Monday, February 10, 2014

Bone on the Range

Barkley was picked up from the Veterinary hospital after some tests and time to recup.  I was a bit later getting there then planned.  The drive went great, light traffic, dry roads, and I got home to drop off laundry and set up his harness for the truck to find the garage door was frozen shut. The bit of snow left in the drive after a plow made a pass, melted slightly and froze.  I had an inch and half of ice all along and under the bottom of the door.  I needed to clear that as the garage is in the back of the property and I didn't want to have to walk him all the way around to the front door as it was icy. So,  I made a circle of sidewalk melt, muttered Omni Omini VOR and a couple of good Scandahoovian swear words and took after it with a pick and a metal shovel.

The door is up, laundry inside, a few groceries and goodies I picked up, (yes, little Home Run Inn Pizzas when they're on sale and Pirate's Booty, I do have my vices), and it's off to rescue the Black Knight.

He was quite happy to see me. He either missed me or it was the fact that I was out of my good Advocare Omega Softgel tabs and picked up some cheap Trader Joe Wild Salmon Oil tabs this morning as I left the Range.  Now I'm burping Salmon Breath.  If there's a Grizzly in the parking lot, I'm a goner.

My good friend Monkeywrangler shipped me a ramp for him for the truck that she wasn't using, should be here tomorrow.  Until then, the makeshift sling.   It's a tote bag with the sides cut out (ignore the dog hair and blood stains, par for the course in my world).  I can put it under his chest and lift him by the handles like a 86 pound Poochi Purse.
He was disappointed no one else was at the Crash Pad.
 Where's my fan club?  Where's the bacon cake the poodle will jump out of?

He's still limping some on that front leg, not nearly as bad, but that may be due to pain medication he's on daily for now, that is new with his anti-imflammatories.   I gave him one when we got in, as prescribed, as he was whining a bit. He did eat some food with it, which is good.

I'm not certain, but I think he's a bit stoned right now.
 Can you, like, make me some munchies?

The two beds and the chairs and couch are blocked so he can't jump up on them.  He's not real happy about that.
I'm sulking, I'm not even going to look at you.

He goes back in two weeks for more x-rays.  They could find no evidence of injury.  The down time  helped some but that might have been the additional pain meds.  It's been three weeks since the limp suddenly, and for no reason, showed up. The good news is the blood work and liver function was normal.  So another x- ray in two weeks to look at the bone again, then possibly a biopsy of the bone (given his history of a malignant cancer) if he's still in pain that can't be explained.  I'll worry about that later, I'm just happy to have my furry best friend back with me.

Barkley, what do you want for supper?
I know, tempting, but we'd better not.  Those are "people treats" and I have to get up at 4:30. I'll get you one of your own.  Then, how about some leftover plain chicken and rice with me, warmed up with your  kibble. Then I need to shovel snow in the yard to you aren't walking through 10 inches of it to leave pee-mail for the neighbor's dogs.
You just take a rest with Mr. Squeeky, I promise I'll come back.


  1. There's no place like home, eh Barkley? Even the home away from home Crash pad. So glad you are feeling better, and I hope the ramp is to your liking!

    Brigid, I am glad you have your furry friend back with you. My rescue friends have a sign in their house, "A House without a dog is not a home." I think we both share that sentiment somewhat.

  2. So strange, it will be interesting to see what they finally figure out. If only he could talk and tell you what happened. Happy dog to be back home.

  3. Awe. Glad he's home. He needs that as much as the vet care.

  4. Glad he's home. Praying for him and thinking good thoughts for the both of you over the next few weeks.

  5. Glad to hear he's home and keeping you company - hope he heals up enough to be trouble right quick!

  6. Glad he's back home in his own turf. Hopefully he'll soon be able to lay around in his usual spots and be much happier!

  7. It's good to see him home again. Even if he's not focusing on home very alertly, LOL.

    He's such a good boy.

    Now hopefully things will work themselves out and he'll feel totally better soon.


  8. So happy to see him home. You both could use a shot of the good stuff..;)

  9. What everyone else said. Glad your friend is home.

  10. FYI, I read an article years ago in Outdoor Life (I think) that touted 1000-2000 mg of vitamin C (specifically Ester-C) ground up in a bird dogs food to help it hunt the next day after a hard day in the field. As I recall the trainer really believed in it.

