Sunday, June 16, 2013

Adventure is spelled with a "B"

I stayed in the Indy area on my days off, as driving up to the Range would have been too far for Peter and his wife Miss D. who wished to visit from down south, something they'd not done in a while as Peter has been  pretty busy with his first novel, recently published.

As I sit here and write, Barkley getting a snooze in, I think how quickly the last three days went by.  I think perhaps there is something in bacon that effects the space time continuum, or perhaps it was the good company.

There was certainly plenty of both over the course of a few days

BLT's with candied bacon and Basil Aoili (From Black Swan Brewpub near I70 and Highway 267)
Bacon Waffles with Sriracha Maple Syrup (recipe in comments)  a HOTR Breakfast for Dinner favorite
Then there were Bikes.

Tam's trusty stead
And another potentially famous bike, if only for one of those "guy who fell down the mountain on skis Wide World of Sports" moments. (Yes, thank you, the first aid kit next to the bikes IS a good idea.
Then there was Barkley. . .
with a Big Ball.
It was little surprise from Big Box Mart.  He went into modified point with it. I knew it wouldn't last long, but for a $2, Miss D. and I  just considered it "cover charge" as we watched.

He tried to first hump it (get your blurry dog photos here!) but as it rolled that didn't work out so well, think less love scene in Romeo and Juliet and more bears mating on roller skates.

Then he tried to bite it. That also wasn't working so well, the jaws, just NOT big enough.
Miss D. and I watched from the tailgate of my truck safety of the jeep, with a glass of mead.
It was only a matter of time.
Is there another one?
Of course, there's Bandages, when one has lathes and labs there's going to be bandages.

Then there were Brewpubs.

Twenty Tap with Tam and Roberta.

Topics included Bats at the Indianapolis Zoo and Batman, an actual Batmobile having been spoted in I-70 by yours truly a few days prior.

Me.  "I waved, he waved.  But he didn't signal when he was changing lanes." (Seriously, I about ZAP! POW! BAM!'d his back bumper when he suddenly cut in front of  me.)

Roberta X: "The Bat Signal is only for use in emergencies."

Miss D: "People signal Batman; Batman doesn't signal people."

There was much laughter, some beer and some iced tea and many tales of adventure.
Then, it was back to Barkley for supper and some later conversation with Zercool, who missed dinner with us due to traffic from construction and a major fire in Indy. Fortunately he had time for a little plate of home cooking (which included roast sweet potato with cinnamon pear balsamic glaze) and some visiting before he continued his trip West in the morning.
He had his dog with him,  a cute hound-mix female. Barkley hasn't been around a girl dog much, so he was the equivalent of the High School Geek with WAYYY too much Testosterone (Wow! She doesn't roll!) With great enthusiasm but no finesse whatsoever, he sniffed and pestered, showed off and further pestered and she finally gently but firmly growled at him to just go away. Not understanding the "no", he was put in the other room behind the baby gate where he just looked at us from behind the bars with a "don't I at least get a conjugal visit?"

The dogs finally curled up and sleeping, we talked, a Scotch was poured and it was time for sleep

It's Sunday - another breakfast. . .
and Books.  There's always some great finds at Half Priced Books.
Plus, you can learn all KINDS of things at the Bookstore.

Or just needle someone.
I realized as we got back to my place and everyone packed up  to get on the road, how Blessed I am.

Three out of the last four weekends, I've had friends, people I've met on the Internet, people who are now family to me, visit my home, to laugh, to share, to toast, to share my table.

Even if the table just has on it the remains of a game of Mexican Train Titanic Dominoes.