Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Blog Fluff!


The first item, I'll let you all guess what it is. Partner wrestled its mysterious form out of the Ford Exploder after an outing.  I think he was going to an estate sale to look at a historical long rifle and stuff for his house, but I don't think this is from that event.  What is it and why is it now in the Range garage?

The second, on my eternal quest for the world's fluffiest pancake, I think I've come up with the winning recipe.  They'll take an extra 45 minutes time compared to Bisquick and milk, but the actual mixing and cooking is ever so quick, there's just some sit time in there, perfect for a lazy weekend morning of coffee and relaxation. 
Take 3/4 cup milk and egg out of fridge and let sit until about room temperature (15 minutes minimum, 30 is even better, go walk the dog, brew some coffee)

Then, mix ix in a small cereal bowl:

The room temperature 3/4 cup milk
2 Tablespoons regular Vinegar

While that sits for 10 minutes, mix up the flour in a medium bowl and set aside:

flour mixture: In a medium bowl mix well:

1 cup all purpose flour (use spoon to carefully drop flour in cup, don't shake, then level with knife)
2 Tablespoons sugar
1 tsp baking powder (check date, make sure it's not expired)
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

After the 10  minutes is up for the milk mixture, whisk the egg into it well, then add 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla and 2 Tablespoons melted butter (nuke in a cup in the microwave for about 20 sec.), whisking well as the butter is added.

Immediately dump the milk mixture into the center of the flour mixture and stir JUST until combined, about 10-12 gentle stirs. It will  quickly bubble up as you stir and look almost puffy/spongy. DO NOT mix further, this is what makes them so tall and light. Bubbles are good! Batter that looks like "the Blob" is good.  The magic of kitchen chemistry. 
 click on photos to enlarge

Let the batter then  sit about 15 minutes (don't stir again), then cook quickly on a  oiled grill, handling the batter as little as possible (I used a 1/4 cup measure to carefully withdraw batter to pour on the grill). The first one or two will be a bit thick, the batter thins slightly on handling but do as little of that as you can.
Infused with vanilla and butter, they cooked up tasty, tender, light and well. . . fluffy!  OK, I'm writing this one down, these are so going to get made again (makes 8-10 medium pancakes)

Now, I have to go see what that thing in the garage is.  I know there's a date coming up in a few months we were going to do something fun to commemorate. Maybe this is a gift.
Let me just open it up. . .
 Yes, it's a "mangler".


  1. Ah, mangling...

    About the time my older niece learned the word "mangle", her grandmother (not I!) gave the little tyke a bunch of playdough and a garlic press. She loved "mangling the playdough" through it.

    A little disconcerting, though, when the bright little thing toddles up and announces "I mwangled the cat!"

    Fortunately, it was only playdough smooshed into the cat's fur. Everything but the cat's dignity survived...

    May you have an easy time keeping Barkley's nose and tail far away from that... and from the pancakes!

  2. Are you monitoring my coms? (just kidding) I was telling M. earlier that I was craving pancakes and you post a pancake recipe. Makes one wonder.

  3. Sounds like a great recipe. I have a similar recipe that starts with sour dough starter for the acid component of the kitchen chemistry.

    I forgot to feed the starter several months ago and the family wanted pancakes the next morning. We had to endure the Bisquick, which was not light and airy. With your recipe, I now have an option. Thanks for sharing.

  4. My mother had one of those when I was just a young boy,, many more years ago than I want to think.

  5. How do you handle a hungry man?

    It'a a mangle - an industrial iron.

    AND, you didn't warn me!
    AHHHHH! Fluffy pancakes!

    (Looks yummy! :-) )

  6. OMG I must be older than I thought...I knew what it was!

    The flapjacks look yummy!

  7. Industrial clothes iron, isn't it?

    Could be used for making really fast and thin jerky...

  8. We just found one of those buried in the corner of the basement at the farm. Complete with instruction book!

  9. On a Wing- this was actually free, the owners were selling another item purchased and knew it was worth something but didn't want to try and sell. EJ figured either find a use for it or sell it. Hmmm. . homemade pasta?

