Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cattle Chutes and Cake - It's Saturday

It's been a week, as they say, capped off by another trip to the hospital one evening for further testing on the foot and the clot therein. The doc gave me a list of "if you see this go to the hospital immediately". Come on, it will buff out.  Not.  So there I was. The foot had swollen up so badly they decided to x ray in case there was bone injury in addition to the puncture wound.

Let's just say the x ray tech believed the whole "bends like Gumby" until the tears came. It was not a pleasant stay, though everyone did what they could to make an unpleasant experience bearable.

Nothing was broken, just serious inflammation from the infection. But the antibiotics are working and the clot should be absorbed without running amok (though staring at it saying "I am Borg, you will be assimilated" does NOT work).  I was sent home in the morning, with some serious pain meds, which I've not, yet, tried to take as I hate the "help" of things that numb.  Friend around helped, Partner and other friends checking on me, but I was trying to be the kevlar gumdrop, not showing that I was hurting.
But this morning I needed help, as Barkley had his yearly check up at the vet we both like so much.

Though I could hobble my away around the kitchen,  there was no way I could wrangle with him in a pressure bandage with a frankenshoe.  He actually LIKES going to the vet and about pulls my arm off going inside where the pretty Vet takes care of him and gives him a treat!

 This calls for back up!
Fortunately, I know a strong and capable young man who can be talked into going to the vet on Saturday morning at o' dark hundred.   The visit mostly went well, At age 10, Barkley is in great shape and a healthy 89 pounds. He had two little lumps on him, both needle biopsied, and as suspected, just fatty growths in an aging animal. But he had an ear infection in both ears, even though he'd not been scratching at them. which needed ear drops and antibiotics.

Ironically though, Barkley and I are on identical antibiotics. Same name, same milligrams per dosage, just a different dose.  His were a LOT more expensive. I told him to get a job with  health insurance. He ignored me.

I can't get him to clean my firearms either.
I'm not looking forward to a week of  daily ear drops. Let's just say he does NOT like his ears messed with, and trying to hold onto him with a bandaged foot and the bad knee, while he tries to buck me off, is NOT going to be fun, if this morning was any example.

I need to build a cattle chute or something to round him up and get him in. But today, thankfully today at least,  I had help.

So, by way of thank you, there was  freshly made cake (and no creamsickle cake this time Old NFO!)
Guinness and Molasses Cake - An experiment of science and alcohol and a kitchen.  I had help getting all the ingredients  and utensils I'd need gathered up, then sitting on a barstool at the island, and one by the stove with a stool to prop the foot up with, I could conduct my little experiment.  I sort of jotted down what I was doing on a piece of paper in case it turned out.

"It turned out", if two people eating the photo piece with one plate and two forks while jockeying for position at the counter, is any indicator.

It's much richer and darker than gingerbread, denser (stouter :-)  than regular cake, though still with a tender crumb.  Paired with a simple whipped cream topping infused with just a trace of vanilla/sugar, it was a huge hit and I'll package up the rest to be taken home.

I may still need that cattle chute though, for the rest of the week.


  1. Huh! My pack (of five) loves us to scratch behind ears or even poke fingers in there to move around ear wax. My last Viszla dreaded the q-tip but she always came to get cleaned. I think it was a "it hurts so good" sorta thing.

    Latest thing is my dogs loving their eyes getting rubbed, some to remove eye boogies, some cause it feels good.

  2. Your life has become a D&D game.

    Dangerous and Delicious.

  3. What Andy said!

    And take it easy, as instructed.


  4. A speedy recovery to the both of you. Cake looks fantastic. Gonna have to try that one (along with all your recipes:) Take care and get better soon.

  5. Oh wow, now Barkley and you both are less than 100%. At least my Cody doesn't mind having his ears cleaned, but you just TRY to put drops in his eyes! I can sympathize with your problem, there, Brigid. At least I wasn't banged up like you are though.

    Take care, and rest! Maybe you can catch Barkley napping and get at least one ear done per nap.

  6. My best friend's first Seeing Eye dog was a yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix, and he had ear issues on a regular basis. Something about the floppy ears getting in the way of the ears and their best encounters with fresh air, it seems, so Barkley's not alone. Thatcher didn't like 'em too much either. I had to help more than once. Glad to hear that he's in good health for a gentleman of his age. :)

  7. Ouch on the trip back to the doc, and I'll tell you the same thing "I" got told, like em or not, they gave you the pills for a reason! Take the damn things!!! We are not starring in a Callahan's Saloon serial. Re the dessert, thank you, thank you!!! :-) And since I'm in a place with REAL Guinness, I 'might' be able to convince somebody down this way to do that dessert! Good luck with Barkley, and they DO make cattle shoots, but I don't think they'd fit in the living room...

  8. Your cake looks really good, I'll print it out and put it on the front of the frig, that's about as close as it's going to get to being in the bunkhouse...
    Barkley ear med: what I do: if you put peanut butter on your arm, almost to the elbow, you can get meds in the ears while he is busy licking the peanut butter. Hope your both feeling better soon!

  9. You and Barkley need to take it easy and rest up. The world will wait for you two.

  10. Thankfully, no MRSA, eh?
    Man, I never knew about that until it almost took my wife's hand a few years ago (week in a hospital on a drip).
    Been hearing (or noticing) a lot about it since.
    A guy who worked for me came around with a get well card for his dog, taking contributions for his expensive vet care since he didn't have health insurance on the dog.
    Which I understand is now available.
    I wonder if there will be a government takeover of that also?

  11. Get well soon, you two Kevlar gumdrops! Oh, and the cake...oh, the cake...

  12. Please take very good care, once those infections get going, they can be hard to stop. Add some lactobacillus acidophilus, or better yet lactobacillus bifidus to keep your gut working well despite the antibiotic.
    I too am on the same antibiotic as my golden retriever. Mine is for a deep filling which has failed anyway and now I need an oral surgeon. Benjamin's is for a new severe skin allergy, in tandem with a steroid.
    I hope you and Barkley are tip top again soon, after all, kevlar gumdrops and their canine partners are actually rare.

  13. just fatty growths in an aging animal

    I have that problem, too.

    Oh, we weren't talking about beer gut? My bad :)

  14. Sadly, my daughters had a birthday party to go to today, so I had no window of opportunity to make this cake...but I did buy the cream, and a bottle of Guiness, so it will HAVE to make it sometime this week.

    Hope your foot heals good. I had a friend who spent two years with a pump tied to his side because he had an infection in his foot that just wouldn't quit.

    Not that I want to scare you, but like NFO said TAKE THE PILLS!

  15. Cake looks great, but please find a better & safer way with Mr. Barkley!

  16. How sweet of Barkley to get an infection too, so you aren't alone with yours. That's devotion.

    Hope you both heal up quickly. It's summertime, time for fun not infections.

  17. Sorry to hear about Barkley! I hope he feels better soon.

    My black lab had ear infections also. The vet tried various medications, but nothing seemed to work.

    We finally switched her bed from chemical-laden foam to a more natural product, and the ear infection went away.

    Just a thought to keep in mind if the ear drops don't seem to work.

  18. Robert and I will be down this weekend, put us on the ear drop duty roster.

  19. Robert and I will be down this weekend, put us on the ear drop duty roster.


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