Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Magpul Precision Rifle/Sniper Stock - a Range Review

The Magpul PRS (Precision Rifle/Sniper)

In one sentence.  - perfect cheek weld.

But for those that would like more detail:

If you are looking for a drop in, precision-adjustable butt stock for  AR rifles with A1/A2 fixed stocks I'd not hesitate to recommend this one based on my experience with one I purchased 2 years ago.  There are a lot of different accessories for the AR15 series firearms, and though I wasn't wanting to put together "frankengun", I did want a stock that had a means of adjusting the length of stuck as well as comb height for the perfect alignment of my site choice, which was an EOTech.

Every shooter is physically built differently, male or female.  I'm as tall as many guys, but my arm length doesn't compare and my shoulders show my more delicate bone structure.  So adding something like the Magpul PRS is well worth it if you have other than normal length arms, neck or sighting requirements.  Compared to the A2 stock, the PRS can shorten LOP (length of pull) by .25" or extend it by .75" as well as provide three-quarters of an inch of comb height adjustment.(the height so that when you plant your cheek onto the stock, your eye is lined up just where it needs to be to line up with the reticle.)

I couldn't say that this was intended for "close quarters" use, but for "sniper style" range practice for proficiency, this is an excellent addition.
I've used Magpul products for other tactical rifles and found their products are high quality and do what they are advertised to, so I didn't hesitate to spend the money for this.  Sure, there's cheaper stocks, but beware, the cheap knock off stuff (and Santa - don't even think of adding Hong Kong AirSoft stuff to my list).

Aesthetics - there's no getting around it, this just looks cool, and it's built like a tank, with aluminum butt-plate and alloy steel adjustment shafts that will withstand a lot of impact abuse (all aluminum components finished with MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2 hard anodizing).  But looking good and being strong will only get you so far, it's got to FUNCTION well as designed.  The unit will fit most AR/M-4 designs and I've personally used one on a Bushmaster as well as my Wilson Combat Tactical AR-15 (otherwise known as "Vera"), which is what is pictured here.
Installation - My Mom could have put this on here. Actually my Mom was the Sheriff, she could put it on here, hunt down the bad guys, take it off and go home and make the perfect pot roast. My Mom is probably not the best example. But plain and simple, it WAS simple.

I have the gunsmithing skills of Barney Fife and I could do it. The hardest part was removing the OLD stock  As a direct replacement for an A1 or A2 fixed stock, you simply loosen a couple of screws on the Magpul and slide it over the existing buffer housing, pop off the rubber recoil pad to put the screw back into the end of the buffer housing and there you are!
However, if you are fitting to a carbine with a collapsible stock, it  will require a rifle-length receiver extension tube, rifle buffer and spring (not included). If your weapon has a short, 6 position style butt stock currently installed there's a DPMS buffer extension kit  that's priced pretty good as it is available with 3 parts including an extra buffer spring (buying separately can add up). Check around, Midway, others, for pricing and options. There's contact info at the Magpul website  (www.magpul.com) as well,i f you have questions as to what will work before you spend any money.

Adjustments -  The adjustments are machined aluminum a knobs with positive-locking click detents so they stay where you wanted them to under recoil as well as allow tool free adjustments by simply rotating the knobs. In my early days of small plane flying there was one manufacturer that replaced their airplane engine control knobs with these brightly colored plastic knobs. We'd say "Acme Aircraft, now with deluxe C.P.S." (cheap plastic S&#t). When one of those broke off in my hand at full throttle, I was less than impressed.  So  I'm NOT a big fan of cheap plastic anything when it comes to something that may or may not keep my alive.
The black, hardened, solid steel adjustment shafts of the PRS are finished with a ferritic nitrocarburizing process.  In layman's terms, they're strong and even better, they stay where you put them, the cheek riser clearing the charging handle even when fully extended.  But they are still very easy to reset for another shooter without The Incredible Hulk hand strength.

The rubber butt pad offers a good firm feel and placement, not uncomfortable in the slightest. But it is  still secure enough prevent slippage for optimum accuracy even with modular gear or body armor (though do pay attention to wearing white body armor after Labor day, a fashion faux pas).
Optional Accessories - include the PRS Extended Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.80". 

