Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Do These Have in Common?

20 of the above. UT-15 Urban Tactical AR's with quad rail features (empty)

The carbon body of a American made 2007 Shelby Mustang Funny Car.

A full grown trophy pronghorn antelope.What do they all have in common?

They all weigh about 140 pounds.

The amount of sugar the average American consumes in 1 year.
In the interest of health, HOTR is going to post a recipe that has. . . . . more sugar than you can possibly imagine. You don't really need it, but you really want it. 

I'll be honest, outside of my post gun range Mr. Squishee drink I don't do much sugar, I'm hypoglycemic, not uncommon in the Irish, and don't do well with too much carbs (but if add enough bacon to the waffle plate I'm OK).

On the other hand, my team members LOVE these and other such super sweet things I make for them(think of crossing hummingbirds with Special Forces-  that's my guys).

Home on the Range Candy Bar Brownies, a dark chocolate brownie topped with sweetened condensed milk, chopped dark chocolate Mounds and toasted almonds and then baked (recipe in the comments)
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Go on, have one. . . then fire up the Shelby, grab one of your AR's and race an antelope on the way to the gun range.

It's only American


  1. Recipe courtesy of Southern Living.

    Antelope courtesy of Malamute Bill and his back yard.

    AR courtesy of I own one and they're awesome.

    Candy Bar Brownies

    One box brownie Mix (I used the dark chocolate one) Pick one that makes a 13 x 9 inch pan.

    Make according to direction but use less oil. 3 Tablespoons. Regular amount of egg and water.

    Spread in pan, pour one can sweetened condensed milk over the top evenly before baking (NOT evaporated milk). Top with 14 fun size Mounds bars, chopped in small pieces and 1/3 cup chopped toasted almonds.

    Bake at 350 (even if the brownie box says 325) for 36-39 minutes (my oven, 40 minutes was it).

  2. 140 pounds is what I'd gain by eating some of those....not that it would stop me one bit.

    Those look dangerously awesome.

  3. Groan.....there goes my A1c again....

  4. Must...resist...
    Be...strong, don't give in!

    Aww heck...I'm already on the dark side, of cycling anyway! Where's MY cookie? !


  5. Doc, yer killin' me here..and not with the AR ;)

  6. Like you, I don't do much sugar either. I'd rather eat the antelope

  7. I really want to make this tomorrow. I have a question about the amount of oil. Is it 3 tablespoons less than the recipe calls for or 3 tablespoons total. My son in law finishes his work shift tomorrow in Seattle and will return to the island. We like to have something special for him when he returns. Thank you.

  8. You wouldn't, by chance, be adding additional members to your team in the next while, would you?

    Thought not...

    Means I have to bake them myself; actually, bribe a daughter who can do it so much better...

  9. Island Bob - 3 Tablespoons total.

    On a short meal break. I'll be back later!

  10. John Peddie - Not in the near future. We had a reorganization where there was some chance of movement to other teams and possible/maybe promotions but all my guys elected to stay on my team. I'd like to think it wasn't just my cooking. I replaced a general, so no expectations there! :-) They've been great, but I had to earn it. Good luck on the bribary!

    naturegirl - I had a nibble, they were indeed, and super easy to make. Brownie mix is about the only mix I use as you can do so much with it.

    Dr. Jim - it doesn't count if you do it on a Saturday.

    Monkeywrangler - I did swimming and bike tonight, the knee is actually starting to feel like a knee again after a year and a half and lots of PT.

  11. Actually, I just gave her a new Silver Pigeon, so that has to be worth a dozen of something...

  12. Seriously---you should publish a cookbook.

    MaineMapleLynne has directed me to make these "in the immediate future."

  13. Well I made the brownies and they were a hit. I used Namaste brand gluten free brownie mix because I had it on hand. The mix is for 2 batches in 8" x 8" pans but it worked just fine in a 9" x 13" pan. 46 min. Was the time I used. The only trouble is now the family wants me to make another batch with peanut butter cups instead of Mounds.

  14. They sound very familiar to Symphony Brownies...

    You need two boxes of brownie mix (9x13 pan-sized), two or three of your choice of Hershey's Symphony chocolate bars (it helps if they're the same kind), and a shotglass of insulin for later.

    Mix up one box of brownie mix and pour in pan.

    Unwrap Symphony bars and place on top of brownie mix. Don't put 'em end to end; you need to have a spot for your toothpick to test for doneness later.

    Mix up other box of brownie mix. Pour on top.

    Bake as generally directed on the box.

    Your toothpick should come out mostly clean when they're done.

    I suppose you could figure halfsies on one box of brownie mix and do it that way, but this way is simpler.

    Insulin shot PRN. :)


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