    Hat Trick - Nice to hear from you, hope M makes you a batch.

    Greg - it's similar in taste to the sourdough. I travel so much it's hard to keep a good starter going but it's one of my favorite things.)

    Old Okie - I'd never seen one before, at first glance from a distance I was thinking antique freezer?

    armedlaughing - "how do you handle a hungry man?" hahahahaha. Sorry, no warning, went up right before hit the rack.

    Brighid - yesterday I made corn popovers with honey, that recipe will go up later in the week. Glad to hear the news on the kids. Big hug.

    Marty -Mangler Moose Jerky! We could make a fortune!

    Farmmom - I'm slightly afraid of my flat iron. . . . . (or maybe I just hate to iron, but have discovered that if I have to wear a suit to court to testify, I only have to iron the front of the shirt and the collar, just leave the jacket on!)

  10. I am old enough to remember the Mangle.. Mom friend had one.

  11. When I was a small child, my grandmother had a Mangle Iron. She put everything through the thing, sheets, pillowcases,towels, even underwear.

    We learned fast why it was called a mangle. No child can resist the temptation to put their fingers in it when the damned thing was running.

    And you do not have to ask me how I know.

    As for the pan cake recipe, I'm going to have to try it out. The standard go to here, is Krusteaz pancake mix.

    Have a great rest of the long weekend. :)


  12. (* Looks at Pancakes *)

    It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!

  13. I'm with Marty.
    Shove some meat in that thing.

    Be sure to post a video.

  14. Yep, keep hands, feet and tails clear of that thing! And those pancakes look DELICIOUS! sigh...

  15. Batter shouldn't be over-stirred in any case. Looks delicious. :-)

  16. Very nice looking pancakes! As to the mangler, well, yes, put some meat in it =)

  17. Mom had one in the basement! Without the hood, just kinda stark and businesslike, threatening to burn things in an instant over by the clothes folding table and sewing machines.

  18. Bob and IdahoBob - I think my grandma had one as well.

    Cond0011 - Despicable Me! You rock! Hope you are staying well up there in sunny Minnesota.

    MSgtB - there may be money in a video. Bambi Meats the Mangler (pun intended). Jerky extraordinaire

    Old NFO - as my tail is bigger than Barkley's I will indeed be careful.

    J.R. - Indeed. These were as close to sourdough as I've made. Worth a try.

    Keads - Continuing to avoid double mint twin references. . . thanks for the smile today with your post.

    Mac - Mom ironed everything. Sheets as well. She used to set up the board, with a wine bottle that had this vented cork, full of water to sprinkle on the clothes like some holy blessing as she watched As The World Turns.

    Ed - It's actually an Ironrite Mangle. GOOD eye!

  19. Thinking of trying out that recipe tomorrow morning soonest!!!

  20. Too many repeat viewings of "Pawn Stars" at your crash pad? :)

  21. So...
    No bats in the garage, and belladona-based meds lying around, right?


  22. I love the picture of the iris. Probably my favorite flower.

  23. And yes, that's a completely frivolous comment, but it's true.


  24. You want fluffy pancakes?

    Substitute club soda for 1/3 of the water.

  25. Brigid,The pancake recipe is another home run!! I made them this morning,so good.(I only wish I had some bourbon maple syrup to go with them.)
    Question:what do you use for oil?I make pancakes in a cast iron pan,and butter tends to darken,and if I use oil I can taste the oil in the cake.

  26. billf - Thank you so much for letting me know you liked them! I usually cook a couple strips of bacon, set aside, pour off any grease, then gently wipe with a paper towel, leaving JUST a light sheen on the pan. If no bacon, I use a tiny bit of olive oil, a really good quality one, and again, wipe so there is just a very thin coating.

  27. Just tried this recipe on a ten-year-old boy, and three-quarters of the batch disappeared before I could get one for me.

  28. Simply FABULOUS ... and FLUFFY too!

    I discovered something to do while waiting 15 minutes for the batter to "brew" ...

    Clean the microwave from over-nuking the butter. :)


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