Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All I Have to Say

There's a lot on the news and the blogosphere these last few months on firearms and violent deaths. First, the tragic shooting of students in a gun free zone.  More news certainly, about a young man with drugs in his system shot by a neighborhood watch member he'd assaulted for reasons that will come out in court.  I won't comment on either, as it's not appropriate for me to do for many reasons. But I do wish to say something.

Any violent death is a tragedy. Those deaths, the young mother in my former home town who was beaten to death with a claw hammer in a quiet subsivision..  The woman asleep in her apartment in central Indianapolis who was raped and strangled.  The young man who, with the words "prepare to die", purposely turned his car the wrong direction into oncoming traffic, killing all but one of his classmates. The woman who drowned her kids so she could keep the attention of a man that didn't want kids.  The beautiful 21 year old from PA, found dead from a savage knife wound. The woman and her two kids out east who just a few months ago had their throats cut with a blade and their homes burned by an estranged husband when the wife refused a reconciliation out of fear.

All the while, the anti concealed carry community cries "keep the guns out of the hands of our citizens!".

I for one am not going to judge what happened or may have happened in these latest tragedies, simply because they might have  involved a firearm.

I will do what I was taught, avoid confrontation, keep away from evil when possible, and only when presented with a clear and present danger, defend myself as I was taught, with the tools I have,  without hesitation, but never without thought.

For it makes no difference if they have a firearm or just their hands.  Those intent on evil, will prevail, if you do not defend.


  1. "For it makes no difference if they have a firearm or just their hands. Those intent on evil, will prevail, if you do not defend."

    I would think things would be far simpler in the wild where the appetites of predators were simply to fill their belly. Being that this is 'civilization', and built off of the Judeo/Christian ideals of Love and Trust (and bolstered by the secondary attendant ideals of cooperation and temperance), it is much more difficult to know When you are attack - especially since the appetites of the predators go beyond the filling of their belly. 25 years ago, someone had said 'Friendly isn't friends'. Waaaaay back then, I didn't understand what that meant. I have better grasp of that now, though figuring out friends and true intents are one one of my highest priorities under God. Though many times I find myself unsuccessful - and disappointed when I finally determine underlying intent, there is always people who have surprised me in a positive way.

    Still, and I'd like to emphasize this thought: It is difficult to figure out when you are actually under attack and when you do figure it out, to determine what their weapon of choice actually is - be it with words, rules, concepts or tools (or the combination thereof).

  2. Very somber reminder that we must be alert, aware and prepared. There are many ways to defend yourself, not just with a gun. But we need to be prepared to do so and that requires thinking, making the decision, in advance, to never give up.

    Great post as always!

  3. The anti-gun people are a clear and present danger..... to many things but most people perceive them as being but mouth crackpots.

    Yet look what these mouthy crackpots have been able to do..... all the laws that have been passed to limit the amount of freedom to carry a gun. These crackpots have not been confronted for so many do not like a confrontation. A few better wake and begin to reclaim their rights under the constitution,

    There is no compromise in the Second amendment. But our politicians compromise and the general public loses.

  4. Excellent post and excellent points... Criminals NEVER obey the laws...

  5. I seriously doubt that this is all you have to say. I will be watching for your next post to prove me right.

  6. Yes...when you only can dial 911, help is only minutes away....if it gets sent at all.
    Maria Navarro, LA.


  7. Unfortunately, I think it takes being on the brink of extinction for many people to truly grok why self defense should not only be, but has to be, a preeminent civil right. While I am pleased you hold that right as dear... I do regret that... you do, too.

  8. Yes they, evil, will prevail if we let them.
    Just read an article about a 50 yo man in Minneapolis beaten to death with a bat and fists by a teen and 23 yo.
    Witnesses saw it happen, but no one did anything..
    For 5 dollars, which they bought liquor with.
    Not for me to judge. But it is for me to protect mine..And will not give that right up, ever..
    And wandered around Bill's the other day..sigh....so much goodness...

  9. my wife runs at 4am every day. no police are on duty at this time even though we have a major gang and drug route out of chicago that goes through our town. my wife has never been charged with a crime and has trained with guns for years shouldnt she be able to protect herself? Not in ill. They would rather she be a victim or a felon if shes caught packin oh well better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6

  10. To badly mangle a quote: "The only thing required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Criminals are criminals because they have no problems breaking laws. Making more laws means absolutely nothing to them, just adds to the "street cred" as their rap-sheet grows longer. Those who are willing to blatantly trample the laws don't necessarily need a gun to do whatever they want. They merely need a passive and compliant society that DOES obey those laws and trusts in law enforcement to protect them. And as MonkeyWrangler said, "when seconds count, the cops are only minutes away." So. The only thing protecting a good portion of society is the willingness of the sheepdog to rid society of the criminals who choose their victims poorly.

  11. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Exactly correct Brigid.

  12. Again, well spoken. I do not apologize for carrying concealed nor being trained and ready to use my weapon if the situation arises.

  13. I was in a Verizon store yesterday to learn how to use this new fangled phone thingy and a cute young lady was helping me download a gunny type app.
    She asked if I shoot guns and I answered that I carried one all of the time. She asked "Why?".
    I gave her the stock answers and told her that I was on the board of one of our local clubs and invited her and her friends to come out for lessons, free to use my guns, ammo, safety gear, etc.
    Got a call today if Friday would be OK for her and her girlfriend.
    On the way out she asked me "What else should I know?". I told to be SA at all times. She got the 'I never thought of that before' look and her eyes started taking in her surroundings.
    One at a time, we will win this.

  14. The girl just 3 miles north of me in a nice quiet suburban neighborhood in a house near the expressway who came home one fine day and surprised a house intruder who took a kitchen knife that doubtless the girl's mother had used hundreds of time to prepare her a meal and stabbed her 6 times.

    She had wanted to go to a friends house after school to socialize but her mother told her "No, you've been having grade problems, so go home right after school". The dutiful and obedient girl did just that.

    Months later the local kids are still using cups to spell out messages to her in the cyclone fences on either side of the footbridges that go over the expressway that the murderer parked on the side of before he scaled the fence and found a house to rob.


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