Sunday, February 9, 2014

For the Dufensmertz Evil Incorporated Lab -

 I present to you the (almost done) BARK-INATOR!

It still has a few things left to finish it but the light was almost gone. Added to the middle will be blocks to make the hinge angle positive rather than negative.  To connect the top to the porch where he doesn't have to step up or down (and it will stay secure), there will be eyebolts into the riser for the first step and then some  carriage bolts added  as pegs under the ramp to hook into the eye bolts. Finally, a small rail will go atop the sides a few more inches so he can't step off early (he's not a jumper, put a block up in the bedroom door that he could easily jump over and he won't)

It was an experiment.  One length of wood, finished would get him to the ground but at too steep an angle.
OK, make and add another section, then hinge so it will fold in half  to carry like a ladder to the garage or just straight up the stairs into sun room (which is just storage)
With someone walking him down the steps to his left, he should learn quickly and safely, it's like the ramps at the dog park for agility, only bigger.  The longer length can also be used on another set of stairs to the basement if needed.   All for about $30 and a sandwich for the engineer.
It was also tested with a 162 pound Irish Sitter and it held the weight well. :-)

 Next summer the steps will be rebuilt as they need it.  That big hedge -like bush will come out and a small ramp can be added off the steps that way into the yard for him or any older rescue dogs we get down the road.  For now, this should keep the stress off of his limbs.  Though I may borrow a Motocross bike and park it out next to the ramp to get the neighbors attention.

Barkley gets to come home tomorrow, to the crash pad for a week, no steps at all for a few more days. There may be additional Veterinary consult but he's walking much better.
Please can I have a skateboard?


  1. How about that! You may have to chase the skateboarders away though. Neat looking doggy ramp.

  2. The things we do for the ones we love.
    We all will be happy when Barkley comes home.

  3. Good to hear that Barkley is walking better after getting some rest.
    Where'd you find a 162 lb Irish Setter? Never mind. I get it. ;-)

  4. "When Barkley Comes Marching Home Again (Hurrar! Hurrah!)..."


  5. Wow, that IS a steep set of stairs. I think I'd build a human ramp too! I know my Charlie would've been chicken and not attempted such a ramp. Not sure on Cody--he does still climb UP ladders...down is another thing though. And Shiloh, well, she'd do it if it was made out of cheese!

    Here's hoping Barkley is easier to train to use it than mine would be. Did you ever do canine agility/obstacle courses with Barkley, or any sort of retriever-type competitions?

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  7. As far as a skateboard...yes. Yes he can! :) That is a REALLY big Irish Setter! Whoa! Glad Barkley is coming home!

  8. When the Best Damn Dog Ever develop Degenerative Myelopathy, I jumped in and engineered a similar gently sloping carpet-covered ramp.

    She absolutely refused to use it. So much for my aluminum, plywood and carpet monstrosity.

    The best solution was a harness that allowed me to carry her hindquarters like a suitcase. She was relatively happy with that. Different assist harnessws worked on either end of Shepherds.

  9. Barkley lucked out having the talented parents he has. That's quite the dog ramp you guys put together! And it even has no skateboard stops all along the way, LOL. Those steps are rather rough to manage. You may even appreciate the ramp, considering all the klutz moments you encounter.

    Looks awesome. Now hopefully Barkley will use it without any hesitation.

  10. Rob - I will lose a day off at home, but wanted to pick him up as soon as I can.

    Hat Trick - hope you are well and thank you.

    gfa - indeed

    Monkeywrangler - yes, they are, I usually go out the front door when it's icy out, so I will be glad when those are rebuilt, one on the list of many updates to the house.

    Sarah - I'm Irish. . . hehehehe

    Uno Mas - He likes the ramps at the dog park so we're hopeful. We do have a sling but as it's his front leg, it's harder on the stairs, even with it and hard on my bum knee if I do use it.

    naturegirl - thank you. I hope it works out for him.

    Mrs. S - thanks and give Chloe a pat for us.

  11. Glad Barkley will be coming home.

    The ramp thing got me to thinking about our dogs. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. So glad to hear he's doing better and coming home. Yay! You're a great Mom Brigid.

  13. Glad he's coming home, Brigid...give him a chewy for me!


    Michael B

  14. I have a question, do you drill holes in front of each cleat so that ice doesn't form there?

  15. Great news to hear that Barkley is doing better. I've made a few requests to the big guy upstairs in your behalf.

    Best wishes,


    P.S. Barkley is sure going to have bragging rights with that doggy ramp on steroids.

  16. immagikman - it took just a day to put together, so give it a try.

    Six - you do the same for your furry friends, and for that, among everything else you've accomplished, I admire you.

    Michael Bane - you are indeed one of his "dogfathers", thanks always for your support and friendship.

    Brighid - the little slats were all left just a tiny bit short so there is room for run off on either end.

    james - once the rails are up it's going to look like his own personal bridge (which the Democrats will accuse someone of blocking).

  17. No-one deserves it more than he does, and no-one deserves him better than you. Glad he's doing OK.

  18. When time/weather permit, might want to consider painting and adding some sand to the mix. That's what I do with my agility equipment for traction. New big trend in agility surfaces now is rubberized contact surfaces. I haven't looked into that for my backyard stuff. It is nice to trial on.


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