Sunday, July 1, 2012

I need the bathroom scale and some C4 please

Since Tam mentioned this morning's breakfast and the whirring of camera, I will post one last splatter of food porn before an actual non food post goes up tonight. The range was in the middle of a Glock match when we arrived and having more hands than Glocks and no other place to shoot nearby, we retreated to breakfast before walking on down to the farmer's market.

Yes, that is an edible orchid with the fruit cup.  Yesterday Miss D, was wondering around behind my place and plucked a piece of fruit off a tree.

Biting into it, she said, between chews, "what kind of fruit IS this?" 

Straight faced, I said, "it's the Poisoneous Tanzanian Plum. . . . . can I have your new pistol??"

The flower  apparently though, was tasty. 

The restaurant.. . Zest in Broad Ripple.

There's seating inside and outside (and dogs on leashes with owners are welcome outside).  Inside, artwork is everywhere, and each table has several crayons so you can create your own "art" as you enjoy your food.  My  orange crayon needed some serious sharpening, but I could doodle with it.

Tam had crab cakes topped with poached eggs and horseradish cream with their really superb applewood smoked bacon.  Everyone was able to pass on "Hair of the Dog" having hit the rack early and clearheaded with plans to shoot the next day.

There was quiche with beef, onion jam and blue cheese with salad, and biscuits and gravy, either in a big bowl, layered with eggs, or just plain, with eggs on the side.

I could only eat about a third of my double sausage gravy on buttermilk biscuits and fluffy scrambled eggs, and felt some subliminal message to take the rest home for someone.

Come back tonight for a post on firearms and the wild west, and why the west wasn't so wild.

Cheers - Brigid


  1. I'm STILL full. Yum! :)

    It was teh awesome seeing you guys again!

  2. Food coma on finale approach..

  3. Oh, my, that all looks good. :)

  4. The meal looks great! I hope your range trip goes better than mine did (scope reticle separated).

  5. That all looks real tasty. I hope Barkley appreciates those occasional treats. No wonder he gives you that serious begging look when he doesn't get any people food.

  6. What absolutely made breakfast for me was Miss D taking the crayons and drawing the circles on the table for "coffee goes here", "creamer goes here", "water goes here"...

    My not-spraying-coffee-out-my-nose powers were sorely tested... :D

  7. I love SAA's. The following is a quote from a review of an SAA by Gun Week. It's one of my favorite.

    "While the SAA is no longer a first line defensive handgun, a light powerful, revolver that points like the finger of God cannot be discounted."

  8. Tam - The server started it. When my coffee slopped lightly and provided a perfect outline of where the cup went, I figured I'd just complete the set. At least until the food came and thoroughly distracted me!

    Miss you guys already.

  9. Thanks for this.
    Has ANYONE in the history of the House or Senate EVER changed their view on ANYTHING when confronted with raw facts?
    You might email your blog post to the good House member, just in case...

    Not that it'll do any good.

  10. The food porn is tooooo much - being ove here away from bacon and relying on the local cuisine is part of roughing it....

    R&R is about 94 days away and likely the first thing I will ask for after a tall cold Guinness ( For Strength!) is a bacon cheesebuger at Five Guys !

    All for now from the sandbox.....

  11. Middleboro Jones - look in the mail. Something with chocolate covered pretzels, dried teriaki beast and books should be arriving soon. Mailed this weekend.

  12. I think I may have to find a reason to stop by for the Double-Sausage Sausage Gravy when we are in town.

  13. That place is on my list... one those lost weekend motorcycle trips will be appropriate...

    Dann in Ohio


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