Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bacon Popcorn and a Good Book - A smile For Our Soldiers

About every 6 weeks, I send a care package or two over to Iraq or Afghanistan.  This was one mailed today.  Most go to soldiers serving, a couple extras going to former soldiers, long since retired, who now assist there as contractors.

The packages are simple, some new and  good condition used books and movie CD's, snacks and a few things to bring a smile (zombie magnets and bacon popcorn!) If I can, I drop a note or a card in of thanks.

If any of you have a family member serving there that would like to get one, drop me their address in comments prefaced by a big "DO NOT POST", so if I'm half asleep I know to just cut and paste the address, then delete. All I ask is they don't share the mailing address from which it comes.  Simply enjoy, share if they can and know that there are many, many families here, very proud of what you do, and the country to whom you pledge allegiance.

There are so many good men and women working hard in harm's way, if a little bag of jerky and a zombie kitchen magnet makes them smile until they get home to their family, I'm all for it.


  1. This is an awesome idea. We sent packages to my nephew in Fallujah every month, but have shamefully stopped since he deployed back Stateside.

  2. Find me an address (or two or three) to send care packages to, and/or a wish list and I'll take some of that burden.

    You know my address....

  3. Borepatch - a lot go to folks from Indiana units, a few to blog members serving, and some to blog members families. But most of those folks are home safely now and I'd like to keep sending them. It's only a couple of hundred a month I would have spent on shoes if I was so inclined (not!) I would rather do this.

    Mr. B. - I do, and bless you.

  4. I would be interested in jumping on the bandwagon also, and I'm sure my wife would approve, but I currently don't know anyone with any family members 'over there'.

    If you find yourself with more addresses than you can handle, feel free to share in my direction also, since I have been too lazy to find a generic 'adopt a soldier' program that I'm sure must exist.

  5. My Marine Grandson is on his way stateside as we speak. I would like to say thank you for what you do for the troops.

  6. That works... and they DO appreciate it!!!

  7. Brigid - i know that you know that the soldiers appreciate the care packages but i want you to know just how much from my own personal experience. when i served 6 month tours in CFS Alert (2 tours), the most anticipated day of the week was mail day. i am talking about grown-up, tough and hardened soldiers getting itchy and scratchy for 2 full days as they waited for a care package. a lot of us got care packages from our families and/or loved ones but not all of us - which would have been so hard on the ones who didn't receive anything. however, there are several bases that service Alert and the wives on those bases made up general care packages to share with your shift (12 people), and then they made particular care packages that were given to whoever had not received a care package that week. we all very much appreciated the snacks, books, vhs movies, newspapers and treats that came in those packages!!!

    so on behalf of all of the soldiers that have received your kindness and generosity - i say thank you. you have no idea how much your generosity means.

    your friend,

  8. Brigid,

    A lot of us remember serving when the overwhelming majority of America was only all too happy to forget that we even existed.

    The further away we were, the better.

    Maybe I'm just getting old, but your post and generosity, and more importantly your thoughtfulness made this vet literally tear up this morning.


  9. From Kandahar, you have our thanks. Many of America's finest are here and across Afghanistan. As a retired Seabee, I have had the pleasure of sharing meals and time with them in Helmand, Herat, Bagram and a dozen other FOBs.

    They all think about home and deeply appreciate all that people at home do for them. They are the REAL 1% as they are the minority who have volunteered to serve anywhere Uncle Sam send them.

    Again, a grateful thanks from Kandahar and thanks Ms. Brigid for all your kind words.

  10. We do this too although I have never included the bacon popcorn before:)

    I also continue to give when they come home. It's important not to "care" only when they are deployed.

    You are one amazing lady!

  11. Thanks Brigid. I'm sure the soldiers appreciate your support. My son headed to Afghanistan yesterday morning with the Marines. I'm pretty sure we've got him covered on care packages - plenty of family members and friends willing to send them.

  12. Sarge - I'm extra thankful your Grandson is on his way home to you.

    kymber - you are quite a lady, thank you for all you have done in your life.

    AOA - Sir, anyone with a heart and a spine appreciated your service. Bless you for all you did. I may have been a kid, but I remember saluting the vets that came home with my big brothers and my cousins.

    Agirl - bacon popcorn, the anti Jihad snack!

  13. Consider sending wrist rockets (sling shots). Lots of entertainment. My son left the one I sent him with his replacement in Kandahar. Seems the locals, mainly kids, liked to throw stuff at the guard tower. The wrist rocket and a few rocks changed their behavior.


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