Sunday, June 22, 2014

I-65 - Always More Fun with Armored Vehicles

I have made many friends through this blog, but some of them cross paths with me off of it, personally and professionally. A few of them, I would literally take a bullet for.

One of them is PA State Cop.   Retired from that profession, he's a mutual friend of several of us here in the Indy blog gang and someone that's taught me some neat things such as anything is amphibious if you can get it back out of the water. (don't ask how we know this).   Barkley had quite the collection of tactical dog toys as well from his "dogfather", his favorite of which was this giant slingshot thing that would lob a tennis ball at warp speed.
But lately life has been busy, and PA hadn't been in the area for a while to visit his friends, so I sent him the following "for sale" from Amazon with a little reminder that I had a birthday coming up in August.
.Look, shopping for armored vehicles for friends and family can be tough. Many of you have fallen trap to that "purchased the first tank you saw",  just wanting to get the Mrs. something for that special date and get out of the store as quickly as possible only to have her roll her eyes and tell you the insurgents are going to take that thing out with a home-made Mortar in 5 minutes, and  her friend Mary's husband spent three months salary and got her a bigger one. It pays to shop carefully. We'll see what PA has to say, but the Amazon reviews are hilarious.

And I got this back from him, in reply.

See you a Bedongbedonk and raise you a Sherman. Wanna goes halfs?
I love my friends. 

You all have a safe and sane commute in the morning. I just rolled into the crash pad to go on duty in a few hours, and I have to say, after four hours on I-65, I should have had a Badonkadonk. Bad gas mileage doesn't matter when everyone just gets out of your way. And it probably wouldn't have gotten as many looks as the guy on the large motorcycle with the huge medieval spikes sticking out of each side of his black helmet who was also wearing lavender shorts and what appeared to be a kiwi colored bowling shirt. (Probably not the look he was going for).


  1. I would SO love to have a Sherman up here. Mileage wouldn't matter, and it would make the winter mornings so much fun!

    I hope you get one. :)

  2. The problem with my tank for daily tasks such as shopping and cruising the strip is it keeps tearing off the over-hangs and canopies at the fast-food joints in the drive-through lane...

    Dann in Ohio

  3. I'd need an M-1 Abrams for the DC commute... sigh

  4. Yikes what gun is that on the Sherman? Don't think Iver seen that version before :)

    A Sherman would do...but I think the Chaffee would be better for cruising around the open roads.

  5. I remember holding a school in SC during a snowstorm in the 70's. We were delivering supplies to the locals and doing highway rescue using deuce and a halfs.
    We were told the Nat Guard was due to relieve us, and when they got there they told us not to get too excited. Their APCs had a MTBF that predicted a breakdown shortly after leaving us.
    Sure enough, after one mission, they broke down.
    Moral of the story: Used tracked vehicles are too high maintenance.

  6. I have a friend who is the curator of the Ropkey Armor Museum near Crawfordsville IN. His name is Skip. If you're ever in the neighborhood drop by and tell him Tim from Eatons Ranch said you could take one of the Shermans out for a spin.

  7. LOL-ing at what Dann said.

    When it arrives, Brigid, take lots of pictures :)

  8. I was just down in Noblesville this weekend. My 28-year old nephew married a fine 26-year old young woman with a M.S. in Social Work and a job that uses it. She also has a part in an upcoming production of "Swing!" and is auditioning for the part of Dorothy in a production of the musical version of "The Wizard of Oz". When a half hour into the reception the groom is playing lead guitar in the band while the bride and her friends are dancing in front of the band you know the evening is going to be lively.

    Not quite as wild as the batchelor party, but still a great time and it was wonderful to see a couple of great kids get their lives together started.

  9. "Bad gas mileage doesn't matter when everyone just gets out of your way."

    A few years ago I'm driving down the expressway on my way to a Boy Scout campout. i've got my khaki BSA uniform on, complete with my BSA Campaign Hat, and mirrored sunglasses. I noticed that I was able to just wind down the road as the lane was clear. Then I realized that people were jumping from the left lane (which I was cruising in) into the right lane as I caught up to them.

    Then I realized that when people looked in their rear view mirror I looked like a State cop in an unmarked car!

  10. RonF - what a delightful young couple. My congratulations to them for a lifetime of adventures and happiness.

    Sounds like a very good time. Given that my wedding reception was in a Brew Pub after Dr. Who Cake and Mead at the house, I identify with the whole "have fun" thing.


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