Monday, May 13, 2013

It's that Night Again -

Second Monday of the Month.

Scotch Club.  Where current and retired flying squirrels gather to taste and rate (with cell phone photos).

Tonight's selection is above.

I'm voting for the Oban 14 as my favorite of the new ones. On arrival, slightly malty and bittersweet then gently falling into the arms of dark oak and subtle smoke. But before it gets there, it hits the palate, undiluted, with what I detect as anise, orange chocolate and lemon zest, doing a slow waltz across the tongue in the most sensuous and choreographed of fashions.

There's a definite citrus note on the finish with salt, a slightly bitter finish that might be off putting to the total virgin, but oh, the cut leather, really lingers, and in a good way. The swallow?   It's the flavor of mellow cigar smoke and glazed brown sugar on the dark back porch while your parents chaperon inside with soft wafts of peat.  I would definitely pay $80 for this again.

But there will be a surprise tonight..  I hear rumor that someone tall, dark and mysterious is going to crash the party.

Gear UP  (Up! you  Say?  Aye, UP!)


  1. Sounds interesting! The bunkhouse only runs to a bottle of Jameson and a small stash of Romeo Y Julieta...sigh I Don't Do Envy, I Don't Do Envy...much!

  2. Looks like you had a tasty evening! I hope you were able to share it with those important to you.

    My mind says "Yum", but my body (still recovering from the gastric bug) says "No way!"

  3. Sorry, gotta go with the Laphroaig. It's so smoky it's like drinking a good cigar.

    I like that in a Scotch.

  4. Is there a prize for the make/model and location of the screen saver shot?

  5. Thanks for the tips, Brigid; I don't drink, but our eldest has taken a liking to finer Scotch; I'll send him your way to peruse. Enjoy your company and comforts!

  6. I would be interested in your feelings on the Compass Box offerings. I've not tried either of those pictured, but have heard good things about them. As far as chocolate pairings go, I've feedback from multiple people that Compass Box Orangerie is amazing with dark, dark chocolate.

  7. Brigid - Jameson is always in my cupboard, reminds me of the only "vacation" I've had in about 15 years where I took a few days off after a speaking engagement in the capital and played tourist in Dublin and up North.

    vic - hope you feel better today!

    Jennifer - thanks!

    dave - Laphroaig is pretty amazing, indeed, I just wanted to try something new recently.

    Mac - PA18-150 Lake Como, Italy. If that was your secret, mail in ballot entry, you win. Or, if you mixed that up with your entry to the Procrastination Club contest which you put off mailing in, then, sorry, but you can play again next time :-)

    Mick - I'm lucky I've got friends that have showed me some of the finer things in life. Your eldest will appreciate it.

    Mike M - they are indeed wonderful with dark chocolate. Haven't seen the Orangerie though, now will look for it.

  8. You're passing on the Laphroaig??? :-)

  9. Old NFO - It got my vote as the new kid on the block, I've gone all fan girl on the Laphroaig on here before, wanted to expose someone to a new find that was outstanding.

  10. Ahhh... Good point! :-) But I still haven't seen any Springbank there!

  11. Never had Oban Hm.

    Brighid, Jameson and a Romeo Y Julieta Reserve Maduro is one of my favorite things...

  12. I have a bottle of the 18 year old Laphroaig. Its pretty good but I prefer the Quarter Cask. I love scotch, my favourites are the Islay's


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