Thursday, June 21, 2012

And now a word from our sponsor

Apparently there's a photo circulating on the net of "me" at a table at a big gun show out in Vegas late last winter.

I wish to just say a couple of things to the those who may see this picture of "Brigid at the Shot Shoot"(that short, straight brown haired young gal in the left of the picture which none of the  IND bloggers would recognize as she looks nothing like me).

(1) I don't go to the big blog/gun shows as a blogger.  Like many of you, I'm sure your workplace doesn't want you famous or on TV, especially when they might not be a big fan of guns and you are.  I respect that,  I'm not going to be in the limelight  at such events, especially on "media day" which this was.   FarmMom, you don't know how much I appreciate the invite to your more private event, that meant the world to me,  but I will be visiting Dad with the few vacation days off I have. I appreciate it. I will miss it, but any group of days off  in a row  that allow me to go west are spent with Dad, who is widowed and has cancer, he needs me when I have those sort of days off.

When I retire. . well heck.  look out , wave and expect the book and I will bring a pie and extra ammo.

(2)  I wish I'd been there instead of being on crutches and vicodin following major invasive  knee surgery during the time this picture was taken, or if it was last year, while  I was also  recovering from female surgery and out for six weeks.  Lucky Me.

(3) I fill out a pair of pants a whole lot differently, just saying.

(4) Though I have many, many abilities, shrinking five or six inches so that I'm much shorter than all the men around me in the picture is not going to happen.  I'm an Amazon, not a Hobbit.

And frankly, WHY would I take big  red curls and dye and straighten them to  to be straight drab brown hair (no offense Miss, whomever you are).

Maybe when I vote Democrat, but not before :-)

As Jay G would say. . that is all.


  1. Nope not you... never been you, you don't exist :-)

  2. So the mystery continues??. Only her hair dresser and close friends know for sure.

    How many places can you be at one time??

  3. I can testify to the Amazon bit.

  4. Actually, I have been trying to figure which beautiful red head that is in all the cameos with "Leroy Jethro Gibbs" in the hot cars is our fair Brigid. Care to offer a hint??

  5. Vote Democrat!? Oh, you mean after you've assumed ambient temperature.

  6. It had better not be you - I was *at* that Media Day, and if I missed you there I'd be one sad hombre... ;)

  7. I agree Dad comes first. Just know that the invitation is a standing one and we will be happy to see you whenever you can make it. :D

  8. lol, you know you've made it to the big leagues when people are spending their idle time trying to unmask "Batwoman", as it were.


  9. Nope, that certainly isn't you. You, would stand out like a rose in sea of weeds.

  10. Its been a tough year, Brigid. :(

  11. That doesn't look a bit like you.

  12. MSgtB - and I was wearing flats!

    aiafinfo - shhhh, that's supposed to be a secret :-)

    Jerry - but of course.

    JayG - I'd have spotted you. My stepbrother, a shooter, lives outside of Vegas, and he and my friend Miles sent a few photos of various cool guns and targets from the indoor displays there which I posted to start some fun "what's that" threads on and off blog.

    FarmMom - blogorado would be awesome, and I appreciate that you understand that for things such as this, Dad comes first. He's never expected wanted anything from me but that I love him and be happy. He's a good man.

    BobG - you've known me before HOTR even started. How time flies!

  13. Nope. Not You.

    It IS nice to see more women at gun shows, though.
    I tire of the bubbas in overalls

  14. Brigid... if timing works out this next year... you bring the pie and friends... we'll bring the gun show and shooting range...

    ... and we'll leave the cameras at home...

    Dann in Ohio

  15. About those "big red curls".....

    I agree. Why would you dick around with one of God's special gifts?


  16. Hope you have a great visit with your dad.

    Have fun making lots of freezer friendly meals; hope that the lasagna recipe works out ok.

  17. That is not your butt.
    I'll take a piece 'o that pie now.

  18. Jeez...everyone knows you're just some guy in a basement running a fancy Turing test system

  19. Mrs. S. - I will and I know he will love your recipe. Thanks!

    Dann - sounds like a plan!

    Stephen - the curls are fun, if I spend half an hour with a blog dryer I can make the hair straight, and I often do that. At work it's straight and up, with glasses, no one would recognize me, though 21 year old geeks at the book store flirt with me.

    Skip - I'm not sure what to say
    :-) Thanks? You noticed? haha. Hope all is well out West!

    LauraB - I've been accused of being three people writing this blog. No, just someone with lots of hours late at night in a hotel who doesn't like to watch TV.


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