  11. Glad he's home. Hope he continues to improve and stays out of trouble.

  12. When I die, I want to be reincarnated as one of your dogs, Brigid. You clearly love Barkley lots and lots and spoil him rotten. :D

  13. >My Archie and the neighbours Reo both developed a limp in the same rear leg at the same time. We couldn't find any cause until we found out a local hellion decided it would be fun to run into dogs with his bicyle.

  14. So..panties and slippers are safe for awhile? ;)

  15. So glad he's home! Will continue to send prayers and good vibes!

  16. I'm glad he's home, but you had us at salmon breath. Still laughing about that one!

  17. Great to see him in his natural environs!

    "Quick Watson! The bacon, forthwith!"


  18. So, that's why Chloe is burping. She ate the bacon cake and skipped the party completely. Give Barkley her apologies.

    Glad Barkley is home, continued prayers that it isn't cancer.

  19. Has the Black Knight been checked for neurological or spinal damage ? My 12 year old lab recently had aproblem with one of his back legs and the vet thinks it may have been a mini stroke or seizure. My daughter works for our vet, she say's they see this quite often in older dogs.

  20. Here's hoping he recovers quickly...

  21. Our love to Barkley. Jared, my Siberian Husky, highly recommends the 100% human ingredients sausage treats for dogs in the pink and white package at Wal-Mart. 100% human ? They can't mean that......?

  22. i am sooooo super glad that he is home!!! i wish i knew how to stuff a poodle in a bacon cake because i would send him one!!!

    your friend,

  23. Monnkeywrangler - I've had a dog, all but those early years flying all over the place. I wouldn't be without one.

    Sunnybrook Farm - if he could talk he'd likely just say "More Bacon"

    Auntie J - me too, hope your Husband is back from his trip with the church youth safe and sound.

    Jennifer - he does, he didn't steal a slipper this morning, but was a little more playful tonight and wanted to go out and eat snow.

    Murphy's Law - thanks for that.

    On a Wing - so far, no underwear stealing, that will be the first sign things are looking up.

    Mark Jewell - he has a pretty comfy set up both here and at home. Thanks for the kind words.

    naturegirl - thanks for always being there for us.

    Rob - tonight I will, as I don't go on duty until later tomorrow.
    He'll get an extra treat but no Single Malt.

    Keads = thank you, my friend.

    Island Bob - it can't hurt, I swear by regular Vitamin C and normally only get a cold or flu every other year and usually just 2-4 days tops.

    Hat Trick - I do too. Stay warm over there, it was minus 7 this morning.

    Erin - I try, he's easy to love.

    denis miller - hope someone gave that kid a taste of his own medicine. Barkley has never been alone, except in the house while we're at work, We've not seen anything that might have caused harm.

    skip - I hope so, he always goes for the expensive ones.

    Sarah - thank you so much for that!

    Rev Paul - There's just not enough breath mints for that. . .

    armed laughing - he still wants to be on the couch, but no jumping.

    Mrs. S - actually there was sort of a bacon cake around here. Partner made a pineapple upside down cake and put thin slices of Spam sauteed in brown sugar under the Pineapple slices and took it to work and it was a huge hit.

    Ed Webb - it's his front leg which might make that less likely, but it's a thought. I really trust this vet, she diagnosed the malignant eye tumor that my old vet said "was nothing". It was a very rare cancer she'd never actually seen in practice so I was glad she checked it out. It saved his life, likely.

    Jane of Virginia - Soylent Green is People!!

    kymber - he'd be your friend forever (but he did think the seed package and the fishing lure keychain Jambaloney made for me for Christmas was super cool.

  24. woops. sorry gurl. our bad. the fishing keychain and the seeds were actually FOR Barkley. sorry we didn't clear that up right in the beginning - bahahahahahahah!

    much love and hugs eh?
    u no hoo/xox

  25. FYI again, I forgot to mention the article stressed the Ester-C because it's not acidic (being derived from calcium ascorbate) and so is easier on the stomach. You understand this stuff way better than I.

  26. omni omni VOR...

    Hadn't heard that in awhile. You brought tears to my eyes. :)

    Glad Barkley is home!

  27. I cannot think of how one would distinguish - through behavior, attitude or appearance - between a Lab that's not stoned and one that is.


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