Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gone West

Jeremy Monnet - you were a friend to many of us in the aviation world and a class act, not soon forgotten. You treated strangers like family, welcoming them into your world and showing them wondrous things.

Even a wandering redhead, one day, a couple of short years ago.

My sympathies to your family and your teammates.

Tailwinds and Blue skies. - B


  1. And also to Michael John Clark, who accompanied Jeremy on his final Journey into Eternity. May the both of you forever Dance the Skies on Laughter-Silvered Wings.

    Michael was just two weeks short of his A&P Tickets.

    Charlie Hannan - Oshkosh

  2. Thank you Charlie - I didn't know Michael - but his loss is also great to the community.

    Both were, from all accounts, fine young men. But Jeremy was someone I knew personally, though professionally, and that made it harder to hear the news.

  3. Prayers Up for both men, and their families.

  4. I've worked (as a mechanic) at Wittman Field for sixteen years. I (regrettably) didn't know Jeremy but I have spoken to his father, John, on several occasions. The day this happened I heard the sirens and watched the fire trucks roll past our hangar.
    I had no idea why until hours later. Sadly, we have lost other friends too, notably the late Jimmy Rossi, Jimmy Leeward and others. Fate IS the Hunter.

    I really, really like your blog, BTW.

  5. I had to google to read up on the details. I read their obituaries and articles about them and wow, what a tragic loss. They were truly loved and our thoughts and healing energy goes out to you both and to their families and friends and loved ones.

  6. Thank you - being in this field for so many years - I've lost a number of people I've me and admired. It's part of it. I was sorry to hear later that another young man perished with him. Prayers to both of those families.


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