Monday, July 1, 2013

Girls Day Out - Cloudy with a 10% Chance of Ammo

It was time to get the Wookie on the road.  I'd been good and kept my feet up the last couple of days, but I needed to get out of the house, lest Cabin Fever set in and I start buying stuff off QVC. I'e got crutches in the truck if necessary but hopefully the little walking ortho thing will get me around, at least for an hour or so.

Barkley was fine staying home. R., the young teen son of of Scout26 came by and took his buddy Barkley for a good run on Sunday as well as taking out my trash and anything else I needed done with the foot up.  By the time they got done, that was one tired and happy dog.
He's a great kid and gives me hope for the next generation.
Monday, it was time for Girls Day Out.

To the Bat Truck!

First order of business - lunch!  There's lots of neat places around, but let's go someplace close and familiar, the Broad Ripple Brew Pub.  They've got a good selection of all kinds of  daily specials and regular  pub menu items, for the carnivore and herbivore alike.

"Vegan Fish and Chips - Planks of Tofu seasoned with the taste of the Sea and battered." (and mmm tasty egg free vegan mayo)

No.  I'll pass. I really can go my whole life not knowing how they get tofu to taste like fish.

The specials sounded much better.

Tam - They've got Burly Man Cobb Salad!
But we went with the usual.

Pizza with Feta, Olives and Jalapenos
A cheeseburger and some of their fresh brewed ice tea for me.  I had the "small" pub burger (they have a bison one on the menu that's half a pound) with big planks of crisp and seasoned on the outside/soft on the inside, fresh Pub Chips 
Then it was off to Penzy's Spices.
My cupboard is full of Penzy's, some of the best spices out there and a favorite along with those sugars and salts, oils and vinegars of my other favorite Indianapolis cooking supply store, Artesanos (which was closed Monday :-(

I always come out of there with a bunch of stuff.  Today, just some small replacements for the crash pad. (They also come in larger sizes and sealed bags in bulk to fill your own containers at big savings.)
Our last stop was to Mountain of Geese.  I hadn't been there in months.  On the way, I got to hear all about World War Z, the movie, which launched a discourse on Zombie science as the Bat Truck zipped in and out of traffic (when you're driving something that big and black, that has gun stickers all over the back window, people DO yield).

ME:  But in the zombie movies I've seen, they decompose.  Sure, these can run super fast and pull a helicopter out of the sky and go to Walmart on Black Friday.  Why don't the living just hole up for a few weeks, there'd be nothing left but some goo and a bunch of jaw bones still clacking away like wind up teeth ?

I mean seriously, In Florida the time from autolysis to dry skeleton would be like a week and in the dessert, there's dessication, between sun, wind, and cell damage they're going to be  turning to leather and falling down for the buzzards like a raging horde of Slim Jims.

TAM:  Zombies decay slower, up north you have to chip them out of the ice with the spring thaw to dispatch them before they start walking around again. .
Here we are! Mountain of Geese.

They'd remodeled, the huge store was even more spacious and easier to navigate. and check out with your purchases.  Plus they've always had quite a good selection of guns, new and used, albeit a bit pricey, but more than many stores.

This was all the handgun ammo in the entire store.
It was time to go look at something else or we were going to tear up, and we were too far away from the pepper spray aisle to use THAT as an excuse. The big box o' boxes of ammo from Midway that Partner gave me because he could get it, means even more to me now.

There were doing brisk business in the new gun aisle and as always, we were approached immediately by someone asking us if we need assistance, not looking at us as if we were lost.  As a female who frequents gun/sporting goods stores, this is NOT always the experience, and for this reason, I will stop in for ammo and hunting stuff (though I did get a great deal there on my Remington Varmint gun during one of their regular sales).

Off to the used handguns. Tam spotted a HUGE sign and display at the south end of the store.
Sound of Crickets.
There  were some shotguns, assorted hunting type weapons above, but there was only a handful of pistols, including a P38, which we thought might be a P1 and likely not WW II Historical (though it had the WW II Historical pricing).

If you want a used handgun for self defense, it appeared your only other option is what they had in the way of New$  with a card that said "good luck on the ammo". . .

or the self launched attack skunk..
OR the Squeeking exploding Hedgehog (watch out, I pulled the pin!).
I guess it's time to get in the truck and drive home with our other stuff.
On the drive back we talked of family and friends, boomsticks and books, and why Fifty Shades of Grey has become the Pet Rock of the fiction world.

There were also homemade raspberry streusal bar cookies, baked and wrapped in foil in case we had to hole up in the truck during a zombie attack.

Too soon it was time to say goodbye and head home.

There awaited a letter from Dad, written in careful but slightly shaky cursive, a couple of photos of him taken with my birthday gift and a copy of Our Daily Bread which he always sends me,

I realize how lucky I am for what I do have right now, for the friends I have, that support me and  also support the people I care about. Thank you EVERYONE who sent encouragement and/or donation help for Kat M. (Her story is in the post that follows.)

I know I will send my thanks above tonight for that, though I may ask about that 9 mm shortage.