Monday, July 16, 2012

A Message From Barkley

Dear Sir:

We have not met but I understand you are "top dog" and are supposed to be working hard keeping all the other dogs around here safe with lots of biscuits if we work hard and are good boys. 

But all you seem to do now is pee all over your rivals shrubs while you leave piles of poop everywhere you go.

I realize you may not be top dog a whole lot longer, but while you are, will you please just act like one.

Thank you.


  1. I hope there's a new top dog in November...

    Hope ya get feelin' better soon...

    Dann in Ohio

  2. With the grace of God, said "top dog" will probably be replaced in a few more months. Patience, Barkley; good boy!

  3. Bwahahaha! Oh Brigid, you naughty, naughty girl. Thanks for the morning guffaw. Gonna make my whole day.

  4. Wow...

    He has that "Bad Politican!!! No vote! No vote!" look on his face.

    Haven't seen that look in a long while.

  5. Barkley get her out of the heat and sun. Make sure she gets lots of cold drinks.

  6. I wouldn't hold my breath, Barkster. Seems you're a lot smarter than the "Top Dog"

  7. I read this to the Cocker Crew (Pumpkin,Pie, Gumdrop and our Summer guest Tori.) I fear they admire the Top Dog due to his prolific poo-ing. They, though, do not vote. I,however, do and it will be my intention to get that damned dog out of my yard in November.

  8. Barkley does not mince words, huh? I agree with him!

  9. Thanks for the chuckle, Barkley.
    Oh, and say "Hi" to Brigid when you talk to her....

  10. Brigid,

    So, was this political commentary? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA


  11. An extra biscuit for 'The Black Dog of Truth' is in order!
    And some Jameson's for the lady...

  12. EXCELLENT!....well veiled sarcasm is an art form.

  13. I'll say it, at the risk of being banned from commenting for life:
    Nicely done, Barkley, you magnificent son-of-a-bitch!

  14. JP - political commentary? Moi?? Never :-)

    I'm home, fighting a cold so let Barkley take over the interwebs while I get a nap as I have lots of work coming up now that I'm back.

    Six - glad I could make you smile. You need that right now. Hope all is well and will talk to you soon.

    Shermlock - Sorry I've not been at too many blog meets to catch up with you and your lovely wife. Tam and Bobbie and I have caught a few lunches but weekends have had me busy or out of town

    hodgeman - Barkley sends his thanks

    mikelaforge - banned? Not you.

  15. Stewie the puglet wishes Barkley to know (as one black woofer to another) that his dad and mom are doing their best to make Barkley's dream for November a reality. His dad also passes on felicitations and best wishes to Barkley's mom.

  16. Barkley might want to consider the provocative thesis that recent Top Dogs have been more alike than different:

    Whether they and lower ranking members of the pack have gotten a little too fond of Milk-Bones and thus too willing to sit up and beg or roll over and play dead for their owners... that's another question entirely.

  17. Sent this on to my kids today with a reminder that Dad's birthday is coming up soon, and he really needs a gun. Be sure to track down the video
    via Glenn Beck, too.

    On the horns of a dilemma here...would rather have a 1911 than a little 380 like he used, but fear if I carried that in my pocket, my shorts would be down around my ankles. I have to keep hitchin' 'em up as it is, with no more'n my wallet and car keys aboard.


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