Monday, June 10, 2013

Dog Day Afternoons - Up a Creek

There's something to be said for putting on a pair of hip boats and wading out into the middle of the Grey's River to go after some wily fish.. Steelhead Fishing.

But in Indiana, we have a sport that is even better, at least if you're a canine.

Stick Fishing.

Leash (it's a city park, sorry Barkley)
One Redhead who is willing to get wet
One big creek
A few loose sticks found themselves carried down the creek to be snatched up in the jaws of the great Labrador Retriever like a Giant Grizzly.
You're going to have to get out there where it's a little deeper, that's where the sticks are.
Insert Planes Trains and Automobiles voice here -   "You're Going the Wrong WAY!
No, they come from UPSTREAM. Other way!
Just wait. .
I think I see another one coming!
I caught one!  This one's TROPHY sized!
The sticks didn't survive the mandible of death.

Neither did the frozen yogurt.


  1. Life couldn't be any better, then up the creek with a stick.

  2. Looks like a great time! Whats in the Midway box, prey tell?

  3. Looks like another "good time was had by all" moment. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Okay, one big downside of having cats:

    No way would they sacrifice their dignity for something fun like that.

    Maybe I can borrow Barkley for an afternoon? ;)

  5. Aaawww....too cute Brigid! Our Shiloh likes to walk into the pond, belly deep, just to take a drink. Very un-ridgeback of her, if you ask me!

    Looks like you and Barkley had a grand time.

  6. So Barkley got 'his' treats!!! Fun in the water and then fun foods! :-)

  7. john bord - It was a fun afternoon. :-)

    Keads - a few boxes of .45, a surprise from a friend.

    Murphy - He loves the water (hates sprinklers though, don't ask me why, just barks at them).

    Auntie J - you are always welcome to come get him for some "Lab Therapy".

    Monkeywrangler - I'd like to see pics of your pup doing that.

    Old NFO - Barkley has a fussy stomach, barfs up most exotic ingredient dog treats, (I get him very plain ones, or make my own) and we won't mention what happened when one of the IND bloggers gave him a BUNCH of extra bacon :-) but he LOVES his vanlla low sugar frozen yogurt. The first time I got him some, I was reaching in the truck with it in my right hand (he was in the back bench seat hooked into the harness so he couldn't come all the way into the front) and he flung himself over the console as far as he could, straddling it and just stuck his whole head in the container. It was hilarious.

  8. Man, sounds like an awesome afternoon! Beagles are, apparently, NOT water-soluble. They tend to clump up and whine pitifully.

  9. Great fun from the look of it for both you and the dog.

  10. I tried to get a pic on our walk tonight, but no joy. The water was too deep where she usually goes in, and she was a bit spooked by it.


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