Sunday, June 29, 2014

Periodic Fun - A Day out with Friends

Sunday was just going to be the usual day of reflection and relaxing (and some baking). No plans.  Then the phone rang.  It was Midwest Chick

 "Mr. B and I are going to the huge flea market in Alsip, Illinois?  Do you want to go?"

We're in!

The driving distance is about the same for us both so we just met there.  It's one of the bigger, if not the biggest flea markets, in Chicagoland, with up to 900 booths at the location we went to.

Swap O-Rama!

I didn't take my camera, but they had everything there.  Furniture, tools (new and used) knives, toys, pet supplies, household products, perfume, jewelry and home deocrative items.

Plus there was all sorts of clothing that was both serviceable and some you woulnd't be caught dead in.

Midwest Chick - "How about that spiderweb sheer body stocking"

Me:  "Well, I do have those fake plastic flies from the laboratory practical joke box".

Midwest Chick - "well, then, there's the Rainbow Rasta Bob Marley handbag. . "

On the more expensive items, it is expected that you will haggle, and towards the end of the day, some bargains can be had.

Part of it was inside, part outside.  It was hot and humid and being very fair redhead, I had to excuse myself from the group to seek shelter a couple of times from the sun.

Midwest Chick:  "It's tough being a vampire isn't it?"


 "at least you're not sparkly."

No, I was more Kabuki Theater with the SPF 50 non-chemical sunscreen.

Most of the tools were either very old or brand new Harbor Freight (likely bought with the coupons from the mail, then marked up). Though I swear I saw one guy walking out the door with a chainsaw.
But we did  find an impact wrench for $5 for the Range before we started talking about food.

Partner suggested a local steakhouse he had eaten at before when in the area on business.  Mr. B. looked up at  the "Snack O-Rama"  sign and said - "But they have Churro's. . . "

Jenny's  Pub and Steakhouse in Chicago Ridge.  The meal was excellent (ask for the vampire-approved homemade house garlic salad dressing).  An assortment of cow was consumed, with homemade bread and some aerodynamic Bruschetta spread/dip (don't ask) and with all the usual cow accessories to go with our steaks. And for dessert - chocolate eclair cake for MC and I to split and a rootbeer float for Partner.  Mr. B. had this ginormous Italian Beef sandwich with handmade potato chips and passed on dessert (probably still pining for the churro).

Almost too full to move, we said our goodbyes before the drive back home. Thanks my friends that was a great outing.


  1. Had a great time today! Thanks for coming out and seeing capitalism in action with us.

    Glad you didn't burst into flames and end up as a pile of ashes amidst the gently used Marie Osmond CDs.....

  2. Oh, wow, that market is still going after all these years? Sounds like it's bigger, too. I use to call it Junk O Rama, cuz "back then" (actual years are age revealing) it was pretty bad. LOL

  3. That sound like a great day! My regards to your friends. I hope to see them again. Y'all have a great weekend.


  4. (Impact wrench for $5) One my most used tools.Glad you all had a good weekend.

  5. Ah, Bob Marley and Lockout Tagout in the same post. Reminds me of my favorite Bob Marley Safety Video:

    "Lock out tagout
    Lock out for your life"

  6. You should take a lesson from Abbey on NCIS, she always has her parasol :)

  7. LOL, sounds like a good day out if nothing else...

  8. I had to Google "churro" and now I want some.

  9. Churros lead to chorrros. (Remember the Abbeysplosion?)

  10. The commercials for that place used to be *so* annoying... some lady with a bad accent saying Swop-O-Romma

  11. The old Swap o rama. Haven't been there in many, many years. Worked in both Alsip and Chicago Ridge for about twenty five years. There are a ton of great eateries in the area. That impact brings back bad memories. First motorcycle I had still had the Philips head bolts. That impact, and a lot of prayer, was the only hope of getting those bolts loose. Thank god for the allen bolts. Glad you had fun. Don't know if it is still around, but there was a place called the "European Deli" in Chicago Ridge that was incredible. They had the meats hanging, the smell of meats and cheese. Homemade soups and sandwiches. My favorite lunch was a bowl of soup (preferably their potato) and a bacon bun. The bacon buns were always fresh and warm. I have never found another restaurant with them. Take care.


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