Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Win a Giant Stuffed Bear! - It's Carnival E-Postal Shoot Em Up Time

With the warmer weather comes the annual migration of a species common to much of North America.  They start off following the cherry and apple blossoms up the milder coastal climates then as the storm season subsides they move into the Midwest to partake in the sweetcorn and watermelon, eventually moving south with the fall festivals before the cold weather.  I speak of course, not of a species of bird, but of the common American Carny.

Back before the lawyers and legislators made it a liability nightmare, carnivals would commonly feature shooting galleries with actual .22 rifles.  Anyone young or old could walk up, pay their money and be handed a little pump action 22 loaded and ready to go.  I’m sure some of these were rather shady affairs with plenty of bent front sights and glued down tin cans, but some of them were absolute mechanical marvels.  Animated targets, gongs, and falling silhouettes were common features and if you had enough nickels you could destroy an entire fleet of steel ducks and an army of jumping hares.

Since you can’t really go to one of these galleries anymore, the Range household will be bringing one to you, courtesy of Partner in Grime who made the target.

This month’s edition of Mr. Completely’s e-postal match.

Go Here to download the black and white version of the target.

 Print the PDF at 100% scaling (you may lose the edges depending on the margins on your printer.  That’s OK.)

Tape it to a cardboard backer and place it at 10 yards (about 25-30 feet)

You have 10 shots.

Animal targets count for 10 points but may only be counted once.  (Just imagine them falling with a satisfying ‘ting-GOOOONNG’ sound.)

The three bull’s-eye targets are worth a maximum of 20 points with 15 points for the center dot and 5 for the surrounding circle.  Each shot can only be counted once so it’ll take two shots to get the full 20 points out of one of these.

There is no time limit.

Carnival Ninja clothing not required but the target should be shot standing, unsupported.

The classes break down as follows

1.  Rimfire pistol with iron sights.
2.  Rimfire pistol with magnified sights.
3.  Rimfire rifle with iron sights (this is how this target was intended to be shot so if you submit a picture of your slide action .22 with your target you get 10 bonus points).
4.  Rimfire rifle with magnified sights.
5.  Centerfire pistol with iron sights.
6.  Centerfire pistol with magnified sights.
7.  Centerfire rifle with iron sights.
8.  Centerfire rifle with magnified sights.

If you care to shoot the target with anything else, let us know. I'm sure we can accommodate.

Send a picture of the final target to engineeringjohnson email address (at gmail dot com).

Sorry - you won't win an actual stuffed bear but you will get bragging rights.

Have fun with it folks, share with your friends and print out y our target.  it's carnival time!


  1. What distance is it to be shot at?

  2. Vic - sorry, I forgot that and it's added. 10 yards (roughly 25-30 feet)

  3. THAT'S not an un-supported position!!! :)

    I'm in, are you shooting this one?


  4. All righty, then. I can find sufficient equipment to try this in multiple categories. And I already know I'll score at least 10 points, since one of the rifles will be my grandfather's Remington 12A.

    Yee Haw! Carney time!

  5. Ed - whatever is legal at your carnival.

  6. Should we even ask what is being supported and unsupported in that last photo?



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