Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Home Security on a Budget

Sure those home security signs are a deterrent, but a home security system is expensive.

Noticing there's a spike in residential burglaries? Planning on being out for the day?  There's the budget minded HOTR Home Security System. 

You just need some very large men's boots, giant dog bowls, some big bones or chews, some gun magazines. .

and maybe a sign.


  1. Hahaha. The "blood" stains are the perfect touch.

  2. rawhide chewies need to be half-gnawed, and there should be old beef bones in the dogs' food-bowl. THAT would say, to me, BIG DOGS INSIDE!

  3. Ok, I am so stealing that for my intro presentation to new clients!!

  4. That is the funniest thing I have read this year!
    Very workable too.

  5. All it needs is some torn bandage wrappers and couple sets of blood-stained blue gloves.

  6. the Sheriff's deputies and ups and fedex and usps guyz have SEEN our dogs...
    Our house is known throughout the entire county as 'the house with the BIG dogs'
    we've got three... Bristow Bear, Kona Honey Bear and Moose. Bristow and Moose are Bernese Mountain dogs 125 and 120lbs(just a little smaller than a St Bernard) and Kona is the light weight at 105 lbs and she's a Husky / Lab Mix. She looks like a wolf, and has scared several people just passing her car. Bristow's bones (ya know the ones that are 30 inches long) have chased away several salespeople on more than a few occasions.

    Rich in NC

  7. You're funny, Brigid! For me, the Yellow-eyed Hound of Renown tends to drive off most door-knockers. Charlie was better at it though. He'd hit the front door at 20mph & 85# of frothing-at-the-mouth toothy Ridgeback!

    I love the bloody door note though!

  8. Artfully done. The blood stains were a nice touch. I shall have to remember that.


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