (under my childhood nickname) You make it worth the extra step to login as "somebody."

  61. Thank you, Brigid. I don't know why but you let me read your blog, get a breath of fresh air and a little sanity in this complex world, from time to time. Thank you.

  62. I've met some pretty cool people as a result of the blogosphere.

    I am glad to count you among those, and even prouder to call you my friend.

    Here's to at least five more years!

  63. Congratulations on another well-deserved milestone! Thank you for sharing your considerable talents with all of us, we're the better for it: better informed, inspired to think deeply, and always hungry for more of your excellent prose, helpful gear reviews, your great sense of humor, and delicious recipes. Way to go, Brigid! Hugs from Califreakinfornia!

  64. "And then there's bacon....."
    Well said.

    Been a while since I've stopped by so I figured to give you a howdy.

  65. Happy Blogiversary. I feel I am a little late as it was three days ago. I have enjoined your writing for the past couple of years. Could be more, but I cannot remember.

    As I am writing this comment, I checked to see when my first official post was, 5/31/2009. I have a few posts I backdated for historical reasons. I guess what I cannot believe is that it has been that long.

    The number of readers that you have attests of your writing skills as well as the subjects that you chose to write about. Keep up the wonderful blogging.

  66. Congrats !!!

    I'm glad I could bea very small part of it. Thanks choosing a really great place to eat yesterday. It was good to get caught up. I wish you and EJ the best.

  67. You make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me a better cook. Only five years? Feels like I've been enjoying this blog a lot longer than that. Thank you.


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