Friday, June 13, 2014

Abby Normal - Rescue Lab Updates

 If I stare at the remote long enough without blinking,
 they will turn on Animal Planet.
Friends have called or emailed to ask for updates on Abby Normal Johnson - Rescue Lab.  Old NFO called Wednesday night to chat about things in general and he was sure to ask about her.  (And folks, if you've not picked up his book, the Grey Man Chronicles, you are seriously missing out on a great read).

She's doing great.  Other than a couple of gastrointestinal upsets (thar she blows!) while she and I figured out what she can and can't eat ( no more than four cups a day of dry food and  no dumpster diving Miss Abby) she's been great. She has a professional dog walker/sitter both at the crash pad and at the Range, to take her out during work days (and provide overnight care in the home if  the bat phone goes off when Partner is not around.)  She's so different from Barkley, yet, so much of the sameness there, the love and devotion, and the big brown eyes. Plus, she plays with her plush toys, happy to fetch them all evening.

I try and spend as much personal time as I can with her.  Having been left at a shelter, heartworm positive from what I believe was a good home, just not one who could provide her care, I see what she has been through, left suddenly by those she trusted and loved.  I look at her with a  "been there, done that", coming from the Foster Care system myself, and let her know daily, that she is loved, now, forever.

So for tonight,  a few photos from the crash pad of Abby enjoying a night with friends.
 I love my stuffed toys!
 The bird one with the beak and all the squeakers is awesome.
Nom Nom Paleo
 Let me get just another little bite here.  Squeak!
Tastes like chicken!
 Hey! Your friends have hamburgers with bacon?
Seriously? And I'm munching on fabric?!
 I am SO neglected.


  1. So glad that Abby is there and is loved. Wonderful to hear!

  2. Look at the shine in that coat! She is adorably Lab.

  3. OMG! We got a single Starmate Wheel of Doom dog chew toy tonight at petsmart...looks like a wagon tire with a dental chew stuck in the middle. I have never seen the dogs go so crazy over a toy! I seriously need to go back and get two more of them, just to avert the dog-wars over it.

    Abby is a sweet girl. I am so glad you and Partner adopted her.

  4. There is a sadness in her eyes. A knowledge there, that animals should never have to learn. Kinda like some people ;) But that's in the past, and her life now is awesome. It may take some time to adjust to all this safety and love again, but it will happen. Just like it does with people :)

    And OMG is she toy spoiled - it's a good thing, too. LOL

  5. You know how I love Lab stories! Glad to hear she is adjusting so well. I took Morgan to Doggie Day Camp for the first time one day this week. She loved it but ran out of steam by the time I picked her up. She was with 13 other dogs from 9 to 5 and that night she was a couch potato!

  6. I googled Grey Man Chronicles, and got zero results. Can you provide a link or web site to order the book. I am glad Abby found you. You will be a special friend.

  7. Grey Man Chronicles, I googled it and got zero hits. Can you provide a web site to order the book.

    I am glad Abby found you. I love rescue dogs.

  8. Our dogs and horses are rescues, I see and feel their gratitude.

    I look at her with a "been there, done that", coming from the Foster Care system myself, and let her know daily, that she is loved, now, forever.

    Brought on tears again , hit straight to the heart.

    I try and tell all my bunch when I run out , I will be back.

  9. She looks so happy to be with you all!

  10. She is a beautiful dog and her thoughts and expression have me laughing out are a hoot.

  11. When my boy died...well, I couldn't help but say at the time "when we KILLED him", my heart broke into bloody pieces. I did not want to go looking for a "replacement". It felt disloyal and I remained brutally wounded. UNTIL a dog chose ME. Years of cruelty in his eyes. A "you won't want me" in his expression, and they told me he was dying and "pass this one up".

    HE chose ME and I took him home planning on loving him that evening and holding him as he passed.

    9 hours later he lifted his head, looked in my eyes and wagged his tail.

    THEY KNOW, honey, and they appreciate everything. I saved him? No. He saved ME.

  12. Bob Corio - go to Old NFO's site, and on the left sidebar is links to order nook, kindle and paper editions.

    All - I'm just on a very short meal break, and won't be back til later, turned into a busy day
    love -

  13. What a sweet, sweet dog. I'm glad that she chose you. Lucky, lucky dog.

  14. It was great to chat with you, and so glad Abby is doing well!

  15. For Bob, it's

  16. Her coat is beautiful, Brigid. Whatever you are feeding her is making her look great! She seems to be getting more comfortable with the camera, too. Gonna go find Old NFO's book now.....

  17. Keads - she's doing real well here. Thank you.

    Brigid - she's gained some weogjt since she got here, and is much happier. Her foster Mom was wonderful but she was only there a week. Before that it was a shelter where she was left heartworm positive and was going to be put down before she was "rescued".

    naturegirl - I have that knowledge as well and will do what I can so she doesn't know that loss again.

    Sherry - I look forward to the Morgan stories (and photos please!)

    rtd2- bless you, you know what is important.

    daddybearsden - she is still pretty camera shy, so the really happy goofy looks I've not been able to capture, but she's coming out of her shell.

    immagikman - glad you all are well. Drop me a note off line and we'll catch up.

    lotta joy - the story of you and "lil stud" still brings tears to my eye. You are her angel, and she, yours.

    Murphy's Law - glad you had a good trip and thanks for the note tonight. Safe travels.

    Old NFO - hard to believe I've known you 27 years seeing as how I'm only 30 :-)

    Robin - thank you! She eats a food called "Holistic Select". It's a Hoosier based company and the food is pretty much grain free and full of salmon and lamb and other good things. It's doing the trick. It's available at Specks Pets stores (and likely elsewhere but PetsMart doesn't carry it) and online.


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