Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Night Dr. Who

Me - "Barkley,  do you think they'd have escaped faster if the Tardis had a Shop Smith?"

Barkley - "zzzzzzzzz"

I'm settled in, 9 days away, now back in for 12 straight. So for tonight, tucked in the crash pad, some Dr. Who, some tea and some sleep. Barkley is already asleep after playing back seat driver for four hours on the freeway, the extra long commute due to a jack-knived Dalek that partially blocked the right lane and general Sunday I-65 madness.

Thanks for joining me on some of the journey while I was away.


  1. Glad you and Barkley are safe and warm.

  2. Maybe if they had an 'Atlas'... it might have been faster...just not an 'Acme Products' as that NEVER Worked out for Wile E.

  3. Welcome Home B :)
    Glad you and Barkley are safe and sound all tucked in. Dr. Who before bed makes me have interesting dreams :)

  4. Darned Daleks never could drive a big rig worth beans.

  5. Always good to read your posts. Mr. Barkley is fortunate to have you in his life...and vice-versa.

  6. Gals you're back, but the gals and I are glad you were away... if you know what we mean...

    Dann in Ohio

  7. No *spoilers* (say it like Alex Kingston). I had less than 48 hours at home before hitting the road back to where I currently work.

    Instead of "Doctor Who", Mrs. Roscoe had to see the outcome of the car crash cliffhanger on "NCIS".

    I said, "Relax. Everyone has new contracts on 'NCIS'", but that didn't fly.

  8. Continued prayers for Dad and Bro. And, yeah, a few for you, too!

  9. Keads - the same to you and yours. My best to your Dad as well. Still loving the camera.

    Murphy's Law - it was great the pooch could travel with me and stay with friends with a pond. He had SUCH a good time.

    Rich in NC - when I was a teen and dreaming of flying, there was an Acme School of Aeronautics that sold study guides for the writtens, I just used to look at those and smile.

    immagikman - you're not kidding. I had a dream one night that a friend of mine was turned into a Dalek, but rather than the typical Dalek metal form they were an air compressor. They could communicate with me though (this came from the late night episode where the beautiful girl in a spaceship is actually trapped inside a Dalek). When I asked how they felt I can remember in my dream "OK, just a bit gassy". Even in my dreams I do bad puns.

    PPPP - you're not kidding!

    Dann - thanks, it was good to have the time off. Dad and bro holding their own (as folks have asked) though Big Bro is on a feeding tube right now. Prayers are always welcome.


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