Friday, May 1, 2015

Kindle Copy Has Launched

Saving Grace is out on Kindle now (and a family friend who ordered the paperback got a notice it would be delivered the 4th).

Thanks for the support - and if you like it - let others know (but use my author name, not my blog name to avoid confusion).  This was a deeply personal book - written for my dad and my daughter and dedicated to the Henley family  - friends who recently adopted 3 children that brought with their family situation, a number of challenges, and lots of love.

It's not just about human adoption but all of the friends, two and four-legged, that become our family as we come of age.

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  1. Finally! Now maybe the books will ship too! :-) Congrats!!!

  2. Thanks for ordering!. My publisher confirmed this morning they can ship to Amazon within 24 hours (just as they did me) so they really should be able to change the "out of stock" soon. I'd hate to send hundreds of people to Barnes and Noble which has the paperback only (especially after the awful experience with setting up Nook for TBOB which I cancelled to go sole Kindle).


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