Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Canine Wisdom

Inside every old dog lives the soul of a pup.
 - Brigid


  1. And occasionally the puppy gets out... :-)

  2. My happiest days were with a bearded friend.

  3. Oh, how very true!

    Even when they're so old they can barely move, the sight of a toy still makes their tail wag......

  4. Even with the white showing, the chase for the tennis ball or the pounce on a squeaky toy still happens...

  5. Wonderful dog! Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (I assume it is a Griffon, right?). Fairly rare to see one during my (many moons ago, 1966-1974) bird hunting youth! I think that Gun Dog magazine did a couple of articles on them over the years, which helped their popularity.

    I hunted birds with Labradors, but I'm really not a good enough shot for a Labrador. You use the boomstick, they watch the flock flying over... then look at you over their shoulder, eyes narrowed as if to say: "Look. All you have to do is make them fall. We'll do the rest. Can you please hold up your end?"

    The dog I live with now is an eternal puppy - not wild, just a certain way of being that makes you go "aaaah, isn't he cute?" He's 15 now, so not many more boat sojourns for him, alas. But I'll cherish every puppy moment!!

    Fair Winds,

    Cap'n Jan


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