Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night:


Why is it the bat phone doesn't ring for several weeks and then, when it does, it's non stop.  Til I get a chance to take a long break, a saved recipe and later this week, an updated review of the Colt Python.

Bacon Infused Bourbon - don't light a match near me when I'm making it, but something involving breakfast food for supper sounds good right now (as opposed to the High Protein Prest-o-Log meal replacement).  I saw the idea in Southern Living magazine and just had to try it on cold day this winter.

Fry up a few pieces of  applewood smoked baconPour off grease (you want about 1/4 cup) into a clean glass.

Remove 4 Tablespoons of  good quality bourbon from a 750 m.l. bottle.  (Save the remainder  for medicinal purposes.) I used Knob Creek.

Pour 4 Tablespoons WARM  bacon grease into the bottle.  Cover and let stand four hours, shaking bottle every once in a while. 

Place in fridge for up to week (no more, but at least 3 days).

Place an unbleached coffee filter in a wire mesh strainer (the unbleached ones do make a difference in taste of your favorite drinks). 

Pour bourbon through filter into a container.  Discard filter (well that's their directions, I was actually thinking it could replace the little cardboard tree air freshener in the truck.  No, better not).

Thoroughly wash and air dry the bourbon bottle (with soap and very hot water).

Pour the strained bourbon back into clean bourbon bottle and store at room temperature.

Should keep 4-6 months.  In addition to sipping, it makes a killer addition to some sausage gravy for biscuits.


  1. Dab a little behind your ears if you are brave, it could be dangerous. lol

  2. "arffggffgghhgfffgg"
    (mimicking Homer Simpson drooling)


  3. I'm... not sure that a pre-mixed Dark n' Stormy should be legal. I mean, ginger beer is is easy enough to make yourself...

  4. I know this post is about bacon and bourbon but your first pic involves the rum drink Dark and Stormy so it's fair game. Many of the people we know here on San Juan Island will have an occasional Dark and Stormy made with whatever Dark rum they have on hand but the ginger beer is always Cock and Bull ginger beer (from Colorado I think). I must say if you get a chance to try it alone it is fantastic. It is a ginger explosion on your pallet.

  5. Sunnybrook Farm - that could dangerous, indeed.

    armledlaughing - ha!

    deadmandance - but not so much in a hotel room :-)

    Island Bob - good to know. Thanks!

  6. May your travel be safe, your hotel pest-free, and the room service better than expected! Barkley will be waiting for you when you get home (and hopefully Partner will be home then too!). And we will still be here, awaiting your next post. ;-)

  7. I don't drink much anymore, so will p-p-p-p-p-pass this one b-b-b-b-by. But...

  8. Oh... Dark n' Stormy... GREAT drink... sigh.

  9. Durn, a disappointment of epic proportions. I was all set to read a snoopy blog, ghost written, of a dark and stormy night. What do a I get..... drool all over.... needs supersized bourbon towel.

  10. You had me at Colt Python. I hope you didn't have anything else to say after that...


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