Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dragon Leatherworks - the Store!


Many of you remember the review of my Dragon Leatherworks holster (pictured above, taken in the light box the night it arrived). Many months later, it looks just as good, made with a craftsmanship that has been lost through time for many things, but not this piece of leather. When the pictures were taken it was brand new, the leather just waiting to conform to the carry piece.  It fits like a glove now, conforms to the body, and is easy to draw from.  I'd definitely buy another one if I purchase another carry piece, not because Dennis is a good friend, but because it's the most beautiful, well made, functional holster I've owned.

The Dragon Leatherworks business has grown, to the point where Dennis is not only crafting and showing holsters, gunbelts and leather gear (including the beautiful leather gothic box that Abby owns on NCIS) but is opening a full on gun store, with full service on firearms, (including transfers) sales, consignmets and trades.  He also plans on carring pocketknives (and not those cheap mall ninja ones) as well as an assortment of safety accessories and targets for shooters.

Dennis is an incredible craftsman and his wife  is incredibly savvy at marketing, so I know it will be a success. He continues to make great carry holsters including this one below  he donated to the raffle to raise money for blogger Squeeky's surgery.  It's one of MANY really really cool, crafted and handcrafted items others have donated to help spur raffle sales.

A donation of $10 and up gives you a chance to win this Viper holster and a $5 donation allows you to pick from a number of other really great items.  Go take a peek. Jennifer  has organized the whole raffle and has all the info! (and more of her photos of ALL the great items donated). 

As far as the Dragon Leatherworks store goes, an exact start up date will be posted soon, hopefully VERY soon, the last of the paperwork and inspections being completed this week. So, mark down the address, and check the Dragon Leatherworks website  above for the opening day.

The location is:

Dragon Leatherworks
1956-B Oak Ridge Turnpike
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
1-865-483-7100 during business hours, 1-865-240-1625 after hours.

Once they  are officially open, the store hours will be:
3PM - 8PM Tues/Wed/Thurs
3PM - 9PM Fri
10AM - 8PM Sat
Noon - 5PM Sun
Closed Mondays

Wow, open on Sunday afternoon. I live in a state where you can't even buy a CAR on Sunday.  Or drink. (Heaven forbid you get all liquored up on Mai Tai's and go buy a Chevy Volt).

For those that don't live within driving distance, their online website and ordering system will remain for the hand made customer holster and gunbelt offerings, eventually tying into their in store inventory so out of state customers can find all that they need and have it shipped. 

So mark your calender for a trip to Oak Ridge when the store opens.  You may come home with more than some miles on the vehicle and a good memory.


  1. Trying to picture a drunk driving a Chevy Volt...there that image cleared, whew.

    Dennis's holsters remind me of the fine craftsmanship of those two late greats, Lou Alessi and Milt Sparks, whose products fill a file drawer in my office, and one or two of which I wear with unblinking confidence whenever venturing into uncertain terrain - which, to my regret, is not as frequent these days as once it was. I wish Dragon Leatherworks much success.

  2. Mathew - Thank you. I sent your comment to Dennis's home email in case he is unaware this post is up. It will mean a lot to him, coming from an artist like you.

  3. Thanks for the e-mail, Brigid! I was getting ready to call it a night rather early, and wouldn't have seen the post until tomorrow sometime...

    Mathew...thank you. I am humbled beyond words to be mentioned in the same company as Alessi and Sparks, as they are the pinnacle of the mountain, and I'm still well shy (in my own opinion) of the base camp on that particular climbing face.

    Its words like yours that provide the push to keep moving forward. Its never money or fame...its that another human being sees value in, and appreciates, the craft.



  4. Where I live, they won't let you buy alcoholic beverages until after noon on Sunday. Stores have to actually rope off that section.

    Remember, friends don't let friends pray drunk!

    Don't be so jealous of Tennessee, though. Oak Ridge is thankfully not in one of them, but they still have nine or ten "dry counties" and allow municipalities to choose to be dry (or wet) regardless of the preferences of the surrounding county. The home of the Jack Daniels distillery is famously one of their dry counties.

    On the other hand, if you like stock-car racing, you owe a lot to the South's fractal patchwork of liquor laws (and to the older reflexive distaste for the tax man), at least if their origin myth has any reality behind it. Even if you'd rather have a shot of bourbon than go anywhere near a car race, a tip of the hat toward the charcoal-aging side of the Mason-Dixon Line is still in order.


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