Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Get it in Gear - E-Postal Shooting Match Results Are In!

The e-Postal results are in!  Partner definitely had fun with that target and from the looks of the entries, it seems our shooters had a really good time as well.

With  24-hour on call for work  a lot lately and the fire clean up at Dad's house, I didn't get to the range at all in the last two months but had fun looking at the entries. Still, I hated not to get out and play with the household  Xanthinum series Hypersonic Vetterli conversion (even if it meant dipping into the household cache of rimfire.41 Xanthinum rounds)
Partner did the judging last night as I cleaned up from supper, with extra points, as promised, given for unusual firearms.
We were sorry to hear of the aborted range mission that our friend Zercool had in his plans to shoot the target, but glad so many of you did participate. There was a nice range of scores due to the variances of weaponry but it did prove to be difficult to break 70 (which was at least partly by Partner's nefarious design) and we had a couple of people send photos for those extra points for the unusual. .

Class 1:
Name Firearm Score
Billl Ruger Mk I 73
T McAllister Ruger Mk II 73
Kim Ruger Single 10 65
Pat B S&W 617 63
Bill K Ruger 22/45 62
RB Ruger 22/45 60
Merle Ruger Single 6  57
Mac Remington Target Master 48
Chester Marlin 39 century 49
GROG S&W 22a 39

We had a tie for first on this one and some pretty high scores.  It did become pretty apparent though that using a .22 was a pretty risky proposition unless you were always aiming dead center.   Several rounds slipped between the teeth!

Class 2:
Merle Enfield No 2 67
Mike B S&W M&P 63
Pat B Detective Spl  61
Bill K Glock 17 61
Chester XDM 36

Merle takes first in this class.  His target was a actually a 42 but Partner gave him a hefty bonus for shooting with his break top Enfield No 2 and sending in a pic.   I agree!
Bill K shot the target with his every day carry Glock 17 which was neat to see, the regular carry piece in e-Postal action!  Thank you Bill K!

Class 3:
Mr B Ruger 10-22 70
RB Ruger 10-22 67
Mr. B Browning Buckmark 65
True Blue Sam Ruger Mk III 55
Marty F 56
Billl Marlin ? 54
Paula Savage 64 54
Pattie Ann Ruger Mk III 53
Merle TC Contender 47
Mrs TBS Ruger Mk III 37
Mr. B takes top  honors in this class!  Again, plenty of .22s slipped through the teeth here!  Marty F - we couldn't quite read the name of your firearm on the printed target, so please add it to the comments if you see this.

Class 4:

Billl Hi Point 77
Merle TC Contender 44

There were only two entries in this class but Bill comes in with the top scoring target (sans bonus points) and he does it with a HiPoint 4095 carbine.  That's some fine shooting, right there! Bill, Slap some gears on it and you would have won the whole darn shooting match.

However that title goes to Nancy from Excels at Nothing who shot an open class target with a reproduction Brown Bess.  That just has cake and win written all over it.
Partner figured she scored about a 70 on the target itself but it's hard to tell because after firing a .765" ball at it 10 times there's not much target left!  Anyhow using a smoothbore musket earns her a substantial number of points and puts her at top dog in this month's match.

We hope everyone enjoyed shooting this month's e-postal.  For next months devilish target, pay a visit  to Bill's Idle Mind and check out July's match.


  1. And just proves Nancy KNOWS how to shoot that monster! :-)

  2. I concur! Nancy can run those things. I just sit in the corner watching her shoot those things =)

  3. A friend who was instrumental in getting me to start shooting my Bess commented on that target, saying most people can't get a grouping like that with the pyrotechnics going off 6" from their face. I said I *liked* the pyrotechnics. If I just wanted to fire something big and heavy that kicked, I'd get a Mosin Nagant.

  4. Great shooting, all!

    Thanks to Brigid and Partner for running this...

    I'll have to try for July's match. Maybe I can find an idiot-free afternoon at the range.

  5. Old NFO - I bet that would have been something to watch.

    Mathew - I'm sorry I missed out on this one, range time has been seriously scarce this last year, but these are fun.

    Keads - A fun day indeed, that would have been.

    Nancy R - congratulations again!

    ZerCool - you're welcome. Hope you can join everyone in July.

  6. Oh! I see Himself did just fine! He had so much fun and was sooo serious about it, not wanting to shoot badly.

    And I was able to finally get some practice in, too, so it was a win-win! Off to see the July option...

  7. Laura B - I saw he was shooting it and tried to leave a comment, but it didn't work (for some reason with Chrome it doesn't let me comment on some blog templates).

    I'm so glad for the fun had as well as getting a note from you.


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