Saturday, July 19, 2014

Abby Acquisitions

I had a chance to fly home for one night this last week, to get some sleep and fresh clothes, the upcoming schedule sort of in limbo.  Before my flight, I had a good breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage and an orange at the hotel,  but figured I'd best get a snack to take on the plane, as low blood sugar and long flights don't mix.  So I picked up some beef jerky.  Most airport beef jerky is pretty lousy (being made up of diced and smoked unclaimed luggage), but this stuff was quite good and after a  little nibble mid-flight, I tucked it into my soft-sided briefcase.

I have to say though, it was good to come home to a house with lights on, and someone waiting for me. Before I got Barkley I remember too well, the years of coming home to an empty house, something I'd just grown used to.  It was as if loneliness were a callous and complete condition of living which seems forever fixed, only to melt before a pair of brown eyes and a wagging tail, that capricious and faithful spirit that forever waits.

I had gotten spoiled before this last assignment though.  I've only had to take one overnight  trip since we got Abby, Partner watching her at home while I was gone.  But I DID bring her a new toy when I returned that time.
This time, there was more than one night away and no toy, just one tired dog Mom, even though Abby snooted my bag as if expecting something to come out of it.

No one was up late. Abby collecting her beloved stuffed toys and one by one carrying them to her bed in my office, while she then sleeps on the futon from which she can look down the hallway to where the bedroom is.
Early the next morning, not long after dawn, I wake to an unusual noise. I can sleep through trains all night long, but if there is a sound in the house that isn't normal, I'm awake in a nanosecond. The sound was odd, there in the dim stillness of the house, almost as if Abby was eating something. It wasn't Abby crunching on a piece of kibble left in her bowl.  It almost had a plastic sound. Then it stopped.  Partner got up to investigate.  I heard a laugh and was told to come look.
She'd snagged the puffy bag of beef jerky out of my briefcase.  She didn't try and gnaw it open, thinking perhaps it was just a really tasty smelling toy.
I was just keeping your bed warm until you came back.  
Thanks for the new toy Mom.  It didn't squeak at all but it smells like cow!

I thought, as I put water on to boil for tea, that my time at home may sometimes be short, but it is never boring.


  1. Looks like she's fitting right in there. Wonderful. :-)

  2. Then there were the rules of acquisition, star trek critters what ever they were..... Abby been watching the old re runs? heh

  3. Maybe Abby is right. Maybe those were really dog treats !

  4. Wow! What a good girl! Around here, that package of jerky wouldn't stand a snowball's chance...If they could smell it, I think one of our three hounds would eat it! (and that doesn't count the Monkeys either!)

  5. LOL, you're lucky she didn't eat THROUGH the backpack AND the bag...

  6. Didn't you know, stolen people food makes for the best dog treats.

    Cute new toy. I was looking through the Doctor Who items on the Barnes and Noble online catalog the other day and ran across an adipose stress relief squishy thing. My first thought was, if they only put a squeaker in it, that would be the perfect dog toy for the avid Dr. Who fan.

  7. We've a cat box here.
    Dogs shouldn't eat POOH, although I do wonder why dog treats aren''t made to smell and taste like kitty roca...


  8. LOL, well she IS a retriever, after all. And gently managed to retrieve, good girl Abby :)

  9. I thought you were going to say she ate through your luggage. Good dog! I am back writing on my weight loss blog. I did not see your comment until today. Thanks.

  10. Smart dog you've got there! ;-)

  11. Good going Abby. She was awfully nice about the jerky. Wee Willie would have jerky breath.

  12. Murphy's Law - she is indeed. We were both gone a couple of nights and she stayed with her daily dog walker at her house where she has had play dates with S's dog in their big fenced yard just a few blocks from the Range. She had SUCH a good time there, and from the photos I got via phone, was very happy. But she was also very happy when Partner got back first and picked her up.

    john bord - Oh yes, "never sleep with the bosses sister" I think was one of them.

    Sherry - Hope you and your furry best friend Morgan are fine.

    Jane - Anything that smells like cow is a dog treat to Abby :-)

    Monkeywrangler - There's a big glass pickle jar in the kitchen full of dog treats. She hones in on that immediately after her walks.

    Old NFO - Barkley would have eaten it and then sold the remains on Craigslist.

    Mrs. S - indeed.

    armedlaughing - she did nibble the end of Poohs nose off, so now he sort of looks like Michael Jackson after too much plastic surgery, but she still carries it around everywhere.

    naturegirl - she DOES like to play fetch and will gently give up the toy so I can throw it again. Barkley never quite got the "give it up" part and fetch usually meant "throw it once, then I'll just go carry it off somewhere". I do so miss him.

    Linda - welcome back and I'l stop in to say hello!

  13. Ha! Such a sweetie. Let me know when you'll be around and I'll see about getting you some Robertson's beef jerky.


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