Saturday, May 30, 2015

We are our history

This woman, Elizabeth "Betty Wall" Strohfus, in a picture taken this week, is a WWII Vet, flying bombers and pursuit aircraft to train men during WWII.  Her family is gathered around her, as proud as they can be.  I can see the spirit in her eyes and her posture, even as she ages.

In her mind, she is the beautiful, courageous young woman in the photo.  She IS the beautiful, courageous woman in the photo. Years only change how others view us, they do not change who we are, or the many great things we have dared and overcome. The outside is simply our shield, what is inside is our true armor.

And she is still a proud redhead - something that makes me smile.


  1. I was lucky to know Betty Clark and Pat Sullivan when they operated out of Rifle, CO.
    They had two English Sheepdogs that hung out at the airport. I had stopped for fuel and noticed wet spots by both main tires. When I expressed concern my brakes were leaking, Betty told me the dogs had "welcomed" my airplane.

  2. I had the oddest moment Friday at the COB.
    A friend steps in my office and asks for some advice.
    We talk for awhile, and as he leaves, he thanks me.
    His said his dad is gone and he wanted some fatherly advice.
    I told him I was honored.
    I also realized he did not see me as young as I see me.
    Thanks for the opportunity to verbalize that.

  3. Those women never got the recognition they deserved!



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