I'm sorry, but I can't read "Butt Padd" without thinking of those Frederick's of Hollywood ads which were in the women's magazines when I was a kid,  which is just wrong.
So, if you're worried about pancake butt on your AR you can get that optional PRS Extended Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.80" which adds  0.50 in. LOP and 0.07 lb. vs. standard pad. (Note: Butt-pads are only for use with PRS AR15/M16 and PRS AR10/SR25 models.)  Either will give you a very stable platform.

There's also Front/Rear - 1.25" aluminum sling loops (left-right reversible).  For myself, I think I'd just add a good quality monopad to the provided bottom Picatinny-type rail to it.  Whatever you do, you're going to see some good off the bench groupings.
So, if you are looking for a precise piece of machinery, something for the right sight picture for your AR style firearms with optics, go check out the PRS stock, it's just what the doctor ordered, especially in .223.

Specifications (from Magpul. NOT the Home on the Range W.A.G. Testing Laboratory)
  • PRS AR15/M16 Stock
    • Weight: 1.68 lb.
    • Weight, w/rifle receiver extension: 1.90 lb.
    • Length, Max: 10.45-11.45"
    • LOP Adjustment: ~39 Clicks (0.026"/click)
    • LOP Adjustment Range: 1.00"
    • LOP, Min: ~13.3"
    • LOP, Max: ~14.3"
    • Cheek Height Adjustment: ~29 Clicks (0.026"/click)
    • Cheek Height Adjustment Range: 0.75" 


  1. Gotta love scrolling down as you read, and see 'rubber butt pad', and chortle a little, only to see Brigid make the joke in the next paragraph!

    A woman with the ability to choose the proper equipment AND make an improper joke!

    I'm so inept at AR15 stock choice, that my first AR15 had a collapsible stock, a broken one.


  2. Thanks for this review... I've been thinking about bettering my cheek position and weld for varmint hunting with our AR's...

    Dann in Ohio

  3. The important question is whether or not you can get it with Hello Kitty.


    BTW, Nerf has a iPhone mount similar to Intelliscope's AR15 accessory coming for their N-Strike line this fall.

  4. I have the G3 version of the PRS stock and I have to agree with everything Brigid said in her review. This is a quality piece of gear, and it really does help you perfect cheekweld and LOP.

    That said, I do want to emphasize the one drawback of the stock: this sucker is HEAVY. It totally throws off the balance of even a full sized battle rifle like my PTR. I can only imagine what it's like on an M4 style AR. I only use mine for when I'm going to be shooting from a supported position of some sort. Thankfully, the HK system makes it easy to change stocks by popping out a pair of pins. If I had one on an AR, it would either have to be a dedicated precision rifle, or have a separate lower with a more conventional stock.

  5. love your view on life, living, and all things in between. hope all got the "vera" connection.

  6. armedlaughing - as long as you, my brothers and my Dad, can laugh at this, life is good. Thanks for the note and I'll talk to you this weekend.

    Dann - I've only loaned Vera out to one person. A team member has a daughter who wanted to shoot an "evil black gun". She's dynomite with a shotgun, incredibly good. We took her out in the back 40 and she had SUCH fun with it.

    Roscoe - hello kitty. . heh!

    Blackeagle - thank you. Coming from you that is a true compliment.

    richard ladner - thank you Sir, and welcome!

    Old NFO - well, you started it, finding me that cheaper EOTech to get me started. It's a nice firearm, one that I will leave to my daughter some day.

  7. If I had a 20" AR, I would certainly get one of these, though the weight penalty might discourage me some. Magpul is good kit.

  8. Thanks. I've been workingon a new lower for a rifle length AR, and this is going on the list.

  9. I was wanting to buy magpul equipment. How would you rate it? I have heard good things.

  10. I installed the beefy AR-10 PRS on my Armalite carbine and it helped, not hurt, the overall balance. Love the solid feel; can't wait to take it out this weekend. 5 stars.



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