Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gone Faster than a Speeding Bulllitt

We all have  a favorite family recipe that turns up during birthdays or a holiday. This one was requested at most family gatherings when my brother was alive.  I imagine I will be making it again as I'm going to meet Dad up in the mountains in the West at my cousin L's homestead in the next few weeks where we are planning a big 95th birthday bash for him where the deer and the antelope play.

But for the longest time, that family favorite dessert never had a name. It was just "that dessert thing". It was requested regularly when I was a youngster; something that could be put together quickly and without a lot of grown up cooking skill. But one day, it got a name.

I remembered that, just the other day. I was in my favorite train and model hobby shop that's up by O'Hare with Partner in Grime and spotted the model. It couldn't help but remember both, the car, the movie I watched with my big brother and the dessert that was named after it.

Bullitt with Steve McQueen. McQueen is so cool I think he had condensation problems, and I always had a girlhood crush on him. So when the family tried to coax me into making that dessert, I hesitated, because I was locked into the movie. Sure, the recipe is really easy, but one doesn't want to be pulled away from that movie at least until after the car chase scene. Yes, I know - too many hubcaps come off the 68' Charger and McQueen upshifts the '68 Mustang GT 390 Mustang so many times he would have been in 16th gear by the end of the sequence, but it's one of the best car scenes ever! (OK, and the one in Ronin).

Hungry Family: "Come on, are you going to make that dessert thing?"

Me: "I'm watching Bullitt!"

Hungry Family: "It's better than Bullitt."

And the name stuck. "Better Than Bullitt". A crust made of flour, butter and nuts, a layer of cheesecake, french vanilla custard, and dark fudge pudding, topped by whipped cream, more nuts and shaved chocolate. The Family Favorite Dessert is here for your enjoyment.

It's usually gone about as fast as that .68 Mustang.


  1. Brigid, I think even a lot of guys Had a "crush" on Steve McQueen.

    The man was the epitome of cool....

  2. My favorite McQueen flick is The Great Escape. "Cooler!" (must work on my German accent...)

  3. Looks de-lic-ious! Ah, Steve McQueen! When movies stars acted like real men and not like the ones we have today..(sigh).

  4. I read the recipe and just before I started to drool, I went into diabetic shock. I had to drink a 12oz bottle of insulin just to copy out the recipe. It's a "take every sweet, desserty thing you love and put it in one dish. I wonder if cherry preserves could be layered in there somewhere.....
    Bullet was cool.

  5. Don't forget The French Connection chase!
    And, looks sinful. :-)


  6. I like all Steve McQueen's movies but my favorite is "The Sand Pebbles". I got hooked on the Navy when I was around 9 when my father showed me pictures of the task force he sailed with off the coast of Korea during that war. Loved hearing his stories about shipboard life! Didn't hear too much about Liberty in various ports, though. :)

    Anyway, if you haven't seen it, "The Sand Pebbles" is great for people like me who like the details of a movie to be correct - and they got it right with this one. The uniforms, engine room, weapons, etc., are all spot on. By the way, the book is a great read and the movie follows it extraordinarily well.

    Regarding your Better-than-Bullitt dessert, I need that meme of Mr. Sulu saying, "Oh My!".

  7. The SS Lane Victory in San Pedro has the steam engine used in the movie.

    It's on display, and being driven by an electric motor so visitors can see it "in operation".

  8. Steve McQueen was taking flying lessons at the end of his life.
    His instructor turned to him mid flight and said something to the effect of, "Now that I have your attention, I want to tell you about Jesus." and led him to the Lord.
    Which stuck.


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