Sunday, February 1, 2015

Girls Day Out - Snow, Snoots and the Pez-I-Nator

Not being a football fan - Sunday was reserved for Girls Day Out as I didn't get home with the blizzard forecast for Northern Indiana and Chicagoland and only 48 hours off.  Maple sausages and a tall stack of little silver dollar pancakes sort of made up for it but I missed having my days off at home.
Partner in Grime sent me a photo from his phone of the back of our property.  There was another six inches that came down after THIS was taken.
So, after a late breakfast and some laundry, time to hit the road for a rather snowy Girl's Day out

Broad Ripple was practically deserted.  The bakeries are all closed,

and most of the restaurants were closed or half empty, between the weather and Super Bowl parties.

I arrived and waited for Tam - There she is!

Now - where to eat?

The shaved ice place?
I think we'll pass.

How about. . .
Brugge - the Belgium Brew Pub.  Crepes, hand crafted beers, and the famous - "Would you like large fries with that".
We both ordered a rare hangar steak smothered in frites.
I had mine with sweet chili sauce and a garlic aoli.  I don't LIKE French fries and just eat this all up.  I think they're cooked in duck fat. . . or crack.

(Note:  No healthy vegetables were harmed in the making of this dinner)
We caught up on life - cameras, new toys, the Broad Ripple restaurant mafia, and why you really shouldn't Buy THIS on Craigslist.
Mini airplane with parts only $350  Call me chicken but I'm not going to fly an aircraft that cost less than a lot of women's purses and is about as big.

Then we talked about geek camera stuff and  who has the best Pez dispenser.
It's the Pez-inator!

It started to sleet again, so we headed back fairly early, trying to get home before dark, and time for everything to freeze up again.

Before it got dark though Abby needed a walk time to take in the scenes and the smells.
Before flying on towards home.


  1. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the picture of the kit plane?

    "Rocky Mountain high, Colorado. Rocky Mountain high ..."

    "Pineas and Ferb" will return on Valentines Day with a special showing the kids ten years later, part of the continuing wind down of the series. Sadly, unless the situation changes, at some point this year we will see "The Last Day Of Summer" episode.

  2. Two questions: just how many dips came with that funnel of fries, and what the heck is a "hanger steak?"

  3. Your back yard looks a lot like mine!

    PS: what is a "snoot" ??


  4. They do have the best fries! It is good that we live nowhere near Indy; those could be very habit forming. They sure beat Wendy's all to pieces on the road trip home from NC that one year. Glad you had a great afternoon out!

  5. Roscoe - I still love the show. Sad to see it wind down.

    Murphy - The "l'enorme" size comes with 12 sauces:
    fresh mayonnaise,
    homemade ketchup
    roasted garlic aioli
    sweet chili
    sea salt & sherry vinegar
    blue cheese
    poplar syrup & french dijon
    hot curry
    sauce andalouse
    fresh herb pesto

    Hangar steak -

    Mrs. S - I remember that trip and glad you got to try Brugge. The crepes are also wonderful. I can't eat the "improved" Wendy's fries - they are like stiff pencils of salt.

  6. Merle - a "snoot" is what the dog does to the snow or to me if I'm not paying her enough attention :-)

  7. Glad y'all had a good time and good eats in spite of the weather! I need to get back up there.... In June =)

    Hope that camera works well or someone will beat me over the head with it!

  8. I would be okay with "Phineas and Ferb" departing as long as Disney had something equally good to take its place. This doesn't appear to be the case, unfortunately.

    "Dog With A Blog" is a sure sign that the apocalypse is nigh.

    OTOH, if you ever want to watch something cool with your granddaughters, find a copy of Disney's "Sky High" featuring Kurt Russell. Wait for the gym teacher's entrance. Disney still delivers fun for all ages when they really want to.


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