Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Little Memorials

All the pictures are hung, drapes are up in the bedroom to block out the light if I have to sleep days and the crash pad is comfy.  But I had a few things, brought back from a trip to Dad's there were my brothers andI found a good spot for them, underneath of a picture of us coming back from riding motorcycles together.

I'll be back tomorrow - it seems the moving has stirred up some dust in here.


  1. Moving is such a pain, but it sure feels good to get settled in.


  2. Merle - it does - the place is much smaller but it's also brand new and much quieter, writing was about impossible in the evenings at the old place once the family moved in. I

    Jennifer - I do and we're making plans for Dad to go to my cousin L's like he did last June for a month of mountains and horses and family. Just working out the "Dad Transport" now as it's a two day drive each way and he's in frail health.

  3. Good! He seemed to really enjoy the last trip.


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