Sunday, June 8, 2014

Candid Bacon - Now with Meme!

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I have to make bacon, I have a new camera.
They take a long time to prepare (but you can freeze the dough, then thaw and rise overnight) but it's worth it for layers and layers of flakey pastry and butter -  Croissants
The bacon is from Beef Mart in Valporaiso, Indiana, my favorite butcher shop, ever.
614 N Roosevelt Rd
Valparaiso, Indiana 46383
phone: (219) 462-2970

Update:  Ed Bonderenka of Not of this World started a bacon meme in the comments.  You've been warned  :-)


  1. There's a meme on FB.
    Substitute the word bacon for a word in a movie title.
    Mine was The Hunt for Red Bacon.

  2. You are killing me, we don't have any bacon in the house. It is hard to eat low off the hog these days.

  3. Movie title- Pretty Bacon

    And OMG.... That bacon looks fantastic...

  4. Guardians of the Bacon....

    Oh crap! I have to stop this!

  5. Darn it!!

    Sin City: A Bacon to Kill For

    Must stop now....MUST STOP NOW!!

  6. Oh, NO!

    The Bacon: There and Back Again

    HELP ME!

  7. One more!

    Despicable Bacon

    Appropriate at this point!

  8. Bob in Tampa - How about the classic Western and War Movies?

    Fistful of Bacon.

    True Grits (nope, side dish to bacon)

    The Good the Bad and the Bacon.

    The Magnificent Bacon.

    Blazing Bacon.

    Twelve O'clock Bacon


    Saving Private Ryan's Bacon

    All Quiet on the Western Omelet (wait, that's ham).

  9. Brigid...beautiful! But this little online affair has got to stop! Its gone on way too long!

  10. Blazing bacon
    sunset bacon
    red desert bacon
    lasso bacon
    lonesome bacon
    head em up bacon
    colorado bacon
    ah ha... the bacon kid.
    humm... that be home on the range bacon bites... heh

  11. 22 Bacon Street

    Captain America and the Winter Bacon

    Need for Bacon

    Bacon Day! :-)

  12. Back to the Bacon.

    The Bacon Dozen

    The Magnificent Bacon

    Willie Wonka and the Bacon Factory

    Lord, kill me now!

  13. Casa Bacon

    The Sound of Bacon


    No Country for Old Bacon

    Lonesome Bacon

  14. Surprised no one's said Gone With The Bacon

    And OMG does your new camera make bacon look awesome-er !!!!!

  15. I wanna play, too:

    The Princess Bacon
    Flight of Bacons
    The Flight of the Baconator
    The Blues Bacons
    BaconBurger Hill
    The Bacon Hunter
    Stairway to Bacon
    Dr. Strangebacon or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bacon
    Hang'Em Bacon
    Baconed and Confused
    My Name is Bacon and I'm a Baconholic....

  16. Two Mules for Sister Bacon
    Lone Wolf McBacon
    Bacons! (Aliens)
    An American Bacon in London
    Young Frankenbacon
    Blazing Bacons
    The Fifth Bacon

  17. Starring...drumrollllll...Kevin Bacon!

  18. Praust makes me feel like a moron.
    And I was just watching a Kevin Bacon flick.

  19. All of the above starring, who else - Kevin Bacon.

  20. Joe vs The Bacon

    Bacon Gump

    Bacon 13 (or Apollo Bacon)

    A Bacon Too Far

    You've Got Bacon

    Bacon Force


    Bacon Race 2000

    Bacon Sport 3000

    Lord of the Bacons

    Legally Bacon

    She Wore a Bacon Ribbon

    And who can forget one of Brigid's favorite Saturday morning cartoons: Johnny Bacon?

  21. To Have and Have Not Bacon.
    The Bad and the Beautiful Bacon.
    Beverly Hills Bacon.
    The Damned Bacon.
    Empire of the Bacon.
    Here Comes Mr. Jordan's Bacon.
    Bacon - Lost in America.
    The Maltese Bacon.

