Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Night Temptations- Creamsickle Cake

I occasionally bake goodies for my colleagues.  Since on any given day, a lot of of folks are tied up with a complicated task or in the field, usually one recipe will feed whoever is actually near a desk.

If I know it's someones birthday or if they've done a very difficult assignment,  they get a choice of dessert, to keep to themselves, or share.  Sometimes they decline, citing dieting, but half the time I'm met with "cool!" and everyone always shares.

This week I made the offer, whatever kind this fellow wanted.  I was told "can you made  a cake that tastes like a creamsickle?"   All adults remember Creamsickle, that tasty ice cream bar from Popsicle that had the creamy vanilla center wrapped with tart orange. 

After a little Internet searching and some mental tweaking, as some of the old standby recipes use a lot of science experiment ingredients and some had ingredients I don't think they even make any more,  I made one.  This one uses a cake  mix as a base, as I was wanting a recipe that anyone could whip up in a hurry.

It has an easy but real whipped cream frosting (you can use Cool Whip, just ignore my twitch) infused with two kinds of vanilla and  the barest hint of orange essence topping a citrus cake with a spike of tart orange.

I tasted the frosting. Oh, this is going to be one dangerous cake.

Creamsickle Cake

UPDATE: I didn't get to try it, long story, for another time, but everyone said it was the best cake I've made (and it was probably the easiest)


  1. I would imagine the story goes something like, "I turned away to lay the cake carrier aside and when I turned back there were only a few crumbs left."
    That would be how it would go in my office.

  2. Looks really good! I better fire up the ol Easy Bake oven and give it a try, thanks.

  3. What a really neat cake! I'm sure I'd find some oldies out here who remember creamsickles, too. :)

  4. As usual with your decadent dessert recipes, this one looks absolutely yummy. As a creamsickle addict from way back, I can see this one making it into the recipe book.

    But.......I'm going to have to wait until I reach my weight and fitness goals before I can allow myself to indulge in this wonderful looking thing. :-)


  5. Except that I HATE Cremesickle... Always have...

  6. Oh, @*$&@. You would post this. While I'm dieting and working out.


    I don't use cake mixes usually, but I might try this, or I may just use my standard yellow cake recipe with the orange additions.

    Or I might just make some whipped cream and eat it with the fresh fruit I got this morning. Darn it! Why'd you have to mention whipped cream? ;)

  7. B, I always knew you were quality people.

    My husband grew up on Cool Whip and could not understand, at the first Thanksgiving with his family after we married, why I would not put Cool Whip on my pumpkin pie.

    My mom's deathly allergic to corn syrup, which is in, y'know, EVERYTHING (even ketchup and most Worchestershire sauces). So I grew up on the REAL stuff. There is nothing like REAL whipped cream.

    And my mom loves creamscicles, but can't really have them (we did find one brand; Hubby gained her undying love when he found them). If this recipe passes muster, I'll send it along to her. She would probably love it.


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