Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dad Day -

Yes, it's technically D-Day but since my Dad served in that war and fought alongside many of those men, today is just for making his world a little happier place, even as we remember and honor those brave souls that died that day.

I was just out there not long ago, and had to come back to work for a bit, but there are still things I can do from afar to brighten his day. First,  I'll send some photos to the chain drugstore by his house via the computer.  His nurse can pick them up when she gets his med refills. Dad always likes seeing photos of our exciting weekends.
OK, weekends are usually more like this.

But he'll get a chuckle out of this one.  His late dog Ashley in the background as she photobombs a picture of some of Dad's collectibles on the deck railing. The tire against the tree is the one that hung from that great apple tree by a rope where I first learned to go airborne.
Then I'll order some Heidi Pops Popcorn online to be shipped to  him from Plainfield, IN.(He LOVES that stuff)  After that, a couple calls to make sure there's someone to take him for a drive tomorrow.  He's not strong enough to go to church and do all the sitting and standing, but the pastor gives him Holy Communion each week in his home which he appreciates. Then he'll get taken for a drive, perhaps a stop to put flowers on my grandmothers grave (My Mom's Mom, who he dearly loved and who lived with Mom and Dad for 18 years, til her death).  Sometimes the tractor beam at Wendy's gets them and they'll have a big Frostee.
Then I'll write some cards and letters so he'll get a little something in the mail until I'm back in a couple of weeks to visit again.

Then I will wrap and two- day air some cookies in a thermal container so they stay chilled.

Cream Cheese Bars with Milk Chocolate and Milky Way Chunks They've got a dense cake like base topped with a layer of cream cheese/sugar/vanilla/eggs when both milk chocolate and mini candy bar chunks lased in. (let me know if anyone wants the recipe)

Lord willing - he's going to go to my cousin L's cabin in the mountains for a couple weeks here in the next few weeks while one of the grandkids watches the house. I will join them for the first four or five days.  We don't really know if he'll be up for it, as it's a two day drive, but it's giving him something to look forward to. He had such a wonderful time staying there when he went 

Dad turns 95 here shortly and on the phone last night there were tears in his voice as he said he didn't know why God had kept him so long after everyone else is gone (for my new readers - he's outlived two wives and two children).  I told him to put that in God's hands and just enjoy each day. That's all we can do, for as Dad says, quoting the Bible -  "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."


  1. You're doing God's work, Brigid.

  2. I so appreciate Your Dad, and All of "The Greatest Generation". I wish him many more D-Day commemorations to come ! Today, the Web and broadcast News are full of American Pharoah, without near enough Our remaining American Hero's !

  3. drjim - if you ever head a ways north, let me know, he would love to meet you and your wife.

    Ed Bonderenka - God was the reason I ended up with that family I truly believe, and I'm grateful. I came to them with a lot of scars and they healed them.

    Herman - thank you for stopping and commenting. I'm not sure what took more bravery. The War or adopting my brother and I when they were well into middle age.

  4. When you get out to see him next, please give him a hug from me --I may be someone he will never meet, but he has become dear to me through your writing.

  5. May God Bless you and your Dad! (and, of course EJ and Abby!)
    Next time you speak with him, please thank him for his service for me.


  6. Each day is a blessing, it's up to us how we take it. I hope he can make the trip, and enjoy the mountains.

  7. I hope you Dad is able to make the trip to your cousins.


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