Thursday, June 7, 2012

Home - Time to Kill the Fatted Ale

I made it back home, in time to join a  friend whom I cross paths with professionally, for a cold beverage as he headed out on another leg back to his home base and family.

A long time pilot, we traded some good flying stories and some tea and a guinness were toasted to old times and new helicopters.. He was sorry he missed seeing EJ and a couple other friends, but it being a weeknight, everyone was busy or away.  Still it was great to catch up from our adventures.

And there will be more. . . probably involving food and a firearm this weekend.  Nite.


  1. I would love to get my hands on a tall, cold Guinness, but alas, I am about as far from Ireland's finest as one old Seabee could be.

    No worries, when I get my 1st R & R in a few months, the cold stuff will be there waiting for.....

    Today was payday and that means all at home got taken care of.....that is the most important thing.

    And a small package with some decent cigars was ordered and will be here in about a week....

    While not all the comforts of home are possible, a good cigar at the end of a long day is appreciated.

    Enjoy the weekend....and give Barkley a scratch behind the ears from me.

  2. Ed -

    Remember in the movie Patton, where, standing on a ridge overlooking a tank battle, Patton exclaimed "...I read your BOOK"

    I've still got a copy in the basement of your!...

    Brigid will 'splain further if you back channel her.



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