Monday, June 1, 2015

Home Again

It was a quiet weekend.  I came home on Saturday, first trip to the Range in a month due to both of our travel schedules and the crash pad move. Partner joined me in Indiana for several days between his trips so we got a couple "weekends" off together, but I'd not been home in almost four weeks.

It was good to walk in and just sit down in a well loved place, and happy to see the rug I bought online and had shipped to the house in place to replace the old one that had seen better days.

But on the way, a stop.  Mr. B. and Midwest Chick met me at an Arby's near the freeway not too far of a drive from their hometown so we could have lunch.   With elderly parent issues on both sides, we'd not seen each other in person in several months and catching up was sorely needed.  If you're ever headed north on I-65 in Indy, the Arby's at Exit 240 (Hebron).  There's a reason when I arrive home my husband usually asks "why does your truck smell like onion rings?" It's the cleanest, friendliest Arby's in the State and even if I just stop to use the bathroom and get a drink I'm made to feel welcome.

We caught up on a lot of things, blogs and cats, badgers and brisket. Then Abby got a walk from Mr. B. and then we continued the drive home

There'd been some changes in the last four weeks.  Cement work in the basement where Partner put in a new sewer line and check equipment to keep it from flooding again.
And some new trees planted next to a spruce that may not be with us too many more years..
There was a snack and some board games, then Partner cooked dinner so I could curl up with a book and relax.

Chicken Parmesan.
And some needed sleep -

I just have to get someone to move first who is also happy to be home.


  1. Welcome home! Glad you made it safely.

  2. Good for Partner, taking care of the plumbing issues! I'm the house-plumber here, while my DH is the house-electrician.

    I am glad you finally have some time at HOME. I think you're gonna have to share the bed with Miss Abby though...

  3. Welcome home. He certainly IS a wonderful partner.

  4. Enjoy!!! :-) And most Arby's I've seen are pretty good!

  5. There truly is no place like home is there? Enjoy!

  6. As exciting as it is to travel, it's great to get back home! Kind of like how it feels good to put on your boots again, but even better to take them off when the job is done.

    PS: what is that sandwich? There's nothing that looks like that at the Arbys around here in western PA.


  7. Stephenson's "Seveneves" was released within the last few weeks, but I have grad-level Formal Languages compressed into a Summer semester this month.

    Priorities. Even if the Vantucky grad school fiasco wasn't my fault, I have to finish this time. "NO THESIS" OPTION!! (for now)

  8. I see you have Stephenson's Cryptonomicon there - the audio version would make a great companion for you on your long-haul trips to work. I'm listening to it now - I've been listening on 3 trips to Houston now... It is a LONG, LONG book. But it is so much fun.

    Just an idea. Love your pics, love all your words!

    Cap'n Jan


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