Saturday, June 2, 2012

Going Far Afield

It's been five months since I blew my knee out and had surgery to remove all the damaged bits.  I'm happy to report that after twice a week physical therapy with Satan, and many hours at a desk or attending meetings on the strategies of nut gathering, I am cleared for field work.

Since my day yesterday started with someone asking "do you know where your red passport is?" I figure I'm going to be busy the rest of the year, and hopefully someplace in there where my skills are needed (I DO speak fluent Newfie). 

But, even if I may be out on the road a bit this summer, I can wear normal shoes again, test driving a pair of high heeled boots Friday.

The Mr. Squishee Orthopedic Land Barge shoes have been sent to the back of the closet for Goodwill.The knee brace was added to a pile of targets in the garage and the snug jeans have been brought out..

I live in button downs, t shirts and jeans and seriously only have one pair of high heel dress shoes, but I do love my boots.

What to wear?  The soft brown "Hunger Games" boots or my slightly dusty from the closet but ever so sleek,  black Mrs. Peel boots?

See you all tomorrow. I'm going to kick up my heels on a day off, fueled by good leather and a burger with Bacon Coleslaw  on top.

Because Home on the Range is not about fashion, it's about food and firearms.




  1. When in doubt, Mrs. Peel IS the default.

  2. Travel safe, and good luck with the knee.

  3. Congrats on getting the clean bill of knee health! Been there, done that and have the scars to prove it!

    Take it easy in heels though, as your ankles may be a bit weaker than before from the time off from SO don't want to torque that knee again!


  4. After 32 years of marriage, my only reply to your discussion of "Which shoes/boots?" is, "You have excellent taste - I trust your judgment."

    The burger looks good, too. :)

  5. Congrats. Good to hear you're made that kind of progress on your recovery, and I hope it continues until your knee is back to 100%.

  6. After blowing apart my knee, I have found desk time to be the cause of my worst knee days.
    I have to keep it moving and well exercised, unless I have a particular desire for swelling and pain.
    I rue the days when I know I'm going to be in meetings or stuck in front of a CAD tube.

  7. In the last two years, I have collected the following orthopedic devices:

    *Boring gray walker, "juvenile" size, which the medical supply company thought would work for me because it went up to 5'4". Which is fine and dandy...if you're less than 5'4". Being 5'4", it caused me back strain.

    *Snazzy red walker, which will also conveniently fold up to a suitcase-fittable size. $130 well spent, since I was no longer straining my back when using it.

    *One moon boot.

    *One air cast (right foot).

    *Numerous OTC ankle braces.

    *One wrist brace, for post-cast time.

    *One orthopedic walking shoe (right foot).

    *One red cane. (I refused gray.)

    *One more orthopedic walking shoe (right foot)--post-op from screw removal.

    *One aircast (left foot).

    I no longer wear the same size shoes as I wore before the car accident, and I'm very careful about what I choose to put on my feet. Anything with a substantial heel (>1") is carefully evaluated for how it supports my now-perpetually-weak ankle.

    Then again, I didn't blow apart my ankle. I broke it violently in four places.

  8. Black is good... for guns, boot, trucks...


    Dann in Ohio

  9. The return to full duty day is hard to beat. Glad you're back!

    Lu LOVES the black boots!

  10. Glad to hear you are fully mended and back up and around. Take care and hope to see you at the gun show if you make it. Take care.

  11. RichD - I helped a galfriend move the last couple of days so Sunday is going to be couch, book, and bread baking in the oven. Feeling much better though! Time for another spaghetti dinner for the gang.

  12. Going Far Afield.....sounds like what I am doing?? Any chance I might see you here in AFGHN?

    As for Boots, most here prefer the Desert Variety as they wear well and the damn dust covers everything.

    Hope all goes well for your travels....we are well here in Kandaher City doing our part to help others via USAID.

    " A dull tour is a good tour" has always been my motto over here as when things get * exciting* over here, it sometimes doesn't end well.

    All my best to you and all back home.

  13. Middleboro J. - I can't discuss my work or where I go on the blog. I took an oath and it's one I take seriously. Usually my blog posts are up a couple days or more after the fact (attention burglers, if I blog I'm out of town I'm probably on the porch cleaning the Garand).

    But if I get anywhere near you, I'll give you a shout. Till then, a care package is going to be put together.

    Do you have any favorites as far as books. My usual care package group in the sandbox likes Sci Fi, but your group might be different.

  14. Glad you're back on active work assignment, can't imagine that you liked being tied to a desk for all that time.

    On the boots, no fair - you're already tall. What is it with tall people wearing heels? Careful the air might be thinner up there. Safe journeys wherever your work takes you.

  15. Miss Brigid,

    Sci-FI works just fine...I have always been a Sci-FI fan..I always make sure to share as that is how we roll.

    Understood on the oath and I appreciate the seriousness of what you do. I used to be on that side of things when I wore the uniform and have had the distinct pleasure of hanging with our finest here. My present mission is slightly different of course.

    Thanks for all you do and all you stand for.

  16. That's good news. Now.... don't overdo it :)

  17. I found your blog through Mark Alger posting about your Blogiversary. I love your attitude and you way with words. All I have to add is you can't go wrong with Mrs. Peel!

  18. Glad you're feeling better! Nothing feels better than finally just getting back to normal.

  19. I decided after my first round of PT for a knee injury (I'm now up to 4 rounds, I think, the last of them 6 months) that in order to be a Physical Therapist, you had to FAIL a psych eval. Those people are certifiable sadists.

    Also, I want to say thank you for the brilliant idea of what to do with my brace. I think a few slugs through it will make *ME* feel better.

  20. Holy crap! How did I miss the bacon coleslaw?! Thanks for dusting off that oldey but goody so I can make some this weekend. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  21. Do you keep derringer in your boots?


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