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Being Self Sufficient Doesn't Mean You Don't Ever Need Help -

Hunting the Wild Yam

I have a number of readers who are "preppers", but not of the "quick ma, let's hide in the bomb shelter, the revenooers are coming!", that is a mistaken public perception. Rather, they are people who simply have the sense to learn ways they can conduct their lives with a minimum of assistance from the taxpayers, as stewards of their land and law abiding members of their community. 
My prepping is limited, a bit of grain, sugar and salt stored in nitrogen that will last 20 years, canned goods and water for a few months, a way to clean water, medical supplies, the skills to hunt game, not just for fine eating, but for necessity, if it ever came to that.  Those are small skills compared to many folks, just enough for any famine, tornado or a Bridal Days Sale at Macy's that can wreck pandemonium on a community.
 You ate the LAST roll of toilet paper
On my blogroll are a number of women who sustain their households,  some with family, some all on their own, growing their own food, canning, and much more.  One who I have learned a lot from reading is Kat M. at  Self Sustained Living. 
She does it all, cheese making, soap making, growing food and tobacco and raising goats, living a self sustained life. She even kills and preps her own game.  I was introduced to Kat and her blog by my good friend Kymber at Framboise Manor.  The two of them were involved together in the early days of the American Preppers Network and the Canadian Preppers Network.
She's put in a lot of time helping those that take self sufficiency seriously, encouraging people from all over the world to try it, offering advice, and support.  For someone like her, asking for help can not be easy but she needs it.  She is in danger of losing her farm due to a domestic violence situation with her spouse, (which you can read about here.)

Reading this struck a chord with me for reasons many of you will understand.  I try and limit my "help this person" posts on my blog as there are so MANY that need it, but this one, this lady, doesn't deserve to go through this without support, something that is measured in more than dollars. 

For rather than cry, or throw a pity party while sitting, waiting for someone to "save the day" she's come up with a sound business plan (which you can read here) while working to get the farm  based business going (her bread sold out in 45 minutes at the market Friday). It will take some seriously hard work, and another job on the side, in addition to the commercial kitchen, but it's a sensible plan, from someone who is no stranger to backbreaking work. From what I hear, her artisan cheeses and breads alone would draw in a good business. 
So let's help how we can. Drop a word of encouragement.  Donate to the business fund for the commercial kitchen that's underway to sell her goods on a larger scale. She's got a Paypal tip jar on the blog, and for those that don't like Paypal, there's an Indiegogo donate link on the business plan page linked in the paragraph above.  Even a dollar will help, and if you don't have  a dollar, simply share her story on your blog or other social media site, that's worth more than gold.  
Twenty years ago when people were hurting, battered and abused, they often remained silent. If they were sick and alone, or simply dealing with the damages of mother nature and time, there was not this blog community to rally around them, to let them know their talents are important, their willingness to share, a gift.  Let's show Kat why this community works best together.
Thank You- Brigid


  1. Brigid - thank you so much for putting this info out about our friend! i am very happy with the response that her project has been getting and i just know that she will meet her goal. you do understand her situation and how hard it is to ask for help! again thank you very much!

    your friend,

  2. Linked, and I'll see if I can help out.

  3. Tweeted and FaceBooked. Thanks for shining your light on this, Brigid.

  4. Thanks for the links! On it. =)

  5. It doesn't mean that we're necessarily opposed to running off to a compound in the Sierras and waiting for the dust to settle. But Kat M. is a hero in her own right.

  6. Thank you Brigid and thank you all! I will keep fighting my way thru this and never give up! Thank you for the love, support, kind words and help keeping my farm and my dream going! XXXOOOO

  7. Is that a BIB for the tp on Barkley?


  8. It sounds like Kat has a good chance of breaking the cycle of abuse. I trust your assessment enough that I have hit her tip jar, sent a message of support, and (maybe most important) prayed for her. Thanks for letting us know so we could help.

  9. Mathew - thank you for the link on facebook and Twitter as well.

    gfa - He's been to the groomers for a bath and nail cip. She always puts one one him. He was hoping for a Lobster bib and a bowl of melted butter but this was the best she could do.

    Kymber - you two are wonderful people and you've been a great friend. Thanks.

    LL - I so agree. Thanks for stopping.

    Keads - thanks!

    Rev. Paul and Old NFO - I know the links are appreciated.

    Nashville Beat - thank you very much, it can be broken, it takes time and courage.

    mmpaints - you're welcome, anytime you need an ear you have my contact info.

  10. I will go to her blog and help.

    I was never a fan or follower of social media, and frankly saw little value, until....

    My oldest daughter when pregnant with her second found out that the baby had a serious issue, the baby had an omphalocele, a condition where some of the organs (liver, etc)were outside the body. Fewer than 50% live past birth, and fewer still get to 6 months.

    She found a (facebook, I think)site that offered support and encouragement, and it has helped her immensely. Mostly it's information and education, but when one family was unable to get a car for transportation, they found one and had it shipped.

    These sites work, and it's a wonderful resource.

    I wish your friend the best, and will do what I can. Pay it forward, as the saying goes.

    Also, my granddaughter is 3 years old now, and doing very, very well.

  11. Forwarded to the local community forum and FB.

  12. Thoughts for your friend in need B.

    Thanks for the Granite Mt banner. I'm sure they also need prayers and encouragement.

  13. Hmmm.... prepping.
    The best thing people could do is prep for being laid off and unemployed. Your next disaster is probably going to be pretty low key. No hurricane, no tornado, no WMD. Just a 15 minute meeting, pink slip, and a handshake.
    I've been through that about 5 times in my career but I've rarely had the power go out for more than 12 hours.

  14. Should Fish More - thank you for your help, and I'm truly happy your grandchild is growing and strong. Support is sometimes hard to find, and I'm glad she found it.

    Rova - Bless you, and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment of support.

    BePrepared - Yes, I've a close friend that was a fireman, the community is one that is close and the losses are deep.

    Just my 2 cents- that goes without saying, but, good point and one people need to heed. I always assume everyone saves for unemployment, Dad always taught me "six months of stuff to live on and keep a roof over your head, if you don't have that, don't buy that new car or TV" but not everyone does, actually few do and it's a good message. Thank you for a needed reminder and I hope you never experience that again.

  15. Linking to this one. Thanks for pointing it out. Has she considered KickStarter?

  16. daddysbearsden - thank you SO much. I've not heard of KickStarter, but I know Kat is reading the comments so she can check it out. She's only $1200 from what she needs, not asking for anything more. That's great, and it's due in part to many of you.

  17. Brigid,
    Maybe we could do a raffle like Jennifer is doing?
    Anyhow, my slings are in, if you want to run a raffle. You can email me for the website if you want to take a look....
    --Matt R.

  18. Matt - I don't think I have your current email and I don't want to give mine out for a raffle, it's a sweet idea though. I'll give you a hollar and we'll think of something.

  19. I'll be happy to toss in a hand made something or other (grips, wind chime, toys) just let me know.

    Payday I'll toss a few shekels into the bucket too.

  20. instinct - thank you so much. I don't have a way to really organize a fundraiser, beyond the links. As a single female who lives alone I do not want my email address given out to the public to forward entry info. Kat did raise the $4500 she needed so all is well. That's very kind of you, and your work is very very beautiful.


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