Friday, June 29, 2012

Chix With Stix

Night off, a gathering with my favorite female pilot and her spouse, honey wine from the local meadery ("I thought you said MEATERY?" Oh, well, this will still be fun). Then dinner - chicken breasts stuffed with cream cheese and chives topped with a spicy red pepper sauce,  fresh parmason and romano  and diced smoked bacon , served over whole grain pasta with fresh veggies. No recipe, I  just sort of threw this together while catching up with Miss D.

She I discussed the ladies only taildragger fly in and why "all Taylorcrafts are NOT the same in the dark" while Barkley worked his DogFu on Peter,  attempting to get another tummy rub or a bite of something that smells like cheese and bacon.
We're meeting up with  Tam and Roberta X tomorrow and there will be shooting on Sunday so I won't be back til later, perhaps with a few photos, some shooty quotes, or just a picture of a large bottle of aspirin.

For now,  more tales of taildraggers and dog tails (and how do I get a shirt like D's.)


  1. Have Fun! It sounds like a great time! Love the t-shirt.

  2. I approve stick as a example of adaptable, multipurpose functionality. I have personally utilized the stick in its purpose-driven utilities as an agent of pokeation, prodatitude, and stirration. All hail the stick, precursor of technology!

    Damn, you mean the one on airplanes.

    I like to play with sticks. I found a nice one on the ground just this afternoon.

    Look, a squirrel!

  3. Wow. Small planes, guns, and good food.

    What more could one ask for? :)

    Have fun!

  4. The photo of Barkley looking up adoringly is a good one, Brigid.

  5. Lol! How did I ever get along without your blog???

  6. Just looking at the food on your blog makes me hungry. So not fair (but it sounds delicious).

  7. Taylorcraft was briefly located in my home town. (Brownsville, TX) I had the pleasure of touring the facility many times. Watching old birds being refurbished was particularly interesting. Alas, while there were many frames on the floor, I do not believe that any were completed. Of course for small planes, as a rider, I am not a pilot, a ride in a Pitts Special stole my heart.

  8. Andrews University has a taildraggers club at their pilot school, have to check and see if they are the source. Edward


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