Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Driving Mr. Barkley - The Morning Commute

Madam - I'll just wait here until you bring the car around

My weekly commute is about 3 and a half hours each way with good traffic.  I don't do it daily, obviously, having a small, tidy rental near work.  Typically, Barkley makes the trip with me, hanging out at the crash pad while I work, with a gal friend who sleeps over if I get called out overnight.

Other than an occasional nudge of a nose for a pat, and a break for potty, water and treats every hour or so, he's really quiet in the back seat of the Bat Truck.  He has a harness that buckles into the seat belt and attaches above his shoulders, so he can't go flying into the front in an accident.  He can move around, to stretch out across the whole bench to sleep if he wants, but he prefers to sit like a "people" with his butt on the seat and his front legs on the floor.

Some days we leave at 4 a.m., just enough time to feed him and let him out and get a quick shower as I'll be hitting the ground running as soon as I drop him off.  Yesterday,  I got to leave after it was light out and traffic had thinned as I didn't go on duty til very early the next morning.

The sun peaked in and out of the clouds and traffic was quiet.  So I took the point and shoot and held it up and snapped him every so often.  I couldn't see him, not taking my eyes off the road or the other hand off the wheel, so it wasn't until I got home that I got to see them.

Barkley - Diary of a Commute
I'm in the truck with Mom!  I'm in the truck with Mom! I'm in the truck with Mom!
Ninety Nine Boxes of Treats on the Wall, Ninety Nine Boxes of Treats. . .
Can't you change the channel?  It's the "Corn and Cow Show" again and I've seen this episode.
Does she even notice I'm back here, It's been like a YEAR since I got a treat.
Where did he go?
I am SOOOO bored. 
Mom - I think I'm getting car sick.  Can we stop again.  Perhaps at a burger place? 
So glad we've arrived so I can do something more exciting!


  1. LOL! I laughed all the way through this. This is exactly how a Lab's brain works!

  2. OMGosh, too funny! almost as good as a truck load of grandkids!!

  3. How do you like the weekly commute with a weekend place out in the country as a living arrangement? I'm considering the possibility of something along those lines.

  4. LOLOLOL! Go Barkley! Go Barkley! Such a nice dog. Murphy should ride half as nicely.

  5. Blackeagle - that was the plan but the time and care of my Dad is such I won't have the time for a country home upkeep for a few more years. I'm in a small village that's quiet and safe and close to friends and family both. But the house is set back from a small road and it's quiet with a lot of trees. It's home and I like it.

  6. Sherry - I've loved the pictures of Morgan the lab!

  7. LOL, Barkley manages to be cool even when he's bored. He's a travelin' dawg.

  8. Pappy - well thank you!

    Bob - he is nice company on the drive, that's for sure. Dad out in your neck of the woods, had my cousin Liz visit with her two dogs over Thanksgiving and he so enjoyed it. He misses having a pooch around, but after losing his last one, decided not to do it again.

    Murphys Law - thank you for naming Belle, well "Belle". It fits her and I was honored you liked my suggested name. And I am SO thankful you were willing to step up to the not small vet bills to bring a medically neglected and malnurished little pile of furry affection a good home. FOLKS GO OVER TO MURPHY'S LAW AND SEE THE BEAUTIFUL NEW FEMALE GERMAN SHEPHERD! :-)

    Nature girl - he does well, if he needs a good run we stop on the way at a friends business that's close to the freeway and he gets a bit of a play time.

  9. LOL! Barkley and I pretty much act the same if I'm in the back seat!

  10. Ilsa used to ride in the passenger seat, nose pressed firmly against the window seam, INHAILING LOUDLY as if snorting cocaine (!) the outside air.
    (If the window were open, she'd jump out!)
    This would go on for about an hour, then she'd curl up and go to sleep for the remainder of the trip...


  11. How old is Sir Barkley now, 11?
    Getting grey on the muzzle...like the guy in the mirror.

  12. Brigid, does he text you when it's time for that stop too? :)

    Murphy's Law, Belle is beautiful, love her coloring. How old is she? And will she get the usual G-Shepherd tall/big because she looks like there's another mix in there? Sounds like she had a rough start, but she's ok now she found her forever home.

  13. Skip - he will be 11 next summer. Although he sleeps a lot more now, the vet says he's in great shape.

  14. I love to hear the adventures of Barkley. He looks terrific.

  15. Such a gentleman! He rides better in your truck than my two do in my van. Cody keeps trying to climb into the middle seats with the kids, and Shiloh runs from side to side in back, periscoping her nose out the side vent windows--all this while tied into the back by their leashes and chest harnesses.


  16. Heh... GOOD one! With Rex, I used to have to spend 10 minutes wiping his nose prints off the window!

  17. Had me laughing so loud that all four of our dogs crowded into my office to see what the fun was :D

  18. Ever seen http://www.gungoddess.com/ ? I stumbled across it while looking for something completely different.

  19. Such a handsome boy. There's just something about a Lab with that touch of frost on their muzzle. Always makes me smile.

  20. Howdy from a fellow shooter and deer hunter in the State of Kansas! (Hutchinson as a matter of fact) Enjoyed this post and all the others. Shoot straight and keep cookin!

  21. Alelxandra - his Dad was a national grand field champion, he's of good stock and he's well loved and cared for, which means even more.

    Monkeywrangler - the harness keeps him pretty secure. Out of it he'd be like those astronauts in Zero Gravity but at warp speed.

    Old NFO - enjoy your evening!

    Ron F - cool! Thanks for the link!

    Six - he is fine dog all the way around. Thanks for visiting.

    Coopman - welcome! Shoot Straight and keep cookin. That I can do!

  22. A finer traveling companion cannot be found.

    My hounds either want to cuddle or want to drive. Only two dogs I've ever had who hated the car.


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