Saturday, June 1, 2013

Free Range Breakfast

Saturday was the Indy 1500 Gun Show (there will be a range report up tomorrow night) with five friends in from out of town to meet up, before we decimate the herd at the Fogo De Chao later (this post will auto come up as we are summoning a gaucho for another entire cow).

The crash pad is full, overflow is in a nice hotel, and Barkley is beside himself with "people! A good day for a quick and easy breakfast before heading out. A good day for Free Range French Toast, something perhaps you can make yourself on Sunday morning.

If you've never had a fresh from the chicken free range egg, you're missing out.  But living nearer to the big city any more, I've sort of missed them. Until a couple dozen showed up at my door (with some local brewed beverages!) courtesy of blogger Zercool and his wife, who stayed with me one night on their way through Indiana a few weeks ago

For they've got a few chickens, happily hatching eggs while being protected from harm by Mrs. Z. and Delicate Flower.

The bright orange yolk is a giveaway of a truly fresh egg, evident in the french toast batter. For, after several days of wonderful dishes with eggs, I took the last two and made French toast adding a half tsp. of Mexican Vanilla, the same amount of Vietnamese Cinnamon, a small pinch of Cardamon and a splash of Bourbon. Now when I see those little signs by the road "farm fresh eggs",  I am SO stopping.

Serves two to three (doubling as needed), whisk a couple eggs well,  then whisk in a splash of milk, the vanilla, the spices and bourbon, dunk in several thick slices of  homemade sourdough bread, letting them sit a couple of seconds and flip, to soak up the eggy goodness, then put on a lightly greased (bacon!) cast iron skillet to cook.  Serve with smoked Amish bacon, fresh orange juice and warmed maple syrup.

Thank  you Mr. and Mrs. Z - meeting you two was a privilege and the breakfasts from the eggs were awesome.


  1. Envying here! We raised free-range chickens for several years, and their eggs were vastly superior to any store-bought ones. We ate many and donated the rest to a local food pantry. We weren't the only ones saddened when we sold the chickens last year in preparation for selling our home. Your recipe sounds and looks delish. Will hafta try it.

    Wish I could attend the gun show, too. Have fun.

  2. We have more than we can use, Brigid.

  3. What time is breakfast??? :-)

  4. That does it; I'm going 5 miles down the road tomorrow to visit the lady with the all-natural garden and free-range chickens... she moved from Manhattan to BFE north of Galesburg, IL several years ago and is becoming quite the attraction!

  5. Made french toast this morning with big eggs from our free range hens (that the coyotes missed), vanilla, cinnamon, and Kahlua on sourdough bread. With 4 big pieces of home grown bacon... Yummy
    Hope you have fun at the show!

  6. It's we who were privileged. I'd happily swing another dozen or two by on my next trip through...


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