Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bacon Popcorn and a Good Book - A smile For Our Soldiers

About every 6 weeks, I send a care package or two over to Iraq or Afghanistan.  This was one mailed today.  Most go to soldiers serving, a couple extras going to former soldiers, long since retired, who now assist there as contractors.

The packages are simple, some new and  good condition used books and movie CD's, snacks and a few things to bring a smile (zombie magnets and bacon popcorn!) If I can, I drop a note or a card in of thanks.

If any of you have a family member serving there that would like to get one, drop me their address in comments prefaced by a big "DO NOT POST", so if I'm half asleep I know to just cut and paste the address, then delete. All I ask is they don't share the mailing address from which it comes.  Simply enjoy, share if they can and know that there are many, many families here, very proud of what you do, and the country to whom you pledge allegiance.

There are so many good men and women working hard in harm's way, if a little bag of jerky and a zombie kitchen magnet makes them smile until they get home to their family, I'm all for it.