Friday, June 28, 2013

Storm Troopin'

The  little blue frankenshoe was changed out for the big structured "boot", the metatarsal being fractured.  It didn't show up with the initial X ray, not until they did weight bearing X Ray, after the swelling and pain just got worse after I put some necessary miles on it this week.

On the plus side, the infection is about gone, the clot history.  The fracture, a simple stress one, will heal in a few weeks (if I limit my travel and activity).  But all I could think of was I am going to look like a Stormtrooper if the doc makes me wear the  big boot.

Maybe  I should just get targets of  Luke and Han, take them to the  gun range and complain bitterly about never being able to hit them.

All is well,  just another evening at



  1. Oh, I'm so sorry! Get better soon!

  2. Hang in there... you'll be dancing in no time at all...

    Dann in Ohio

  3. Barkley's look says it all. Get better soon!

  4. But, if you wear THE REALLY BIG SHOE, you and I could be kindred spirits?

    Seriously, do whatever the docs say,
    or Barkley will bite you!
    (okay, eat more socks underwear!)


  5. Glad to hear the infection and clots are under control. Hope for a quick on the foot. Hate being laid up in the summer time.

  6. Barkley's got that "what did you do" look.

  7. A quick note before sleep.

    Thanks for the well wishes.

    I'm staying in INDY this weekend, on my days off, not driving home, to give it a rest (but it's not my gas pedal foot!) I put a lot of miles on it and I was supposed to take it easy but it was necessary.

    Tam's going to hang out for a bit and Scout 26 and his son are going to walk Barkley for me as Partner is overseas and walking the pooch with this thing on and his usual energy would be like Moby Dick's "Nantucket sleighride".

    So it will be a good weekend, fo0t and all.

  8. Ouch! That's just adding insult to injury there, Brigid! Hope the clot/infection go away fully, soon, and that your foot heals more quickly than mine did in college. At one point back then I had plantar fascitis in one foot, and a stress fracture in the other...Made trying to walk in the mornings "interesting"!

  9. The good thing is that the thing that can kill you is gone, the rest is, well, an inconvenience. Regardless, heal fast.

  10. Having bad pins sucks so bad. Bad knee..overcompensate and fold ankle. Rinse and repeat. Where the heck is my robotic personal
    palanquin? And my jetpack.

  11. Get better soon and stay off the foot. :)

  12. Dennis

    Get better soon and stay off the foot. :)

  13. Good to hear the bad stuff is gone, and you're just stuck with "annoying" now!

    Oh, and when you go to the range, be sure to wear shiny white armor who's only purpose is to attract laser bolts and channel them into the torso of the wearer. You're not a TRUE stormtrooper until you're sporting shiny white armor!

  14. Ouch.

    Although it would be funny if you could get a boot with hobnails ...

  15. Poor Barkley's wondering when you'll be able to take him for a walk. Hope it's sooner rather than later. Get better.

  16. Monkeywrangler - I won't complain, just being sidelined by one foot. There was an article in the news a week or so ago about boomers going out and injuring themselves now, ending up in the ER, acting like they're 20. Like THAT ever happens. :-)

    Capt Schmoe - you stay safe with the extra heat and the fires that might generate.

    mikelaforge - And the Wonder Woman Invisible Airplane is down for an annual.

    Dennis - thanks. I have a hard time sitting still. . but I'll try.

    RabidAlien - I thought white was only required at Stormtrooper weddings, but I'll keep that in mind. :-)

    Borepatch - The Doc was all out of steampunk orthos.

    joated - a couple friends will come by and walk him (an offer of homemade pasta always helps lure them in). Fortunately he's 10 so he's good with a just short outing each day.

    OldAFSarge - I know that look, "I can't take you ANYWHERE".

  17. If you get two of those boots, paint them black, and buy a set of those Disney Mickey Mouse ears...

    Just a thought, and you could explore the boundaries of work's dress code WITH a doctor's note.

    Get well soon, eh?

  18. Murphys Law - If these were any wider, I should be doing a Donald Duck impression.

  19. Brigid,

    Please take good care. That sounds like a heck of an injury, an infection, a clot, and a stress fracture. Cook something ! Barkley will understand.

  20. Oh no! Take care and go easy on it.


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