Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On Having a Blog

Late May/Early June 2008  The first public post on Home on the Range. A simple recipe for muffins. Barkley was five years old,  I was forty-(mumble).  My friend Tam had recently moved to Indy, and I just got a promotion that meant my life was going to change a lot.

The blog was a way to unwind  most days, even if it's stolen moments with coffee in a hotel at 3 a.m.. Such is writing for me, even as I have no training in it, only a need. During the journey, almost 8 million people have visited since the Stat counter went up in '09. Some of you visit every day, even if I have little to say but for a photo and some thoughts. So many moments, so many little bits of kindness, through words, through actions, through prayers.

Even as some of you just don't let me forget things I've said on here :-)
But I'm happy for the companionship on the journey, even on those days where all I  have for you is a picture of dinner, an old post for the new readers, bad puns and dog hair.

For tonight, just for a smile, the journey of the average blog. 

Diary of a Blog

We start with a laptop, bored with messing with your screensaver, you think - "I bet I could write a blog" and it begins.

Week OneTest 

Why is my template pink? Oh (@*# now everything is blank.  Click on "blogger help". Pour a circle of salt around your chair, wave your hand over your computer and solemnly mutter "OMNI OMNI VOR."  Try again.

Week One - Part Two (I haz template)-  

This is my Blog.  I will love and hug it and pet it and call it . .

Week Two - Dear Diary - I have a blog, I can write anything I want. . . . uh. . . well . . . .uh


Week Three and FourCheckerboard Pattern Carbonization - You're Getting Warmer!

 Sequestration - Budget Strategy or Satan!

When chain saws aren't your friend.

Week Five:  Sorry I've been busy, I'll be back blogging soon

Week Six:  Here's  my new  Haircut

Week Seven:  And my cat

Week Nine  - Cheese is on sale!

Week Eleven - Still on sale.

Week Fourteen - A picture of some babe from the Internet wearing very little.
Week Fifteen- sound of crickets

Week Sixteen -  Another picture of the cat.
My name is Tank, read this blog or I will hurt you.

Week Eighteen - Like me on Facebook!

Thank you all for not just eighteen weeks, but five years of food, friends, firearms and fun.
Love - Brigid  and Barkley