Saturday, February 14, 2015

Canon Fodder - Valentine's Day

It just seemed like Christmas was last week and here it is Valentine's Day. After a busy work week it was good to be home with Partner in Grime but with 16 degree temps and close to 40 mph winds, it was a good day to stay INSIDE, and not go out for some fancy Valentine's dinner.

This was a day for warm shirts and slippers - not formal wear.

It was a busy week - Saving Grace - A Story of Adoption got its final round of  chapter by chapter editing before being put into one manuscript to go back to Gigi for a final review then off to the publisher next week. 80,000 words and 56 chapters - we're looking for a late May publication (I'm still working on the cover design). The Book of Barkley sold out at Amazon after being featured on the cover of Kirkus Review with a stellar review and the publisher is whisking them more.  This second book - I wrote for my daughter and if no one but she reads it--- I'm OK, it's a story for her and penning it was quite cathartic.

The rest of the week - well, not so smooth. It started with the vacuum at the crash pad suddenly spitting hair back OUT - even with a new bag. I brought it back to the Range with me for a Suck-ectomy.

This was inside.  Partner just looked at me and all I could say was "3 glasses of wine, an exploding squeaky toy that moo'd and type A redhead with a strong cleaning drive."
Works like a charm now that all the gunk is out of it.

I don't know why we keep having so much hair around here.
Hey - don't blame me - there's not just hair - they're crumbs!

Yes, because Mom made homemade croissants for Valentine's Day Breakfast.

You can't get those flaky layers out of a can.  They take most of a day to prepare, as I'll make about 3 dozen, then freeze (and Tam, seriously sorry I forgot some when I came over last - there's some with your name on it left).

It was a good Valentine's.  Simple is better.. We agreed, like Christmas, no expensive gifts. We're not real big on the whole "Hallmark Holiday" kind of holidays. (though I did get him a bottle of Bitters on "Sweetest Day".)

For Partner it would be easy - some little fun things to nibble on for him.

Well NOT the soap for nibbling.  The soap is from Horse Creek Soap Company -hand crafted by a young lady who is friends with the Farm Family of Blogorado and who makes THE best goatsmilk soap and lotion.  Partner likes to use it to shave with as it's so very silky and rinses clean This is "Bay Rum".  I have "Fresh Snow" in my shower which smells particularly yummy and unlike a lot of scented soaps is mild to wash with. . . well. .  head to toe. You know, some soaps you can clean the sedan with it but you don't dare wash the Mini Cooper with it.  These soaps are perfect and last a long time.

I couldn't resist the "box of chocolates" but I think Partner  liked the fresh baked cookies better.

Even Abby for a new plushie toy (don't disembowel this one, OK?)
He's been down in the shop the last couple of nights while I got my bubble bath.  There was quite the whir of machinery going on and I had NO idea what he was up to.

He was making me this.
You all have a wonderful Valentine's Day.  Whether you curl up with just yourself and a great book.
or spend the day with your family or friends - the day is what you will make of it.


  1. The bottom pix has just become my favorite of Abby N.
    Titled: A black dog soaking up winter sun. Dog sigh.

  2. I vacuumed up a lot of weird weird bits n pieces at my bachelor pad, but NEVER a whole circuit board!


  3. Looking at the picture of your Valentine Basket, you could have been shopping at MY store! With the exception of the soap, we burned through TONS of the Puppy Valentine's candy, and even most of the Toblerone, and pretty much everything else! Glad to see you got your share.

  4. That was a lot of stuff in the vacuum! Love the flask.


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