Thursday, June 7, 2012

Snippets From the Road - My Dog is Smarter Than Your Honor Student

I'm still out and about on the road, but thanks to the wonder of the Internet, I'm able to keep up with friends.  My friend Tam  has a great little post up today about Kinko's, now the Fed Ex store,  and it it reminded me of the last time she and I were there.

As I picked Tam up for a day of lunch, laughs and some spent brass, she says "I need to go to the Kinkos, first, I just made a copy there and left my drivers license in the copy machine, they retrieved it and are holding it for me".

"Sure!" I said, because that's just sort of the thing friends do.

We walk in.  Behind the counter is a clean cut young man, likely working his way through school. She introduces herself and says he has her Indiana drivers license, she had called after she accidentally left it and had spoken to him.  He brightened right up  and went to fetch the license.  He comes up to the counter, glances at it and says. . . .

"Before I give you this, I'll need to see some photo I.D."

I hope his plans for the future involve a vow of celibacy and a long career making copies.

 From somewhere in another time zone - affectionately - Brigid


  1. Oh, don't get me started on FedEx! I still plow through corporate stupid when I deal with them!

  2. I used to have a car just like that, a Triumph TR3A. Mine was also red. Loved that car.

  3. Hmmm... someone let the shallow end of the gene pol dry up...

    Dann in Ohio

  4. That young man has a long career ahead of him as some sort of bureaucrat.

  5. There's no fixing stupid....

    Common sense isn't.....

    IF we have no need of education reform, how come we seem to turning out a generation of people who seem less capable???

    Don't get me started....hope all is well out there on the highways and byways of your travels....

    As Han Solo told Chewie, " Fly casual...just don't let them see you flying casual..."

  6. I hope that he was simply regurgitating a line drilled into his head during training and that he caught on to the error right away.

  7. He probably wasn't the brightest bulb. Then again, DMV photos are usually really horrible and bear a limited resemblance to the person pictured.

  8. Ha! Why did I think that could have been the punch line as I read your post! What a great young man. So careful. :))

  9. Sort of like the Fedex experience I had. I went to get an enlargement of the cover art of my books so that I can adorn my ego room with framed memorials to my literary prowess. The lady behind the counter informed me she could not copy the book covers because they were copyrighted material and I would need approval from the copyright holder. I said, "OK, I approve." She looked at me quizzically so I opened the title page copyright info and showed her my driver's license. She figured it would be OK then.

  10. Clearly, the young man is destined for bureaucratic greatness (an oxymoron if there ever was one).

  11. ARGGGHHHH! Sounds about right...

  12. He could probably make upper management at our place.

  13. Turk - Nice Call!!

    Enjay - no, unfortunately he stood there waiting for her to pull out a second photo I.D.

    Ed Rasimus - I would have paid money to see that!

    RichD - people like that are often promoted to the highest level of their incompetence, that's for sure.

  14. Lol...ahh, the stupidification of our youth. So accustom to following the rules and procedures, they can't even think anymore.

  15. Sorta reminds me of what happened to a buddy of mine.

    He ran out of gas about two miles from the Fillin' station. When he walked there to get some petrol, the guy working the register told him that due to so many dishonest people in the world he would have to ask for a twenty dollar deposit for the gas can. After much grumbling from my friend he forked over the twenty and started back to his car. The service station guy looked out the front window and told my friend "It looks like it might start raining" He then reached into his pocket, took out a set of keys and said, " Here, we can take my car so you don't get wet. He then proceeded to get some other guy to watch the store and drove my buddy back to his car. After the gas was delivered, he told my buddy to not to forget to return the can and get his twenty back.

    Go figure.........


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