Saturday, February 28, 2015

Beers, Bores and Bokeh - Girls Day Out

Girls Day Out was moved to Saturday with the impending forecast and my brief number of hours off. I stayed in Indy as with the schedule and weather it would have been a long drive, 12 hours with my husband and then turn around and come back in a bad storm.

I'm playing "bachelorette" and Partner in Grime is tearing out the kitchen floor (I think I got the better of the two deals, even if I miss him). It was an emotionally brutal week with some long work days so I needed to just put my "goofball" hat on and hang around with someone that knew me years before this whole blogging thing and understands that.

Broad Ripple Brew Pub - where on any given weekend you can see a blond and a redhead standing around in sub zero temperatures taking pictures of things while muttering such artistic comments as "damn it's cold!"

To the Pub!  Lots of goodies on the menu but after a week of salad and low fat wraps I wanted something to make my cholesterol levels wake up.

But first - a little transaction following the exchange of the secret code.

"The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Dog"

The package was handed over  A beer mysteriously arrived.

Yes, frozen croissant dough - I'm the local croissant dealer it appears after making 3 dozen  of them from scratch a few weekends ago.  After a night of rising in the oven with the light on, then baking, all you really need to add is bacon.
But morning is a long way off.  It's time to peruse the pub menu and specials.  We ordered two half orders of nachos,one plain and one with beans, a half order of onion rings and a order of Mexican white wings (chicken breast wrapped around a jalapeno, wrapped again in bacon, deep fried and dipped in spicy barbecue sauce.)

Of course there was beer. It is un-American to eat this much fried food without a pint to wash it down.We caught up on what we'd read lately, the state of the world, and local news, including someone arrested locally for less than super secret deals to send some of the family butter and egg money to an extremist group  They couldn't have been less obvious if they'd had an ISIS Go Fund Me Page with a kitten on it, and thankfully, ended up in the slammer.

But there's enough politics and bad news out there, let's talk about important things, bows, bores, and bokeh as well as a discussion on adult beverages we love, and don't.

"I wouldn't drink that if I could lap it out of Hugh Jackman's navel!"

You know, typical dainty, feminine conversation.

Then the cameras came out again.  There were more lenses on the table than a good day at Lenscrafter.  But it was fun to talk about something other than work, or shop, or firearms, for friendships are bound in many things, most of them unspoken and formed over time.

It was actually kind of neat being in Broad Ripple on a Saturday - a LOT more cars but Rene's Bakery was open. . . which meant.

Yup - Rene's giant chocolate chewy cookie (with extras for Partner). I may start making noises like Chewbacca in the truck and explode on the drive home, but it might be worth it.


  1. The good times were epic as always. Can hardly wait for warmer weather; we can walk to Rene's and then take a stroll with the cameras through the ArtsPark and be all artsy to burn off the calories! :D

  2. Don't you know that calories don't count when consumed with good friends???


  3. Glad you got a day out with friends, that is what keeps us sane in this day and age... And you hit all the major food groups, bacon, jalapenos, cookies and beer!!! :-)

  4. We've been hitting the "No sauce. No utensil"-type BBQ places within range of a daytrip when the weather cooperates.

    Did I mention that I am never leaving?

    We do see more hijab/abaya combo outfits here, however. Even burquinis at the waterpark ... in Texas (?!?).

    Dunno what happens to their extra butter and egg money, but I'm guessing it isn't used to make croissants.

  5. I hope and pray that you have a friend that will stand with you when smokie utters that famous phrase. No, not the forest fire thing.....the other one. The Lord has blessed me with 2. One or both would assist me in that type of conclusion. No, really. They both have ranches in Osage County, Oklahoma and both own backhoes. Easy, easy, it's a joke, son. Remember Foghorn Leghorn?


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