  22. Star Trek I: The Bacon Picture
    ST II: The Wrath of Bacon
    ST III: The Search for Bacon
    ST IV: The Bacon Home
    ST V: The Final Bacon
    ST VI: The Undiscovered Bacon

    First Bacon

    Into Bacon

    ....Must have bacon for breakfast now. :D

  23. Ooh, hubby chimed in on the bacon meme:

    The Best Most Exotic Bacon Hotel


  24. Terminator 2: Bacon Day

    Terminator 3: Rise of the Bacon

    (OMG. I can't stop. I'm stepping away from the computer NOW.)

  25. Sorry I'm late, I was makin' bacon!

    Try these:
    The Longest Bacon
    the Quick and the Bacon
    Tears of the Bacon
    Yours, Mine and Bacon
    The Incredible Mister Bacon
    The Bacon Also Rises
    The Spirit of St. Bacon
    Brother Sun, Sister Bacon
    The Wild Bacon Bunch
    For Whom the Bacon Fries
    Bacon at Tiffany's
    Bacon on 34th Street
    How the Grinch Stole Bacon
    Bacon of Iwo Jima
    Guadalcanal Bacon

    (I'm sorry, but this was FUN!

  26. SitRep, 06/06/14 - 06/06/14:

    0830 - Leave SW Chicago Suburbs for Noblesville, IN 1/2 hour late. Drive at approximately Warp 6 to get to Noblesville on time.
    1200 - Arrive at brother's house. Greet nephew whose matrimonial rites will be conducted in two weekends. Fortify troops for upcoming action.
    1230 - Arrive at White River Canoe Rental. Rent 6 canoes and a kayak.
    1245 - Arrive at put-in point. Informed we should arrive at take-out point in 2.5 to 3.0 hours of paddling.
    1250 - Load cigarettes, cigars, 8 coolers of beer and whiskey, fishing gear and all other essentials into canoes. Also bring paddles.
    0100 - Put into river. Lash canoes and kayak together. Mass consumption of consumables starts immediately. Desultory attempts at fishing occasionally break out. Paddles used to fend off snags.
    0230 & 0400 - Raft is broken up and landed in order that troops can maintain electrolyte balance. Personally assisted two canoes that were non-members of group to land at our site. My purpose in doing so was ascribed to courtesy but was in fact actually to enable appreciation of the great improvement in the scenery that the members of that group afforded. Was rewarded with supplies of beverages.
    0530 - Land raft (with some struggles due to degradation of some troop's navigational capacities). Load troops into transport with driver who is non-participant in the action.
    0600 - Arrive at 's house. Pizza and chilled and tapped keg are already present. Poker tourney commences. Nephew, in whose honor the action is conducted, is not required to chip in. Prizes are $100, $40 and $20, with the 1st place winner required to fund lap dance for nephew.
    0900 - Pizza consumed. Keg 3/4 empty. Nephew places 3rd, so is $20 ahead. In interests of time, 1st and 2nd place money is split between the last two men standing. By popular acclamation, both are each required to fund lap dance for nephew.
    1000 - Arrival at Rathskeller. Establishment's beer supply is tested for quality by all troops present. Bunny Brothers playing mid-set in bandshell, do fine job.
    1100 - Bunny Brothers' set ends. Troops load up in band, minus one casualty.
    1115 - Proceed to Howl At The Moon. Line out the door, would normally be futile to attempt entry. Nephew used to manage the place. Nephew performs reconnisance; deserves decoration for even being able to walk at this point, never mind speak coherently. Nephew finds General Manager/old buddy standing outside. Entire group immediately performs flanking manuever and enters via back door.
    1120 - Place is absolutely packed. Female:male::2:1. Two pianos plus drummer going loud and strong. Batchelorette party going on. Conduct tests of beer and whiskey supplies. Everyone in the place on staff knows nephew. Nephew brought up on stage along with batchelorette. Nephew is asked to play part of batchelor. Batchelorette is asked to play part of stripper and music starts. After a few minutes, roles are reversed. Nephew did a much better job of playing both his parts.
    Sunday, 0100 - Leave Howl at the Moon, minus two casualties. Transport to Slippery Noodle. Eschew main stage, go to small stage area and sit right up up front with nephew and brother. Blues guitarist, bass and drum trio is playing. Blues guitarist turns out to be the best such I have ever heard live in my life. Tears it up for an hour. Buy CDs. Nephew at one point is blown right out of his chair. I assist in retrieval; brother can usually handle these things but in this case has been supplementing the various quality tests with a private whiskey supply and is somewhat impaired.
    0130 - Mid-set, nephew disappears in order to achieve electrolyte balance. I accompany his as wingman and with some difficulty remove him from ladies' room and get him into the proper gate for unloading.

