Saturday, July 13, 2013

Barkley Birthday Blow Out

It's Saturday!  After some much needed sleep, it starts with "this complete breakfast".

Caffiene and Carbs.

Namely in the form of the World's Fluffiest Pancakes.
Then to the days adventures.

You know how you see those "free sofas" on Craigslist, and they are either junk or a biohazard.  This one wasn't.  Sure the fabric is ugly,  but fabric is easy.  It's an $1800 Basset Grove Park Mission sofa bed.  The bed part will be removed and replaced with storage, then some black canvas and re-covering the cushions (which, other than the Saturday Night Fever print fabric, are in good condition) and with a polish up the wood it will be done.  It will go nice with some Mission chairs recently recovered in black "pleather".
All for the cost of a case of beer.

But until then, there's other things to do. First some laundry and organizing downstairs.

And a little tidying up from breakfast.  

But I  didn't get any pancakes.
How about I make some zucchini bar cookies with cream cheese frosting and a pitcher of iced tea. Some friends may come by to see you for your birthday.
That's right, no sweets for you,  but I DO have a surprise for you. it's time to unload your birthday present. You had a bigger inflatable pool last year, but your eating the edges of it  like a bagel didn't turn out so well.  We'll see how this one holds up.

 See, it's just water from the hose.
Nothing to be afraid of.

Mom, it's the world's biggest water bowl!  Where's the food bowl that goes with it?
This is the shallow end, right?
Look!  Someone threw your ball in the water!
 Operation Ivy Balls.
OK, once more.
 It was the best birthday ever!
It gets better Barkley,  There's some of your favorite "people" here to visit this weekend. . .


 And burgers to grill!
The burgers- 1 and 1/2 pound ground choice (you want a little fat to help hold these burgers together), 1/4 cup Heinz chili sauce, 1/2 tsp minced garlic plus a few small pieces of chopped roast garlic, a few shakes of black pepper, 1/4 cup beer (I used Guinness), slightly less than 1/4 cup Knorr French Onion Soup Dry Mix (about half a packet)  and 1 generous CAPful of Scoville Brothers Hot Sauce (Singing Smoke variety). Mix and grill, basting with remaining beer as they cook.

Hey, where did the birthday boy go?
Is my new sofa done yet?


  1. I want a pool like that for my birthday.

  2. i am sooo jealous of Barkley's pool...all i have is a 100yr old ugly green tub! Barkley's pool is awesome. pure awesomeness!

    your friend,

  3. Barkley has the Best. Mom. Ever.

  4. What a great birthday bash! Penny and Erik have to share a pool just like that and Barkley gets one all to himself! Lucky guy! :) At least I've been able to convince them to stay out of the goldfish pond.

  5. That recipe sounds GREAT! I found a vintage one that I love, you know the one with oatmeal and tomato paste....

    Something about those dry ingredients sucking up the fat makes it all the better. Throw in a little tomato (or pepper) based liquid, and it's like perfection on a bun. Must be some chemistry there that I don't understand.

    I hope the birthday boy got one!

    --Matt R.

  6. What a perfect gift for such a lovely boy ! Some people can follow celebrities on the television or the internet. I'll just continue to be a Barkley fan ! Happy Birthday Barkley !

  7. Cute pics.

    And the burgers look great, too. :-)

  8. What Borepatch said. Plus: Happy Birthday Barkley!!

  9. Happy Birthday to Barkley. Those burgers do look good.

    In pic 3, is there something special about the base of the surface gauge on the right?

  10. Happy Birthday, Barkley. While you're lounging in your new pool, could you please ask your Mom to take some photos and do a "how to" post on converting that sofa bed into storage? It sounds like a terrific idea.

  11. Will you please convey to Barkley my kindest belated wishes of a Happy Birthday?

  12. MSgtB - you would likely have as much fun.

    kymber - it was in the window of a local "ma and pa" hardware store. I had to get it for him

    Borepatch - thanks. I will talk to you soon.

    Lois - it was a fun day!

    Rogue aviation - They turned out really good. With based potatoes started in the microwave, then briefly wrapped and roasted on the grill with corn, it was a good meal.

    JaneofVirginia - a couple people have said "most famous lab on the internet" and he just wags his tail.

    JR - you'd have enjoyed the day, you're always welcome here, if you are up this way.

    RabidAlien - best wishes to you as well.

    Basinah Corvus - thanks!

    Eric - it has a magnetic base with a steel plate underneath to maintain the magnetic field (as permanent magnets can weaken over time).

  13. Those pancakes looked wonderful!

    But.....where was the bacon?


  14. idahobob - I'd not been back in a while due to foot injury and schedule, so other than the staples, there wasn't much meat on hand. That was rectified over the weekend.

  15. All I can do is repeat the comments: Borepatch, Basinah Corvus, and J.R.Shirley.

  16. Very cool, Brigid! He is a good dog and you are a good dog person.

  17. Hahaha...dunno why I'm laffing, as our satellite server's been down since the weekend and I MISSED THE PARTY! Great shots of Barkley and his pool.

  18. Mathew - Sunday there was another gathering, a bunch of the Northern Indiana gun bloggers and a whole cow's worth of carne asada to celebrate my foot getting out of the frankenshoe for the fracture.

    And yes, frankenshoe's make nifty pinatas if enough alcohol is involved.


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