  27. 0200 - Set ends. Leave Slipery Noodle. Embark to Red Garter. Despite the name, no one in the staff is wearing a red garter. In fact, no one on the (female part of) the staff is wearing much of anything.
    0210 - Poker winners meet their obligations.
    0230 - Nephew violates General Order 1 as laid down by brother - "Whatever you do, don't let the girls get you up on stage." In short order nephew is stripped down to underpants, set down on all fours with a dog collar and leash attached and is led around the stage by one of the girls while the other rides his back and slaps his a$$. Then the leash holder flips him on his back and the rider body slams him. Unfortunately the establishment has strict orders against video taping.
    0245 - brother and nephew get led of by ladies to semi-private room. I accompany, ostensibly to make sure they don't do anything foolish but mainly because I want to watch.
    0300 - Red Garter closes. We get outside, accompanies by male staff member who makes sure no one attempts to achieve electrolyte balance against the wall. We load up in the van.
    0315 - Van arrives at White Castle. Purchase of 50 sliders is executed with alacrity by WC staff who apparently are used to this kind of thing.
    0330 - Sliders consumed. I'm glad I don't have to clean that van out.
    0345 - 0430 - Troop dropped off at domiciles. Brother and I are last, arriving at his house at 0430, about the time his wife, who has worked as a nurse et. al. for her whole life and has seen pretty much everything, normally gets up.
    1000 - Apparently I got into bed AFTER taking my clothes off. Application for decoration to follow. Brother's wife prepares us breakfast. Application for decoration for brother's wife to follow. Drive home.
    1200 - Wife calls to ensure I'm still alive. She says she'll be home herself about 0200.
    0100 - Drive past church. Observe Pentecost picnic in progress. Decide to attend. Priest and Vestry members ask where I've been. Describe the above to Priest and Vestry members in detail. Told to keep it down so as not to offend children, mothers, Jesus and pretty much everyone. Fill up on hamburger, hot dog and carne asads (we have a Hispanic congregation as well).
    0130 - Notice husband of couple we have not seen much of for long time. Engage in conversation. Find out he's about to leave because wife wants him home to assist in spring cleaning. Hand him beverage, suggest he stay put and conduct quality testing. Confer with dependable like-minded fellow congregation member. Drive to his house, kidnap wife and bring her to picnic.
    0230 - Endurance staring to weaken. Drive home and describe the above to wife in detail. Wife compliments me on stamina. Work in yard and collapse in bed.

    Mission accomplished. Casualities: 3 troops and innumerable brain cells. Job well done.

  28. OHMYG*WD!

    I just had this drop into my brain like an anvil from a crop-duster:

    My favorite web-blog: Bacon on the Range!

    For all you've given me, I couldn't pass this up!

    Thanks Brigid!


  29. Bacon Runs Through It

    Mrs. Bacon

    Absence of Bacon

    Bacon Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    Beauty and the Bacon

    Remind me to get a hog.

  30. The Thin Bacon.
    The Bacon Man.
    Bacon the Man.

  31. Um, can I nominate RonF as social chairman for the HOTR Annual Alumni Gathering?

    I mean, really, you've been here 6 years. It's time to start celebrating anniversaries!

  32. You guys are killing me here with the great Bacon movies!

    RonF - EPIC!!!!!

  33. Quest for Bacon
    Rio Bacon
    The Baconfighters
    Bacon! (McClintock! or Hatari!)
    Wait until Bacon
    The Bacon Wagon


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